Wednesday, March 20, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Sick Puppy

Howdy -

There is a new release at High Hopes Stamps! And this collection is a "Get Well Soon" collection, perfect for all those in your life with a bit of a cold, flu or boo boo!

My card is with "Sick Puppy" poor little guy!

I think he needs a hug besides the meds, tissues and hot tea! I colored with the Copics (colors below), then I found some papers from Authentique Baby boy Cuddle collection. Matched up with some dark brown card stock for matting I love the patterns in this collection. The patterns are sewn down and then two Spellbinders corner dies for some pops. The new sentiment "Heard It's Been Ruff" is just perfect! OH then three dark brown enamel dots. Love those things!

My copic colors used -

A great image to cheer up a friend feeling under the weather!

To see all the Get Well Soon collection click HERE - Get well cards are much needed and these images are fabulous to cheer up that someone!

HUGS and -

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Whimsy Stamps - Tulip

Howdy -

Spring is so so close and I am loving the new images from Whimsy Stamps and this little cutie from CC Designs is called Tulip - Cute right? 

Just love those round full cheeks on these girls! I colored with my copics (colors below) and then cut her out with a Whimsy Basic Stitched Oval Die Set

For a pop of color I found pattern papers from Dovecraft Bohemian collection and matched up with white card stock base and a mat that I punched with a Martha Stewart border punch.

That fabulous sentiment "Birthday Wishes" is Whimsy Chipboard! Swoon over these! Seriously they are fabulous and they can have color added to match up perfectly! You must get some right away really! 

Then the card had to have some flowers.. so I found some older pansies and mulberry tulips. I mean this card had to have some tulips on it right?

Sweet image and so fun to work with!

Copic colors used -

Loving the new stuff from Whimsy Stamps - Visit the website HERE for lots of fun! Promise!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Animal Crackers - Happy Saturday

Howdy -

And Happy Saturday! My "kids" just make me smile! And with a face like Alvin how could you not?

Such a handsome man.

And Love his head scratches...

And speaking of head scratches the three ladies that are in with Black Jack were really fast to come for some attention. That or they were wanting to chat about moving back into their Ladies pen and out of Black Jacks Pad.. 

Sorry girls you are staying in there for a while.. I really want to make sure you have all the time you need to be bred.

I tried to snap a photo of Jolene... but had a hard time, she was trotting up so fast. 

I am SO thrilled that Jolene is able to be in with Black Jack. A couple of years back she got so sick we really thought we might loose her be we got her through it and she is very healthy and hopefully pregnant! LOL

Lovin' the colors on this gal. It was a bit chilly.. so she was pretty puffed up and really showing all those feathers.

And Miss Guinea... she was doing her normal chattering and pacing up and down the fence. Always on the move! Maybe she is trying to get all her steps in from her fit bit? LOL

And just cuz you know I have too... here she is saying.. "what grey spot???" Lol

 I keep making such a big deal about those couple of grey spots, so so so adorable. She is really bopping around now. Hubby and I both tried to snap photos of her first few days of climbing on "Mount Mom" she is really wanting to stand up on Mom, she has the climbing on when Abigail is laying down, but the balancing to get comfortable... well she just rolls off. It is such a time waste! I could spend all day sitting and watching her play.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and have lots of smiles!
HUGS and

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Chick Gossip

Howdy -

For my High Hopes Stamps card today I pulled out one I used a little while back. I had a need and this was just too perfect for what I needed. It just makes me giggle and that is what I wanted to send out a little giggle to a girl friend. This is Clucker Club

Is it my love for my little chickens, or just that I know how when ever a group a gals get together we ahem... they love a little Chick Gossip. I colored with my Copics (colors below). I then found a piece of pattern paper from Paper Studio that I matched up with a light yellow and black card stock. A bit of sewing to put it all together.

Three leaf punches and some mulberry roses in the corner. Then dots of Nuvo Black Drops. And for a Fabulous sentiment the High Hopes "Chick Gossip" - not that we girls ever do that.. ahem.

Copic colors used -

Fun card for that special friend who I wanted to give a smile.

You know you have that friend that could use a little middle of the week smile... this image is the one!

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
HUGS and 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Whimsy Stamps - Cinnamon and Bunnies

Howdy -

Today for Whimsy Stamps I have a Digital image that is just too precious, from CC Designs. Cinnamon and Bunnies.  How can you not grin with a cute little girl holding bunnies?

Sweet image right? I colored with my copics (colors below) and then used some White Nuvo for the bunny tail. A piece of pattern paper from Simple Stories Florals collection. I sewed down the papers wtih a Yellow card stock and pink card stock. For my sentiment I used a new die I just got... insert happy grin here... Love the Whimsy Friend Word and Shadow Die set!! The word, then two shadow dies make the word really pop!

A couple added old flowers from Prima and some antique buttons and done.

Copic colors used -

 So many fun images are new this month! Just to add to the many many fabulous one Whimsy already has! Love Love me some Whimsy!

Have a blessed day!
HUGS and

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Animal Crackers - I never have favorites... but...

Howdy -

I never have favorites - I love all my furry children the same. Really I do... but when there is a new baby here.. oh my I swoon and am over the moon! Totally adore our newest little girl. Penelope is so tiny and adorable.

 Now she has caused me LOTS of worry and lack of sleep this last week. You see we got cold here.. cold for us, and cold for a new born baby. Penelope's Mom... she is a bit of a nut case and wouldn't take her into the hut at night. We don't close up the goats at night, they always go in on their own when the weather is cold or nasty. But Abigail for some reason lost her smarts, I was worried sick and finally before I totally lost it - Penelope got up on her own and went in her own. Smarter than her Mom I think! Then Mom followed and went in - LOL

Cute little Mom and Girl huh?

Sweet little face. Wish she had blue eyes but she is still perfect.

Is there anything cuter? Now this little one is really tiny as I have said... but seriously she has lungs! She doesn't like being apart from her Mom and when you move away at all... WOW you wish you had ear plugs!!

Now the most exciting part of little Penelope is those grey spots! She is gorgeous like her Mom with her classy black and white coloring... But those few grey spots just melt me!

Abigail is a good Mommy for sure, just not a people person. But good to her babies so I am ok with her attitude. I just want to get Penelope to be a bit friendlier than Mom.

I just love having babies here! Makes me so happy!

OH one more photo - She is my doggie baby.. no longer a baby, but my youngest. And isn't she just gorgeous too?  Love you Chica!

I was taking photos of Penelope... low and close to the ground as that is where Penelope is, and I looked to my left and Chica was laying right there with me, just outside the Baby pen. Just laying there looking at me. So pretty!

Love my kids! Hope you got a few awes and warm fuzzies this week. A smile or two :0)

Have a blessed weekend
HUGS and

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Miss Zoe

Howdy -

A little bit of country.. Love Love Love these stamps from High Hopes Stamps. This is Miss Zoe ... and one cute little kitty! 

Adorable right? I colored with my Copics (colors below) And found some pattern papers from Paper Studio that I "quilted" with a zig zag stitch. You know Miss Zoe loves quilts right? And Doileys too felt just too perfect. I added the sentiment "Just Because" - well Just because! A few vintage buttons on the top corner for embellishments!

Copic colors used -

These country cards just make me feel all warm inside :0)  - happy!

Make sure to visit the High Hopes Stamps Website, HERE, to see all the warm happy feelings!

 Have a blessed day -
HUGS and