Saturday, February 6, 2016

Animal Crackers - Boys will be Boys

Howdy -

Hubby and I walked over to see the boys yesterday afternoon. The weather was nice and it was just a bit chilly. The perfect weather to play hard!

 All the boys in the far pen were playing hard. Well all but Diego... that boy wouldn't run if his tail was on fire. But all the other boys were playing hard, until we walked up. They stopped to see if we had any treats. But Patricio and Toffee were still deciding who was best. Best at what I am not sure.. there had to be a title involved though they were really wanting to prove something.

Patricio looks to be in control... then Toffee would take his shot and gain a bit....

This went on for quite a while until Dad went into the pen and decided to let them know he was in charge and wanted to do some ear scratching before we headed back to the house. They are too funny....

Now I am going to try and add a video of the baby goats playing. The boys are at that totally adorable playing stage. Last time I added a video some could see it... some couldn't and I never could figure out why or how to fix it. So we will try again with a new video....


Luna and Centavo were just going to town playing King of the Mountain... or King of the old Steps. But later in the day Centavo was showing he is still a little guy and needed a long afternoon nap in the feed bowl.

One more photo today... Hubby was working on the neighbors house and had to take some time to see his girls that had come up to the fence for attention.

Juliet always gets more than her share and "Dad" doesn't mind at all to loose work time loving on his kids.

And yes... Hubby does get paint on the walls too... those pants have so much paint and calk on them from the past 50 projects they stand on their own as art! LOL

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend .... and do hope you got to see the video!
HUGS and

Friday, February 5, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - Murali

Howdy -

Today I am sharing another new Whimsy Stamp.. she is pretty but all the butterflies just make it beautiful! Her name is Murali -

I colored her with my copics (colors below) and then I added LOTS of stickles to the butterflies. Now for the card I decided she needed to stand up and be showcased, so I created an easel card. I went with papers from DCWV, layered with black and orange card stock. I sewed all the layers together and then used the sentiment Thanks from the whimsy Say It Big collection.

Added lots of mulberry roses and Martha Stewart leaves. A few of the roses were not the right coloring, so I just shaded them darker with a Copic marker. Love making them match like that!

Close up -

 Copic colors used -

I think she is really pretty... hope you like the card I created with her!

Hugs and - 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Miss Zoe Thank You

Howdy -

When I was sick this past week... heck still have it hanging on but I am feeling better... anyway while really sick this last weekend I was wanting to color up things to make me feel better and that takes me back to the early days of me collecting all the High Hopes Farm images. I just love the animals and farm images... they make me happy. :0)

So here is a favorite.. Miss Zoe

Isn't she cute with her pail of milk and that little Kitty just waiting for a little for him! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then decided to go with all primary color papers, Farm House Kountry Kitchen collection,  and with lots of sewing and a little inking on the edges of the image and papers with Rangers Distress Ink. Miss Zoe still is making me smile. I added a red gingham ribbon and bow. Then three red buttons. The sentiment is also from High Hopes and is the "Large Script Thank You"

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used - 

Hope Miss Zoe gave you a little smile... and if you need more then how about a sale?

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You can find High Hopes stamps at the links below.
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Have a wonderful day - 
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - Woodland Bunny

Howdy -

Catching up on a few things. Being Sick last week I fell a little behind.... and to make myself feel better I did a little coloring yesterday and made a card with the new Whimsy Stamps Woodland Bunny. Too cute....

Isn't he a cute little bunny? He is from artist Lee Holland Collection. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then I went and found some pretty little papers to match up with the bunny. Papers are from First Editions Bella Rose Collection. Sewed down all the layers onto pink and grey card stock. 

I then added the New die cut word "LOVE"  and then also decided that I needed some lacy embellishments with the border die and then top it off with some cute pink buttons. 

Close up ...

Inside the card -

 Copic colors used -

This one was fun and I think it did me a little healing to finally get to do some coloring this week!

Hope you have a wonderful week!
HUGS and -

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Animal Crackers - Baby Boys time Three!

Howdy -

 Sorry for not posting photographs of our third baby sooner. This week has really been rough!! First Hubby got sick, then I got sick...( and is there anything worse than being sick the same time as your husband?)...  then my phone got that all white screen with apple logo. It was crashed and would not work period! So with a box of tissues in hand I sat at the Apple store all morning middle of the week waiting to have it fixed. Ended up with a new phone which was good, but miserable day.

Anyway the story of the phone was to tell you my baby photos of the new baby... yep they were on the old phone. Finally saved them, but I did loose a lot of other things. sigh...

Lets forget the illness, the broken phone and all the bad this week and get straight to some total cuteness!!!

How about meeting Sweet Pea's new son...

Hubby named him "Centavo"

 You see his Daddy is also Peso... and Centavo is 1/100th of a Peso! LOL I have been calling him "Tavo". He is such a beautiful color! And that little pink nose is just too cute for words!

 Centavo just gave me so much worry, You see we were doing an antique show last weekend, and yep Sweet Pea decided that was the best time to give birth... The night before we left... very very very late. And we had to leave before sun up the next morning. So we had no real clue what color he was and didn't get to do my normal watch on newborn babies. I saw him eat and Sweet Pea despite at first running from him like he was the boogie man. She ended up taking really good care of him after we forced her to acknowledge him. So I went almost 20 hours before I knew for sure boy or girl or his coloring. 

We did everything in our power to get home before the sun set that first day so we could get the traditional day one photo with Hubby.. or "Daddy"

He is really too pretty to be a boy... LOL 

And let me tell you these three boys this week have found each other, learned to be around each other, and now rough house and play as hard as they can together. Hubby and I have just sat on the back porch with our box of tissues... coughed... sneezed and laughed till we hurt watching these three!

Luna is still the smallest of all three... but that doesn't slow him down he head butts with the other two like he is a giant!

And Uno is for sure the leader of the group the "tough guy"... but honestly he loves to pose for these fabulous photos! He does take a good photo doesn't he?

Now my last picture today is Spartacus.... it was just funny to not share with you!

You see Spartacus must have decided to make sure he got his share of breakfast....

He wore his most of the morning. LOL He is one silly goat!

Hope you got a few awe's ... and a couple of grins this week. Love sharing my kids with you each week... but really LOVE sharing baby photos!

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGs and

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Feathered Friends

Howdy -

Today is High Hopes Stamps Day and I decided to make a little valentines day card this week. The Heart day is coming close you know. Big day around here, it is also Hubby's birthday and our anniversary so I just love making Valentines.

I pulled out a couple of Feathered Friends for this card -

Colored with my Copics and then went back with the blender pen and faded out the night sky a bit. Like the texture look it gives to the marker coloring. The papers are from First Editions Bella Rose collection and I think they are perfect for any valentine card! I sewed down the layers on red card stock as mats and then layered everything on a white card stock base. The sentiment is also High Hopes stamps - "Be My Valentine!"  Layered on a white satin polka dot ribbon then I added a Martha Stewart Heart punch in red card stock. Simple but sweet I think.

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

If you are in need of a High Hopes stamp, check out these stores:

One Crazy Stamper based out of Canada

And just a bit of Baby Goat FYI.... Sweet pea delivered her baby this weekend. So sorry I haven't posted a photograph or announced it before. Was out of town at a show and then caught some sort of bug and have been totally out of it the past few days. Then yesterday when I went out to take a few photographs for you a thunderstorm came through and everyone was in deep hiding in the huts. Promise photographs soon and for sure on Saturday! "He" is a little handsome man! Yep... another baby boy! LOL

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and -

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Animal Crackers - A full dose of Adorable!

Howdy -

We have been just have too much fun this week! I just adore having bouncing babies! And just too much adorable in the sweet cuddling.

Uno is just a barrel of energy. This little dude's favorite activity is lapping the pen, and running as fast as he can around and around the huts and other goats. He is soooo fast. Once in a while he spins out, but just jumps back up and gears up to high gear again.

Now Lil' Bit... as we were calling him until the perfect name came to us... Is now called "Luna" which is Spanish for Moon. Do you see it?

This guy has been trying to bop around with his 1/2 brother but doesn't quite have the nerve to do the high speed laps with Uno. But he is working his way up to it soon I am sure. I am just so tickled at how beautiful this guy is! Gracie didn't let me down on her first baby... and we are seeing bits of Daddy Peso too... little grey showing up on him. Stunning!

Also ... no worries with Gracie being a first time Mom. She is a fabulous Mommy. Baby comes first and she is always talking to and cleaning on him.

How about just one more adorable close up of Luna?

And another close up of Uno?

Oh and snapped a cute photo of our last babies... Rhett with her girls Thelma and Louise.

 Love this trio!

Hope you got a good dose of adorable this week! We still have one more Mom to deliver... so more cute to come!

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!
HUGS and