Saturday, September 16, 2017

Animal Crackers - Munch Munch Munch

Howdy -

I went out to snap photographs... Hubby says... I threw out some hay to gather the girls up for your photographs. Wasn't that sweet? Uh but now I can't get any faces! They could care less about me and my photos... Dad put out hay!!

Wish I could add sound for you... munch munch munch... crunch crunch crunch. It was good hay...

Even Juliet wouldn't give me any attention! Now that is good hay! This girl is obnoxious friendly for attention.. usually.

Oh wait!!! Sonia is coming for some head rubs! Yea Sonia!!

Such a petite sweet little thing. Very cautious but when she loves and trust you her loving is perfect. Love this girl.

Goats were exactly the same... eating all faces down, but then I caught Abigail watching me!

Ok she was chewing at the same time, but she was looking at me too. A skittish goat for sure, but gorgeous! Love her fur -

The Guineas are doing pretty good. They seem happy and getting use to the pen. Ok so every morning Hubby has to put a couple back into the pen. They sleep up on the fence and then forget which way they are suppose to fly down.

 We all have mornings like that, right? They now are moving all around the pen, even around the goats! Doing good right?

Love this photo... Fraidy and Scaredy Cats.

A little Artsy huh? Almost like a shadow cat. They are nearly exact carbon copy brothers. Funny we still call them the boys... they have become old men though. That is a good thing for rescue outdoor kitties I would say. Their Momma is still with us too... although I don't think she is really much older than they are... Life as a stray, glad they have homes with us now. They think they are still "wild" cats but are protected here.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - a blessed weekend!
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - Caution Wagging Tail

Howdy -

This new image from Whimsy Stamps just makes me smile. It is too adorable and has so much fun built into the set! This is the new clear set from Whimsy and artist Deb Davis called "Caution Wagging Tail"

This set has so much with it! Look at all the goodies!

For my card I went more simple than normal. White card stock base, light blue card stock for the background and then three layers of green punched with my Martha Stewart Grass Punch. Then I used the Caution Wagging Tail Die Set and the stamps (click the photo of the stamps above to get there) I stamped the dog, his tail wagging, the bowl and the extra bone and added them to the card. Then I used the stamp "Happiness is a wagging tail" from the set. Love this set! Three enamel dots in the corner just cuz I had to add something more. LOL

Then for the inside simple.. but with the paw prints from the set.

Not too many Copic colors used -

Have you seen all the fun at Whimsy Stamps? There is so much too see! Click HERE to get to the web site!

Have a very blessed day -
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Haunted House

Howdy  -

BOO! A little Haunted House for you today. This is the new Haunted House from High Hopes Stamps. How scary would it be to knock on that door and say "Trick or Treat"?

I had fun coloring this one! It can stand alone on your project or be a background stamp for others! I colored with my Copics and then inked the edges with Rangers Distress Ink Tea Dye. My card stock is an old piece of Coredinations Dark Blue with a piece Prima pattern black paper and then a black mat behind my image. All my layers are sewn down with a zig zag stitch. Not much room for too much with such a large image but I found a very old crafting wood fence that I just had to use with this one. I glued it to the bottom of the card, then found a spider button that said he wanted to be climbing on the fence. So he is! I used Whimsy's Die cut letters and spelled out "BOO"

My copic colors used... yes there were lots of colors used!

Such a fun image to color - and there are so many I PROMISE you will fall in love with at the High Hopes Stamps store! Check them all out HERE! You must! Boo!

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Animal Crackers - Movin' Out

Howdy -

Well this last week was the Guineas big move! Yep our Guineas have grown up and are now living in the goat pen with Old Lady Guinea.

Ok... mental image here.. it took us a little time and I mean "US" by Hubby, but I did hold gates and such for him, it took a little time to capture them from the small chicken coop and then move them across the yard to the goat pen. They were very loud in their discussing the move. But finally they were all in the goat pen! Whew. Hubby built them a special section of the pen that only they can get into. This was needed since they were not to sure about getting anywhere near the goats and they wouldn't come to eat their feed before the goats ate it! So now they have small little gates into their own private yard. They seem to have figured it out after a few tries and all is good. Ok.... good, but very chatty! OH and I forgot to say - Old Lady Guinea has no interest the the young guineas and they really have not wanted anything to do with her. Old Lady Guinea is sticking to her goat friends. Maybe she thinks she is a goat?

This week has also been a little worry about our home grown chick Bitsy -

She seemed to not be feeling well at all and got some special time in our private chicken get well pen. Some meds in her water, extra feed and some yogurt and we think she is feeling much better. Personally I think some of it was living with those loud Guineas! But now she is living quietly with her sister Isty in their own private pen. Hoping she is feeling much much better.

Snapped this one of the chickens, it amazes me how beautiful their feathers are. And the photo does not do it justice when shining in the light

Now I will say this chicken was looking at me like ... "IF she takes one more photograph of me....... " I snapped and moved on quickly.

Found Frankie enjoying a little of tree above his pen.

 I think he was on his tippy toes and stretched out as far as he could. But mmmmm it was so worth those yummy green leaves!

On my way through the goat pen Mallory said something to me.

Mallory is not the sweetest goat we have. Heck she is probably on the list of the most unfriendly. She wants to be like her 1/2 sisters and get head rubs and attention, but nope, has to be what she is I guess. But for some reason she said hello to me. I snapped the photo and then took a step towards her and bam - she was gone! Oh well at least she said hello -

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend - Stay safe those in all the many weather related dangers going on -

HUGS and

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Fall Tee

Howdy -

Another new image from High Hopes Stamps - "Fall Tree". And lately the thoughts of of Fall and cooler weather give me "Happy Thoughts"

This image gives me hope of cooler weather coming. I colored up with lots of fall Copic colors. Then I cut out the bottom of the image with an oval Nestie, then the top part I cut out the leaves with a small border. The image and the sentiment are both inked on edges with Ranger Ink Tea Dye. The papers are from Papers Studios Beach collection.

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used

So many cute images this month along with all the High Hopes Stamps!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Monday, September 4, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - September Release - Christmas Elf

Howdy -

How fun is it that Whimsy Stamps is doing a Release Week instead of just a day or two. Today I am sharing one of Crissy Armstrongs new images "Christmas Elf" ... he is just too adorable for words right?

Then again we love all of Crissy Armstrongs images don't we? I colored up with my Copics and then cut out with an oval Nestie. I found some older papers from Fiskars that just were too cute with this guy. That striped paper has a shimmer to it that is really pretty. I sewed down my layers and used a Martha Steward loop border punch for the edges of the Merry Christmas Paper. Three large buttons on the corner to finish it off. Sweet little image perfect for your Christmas Cards!

My Copic colors used -

To find all the new release inspirations click HERE to see the blog. To find the Whimsy Stamps website too see all the new release and all the yumminess they have click HERE. It is like a stampers candy store really!!

Have a blessed day!
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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Animal Crackers - Afternoon Siesta

Howdy -

Is there anything better that a little Afternoon Siesta? Ok as an "adult" it is a splurge and a bit of a luxury to get a little nap. But for Valentine... it is an every day thing. Especially when there is a full moon as middle of the night grazing is really awesome when the moon is bright.

Prince Charles.. or "Chuck" he also likes afternoon siestas... I was trying to stay quiet for him, but he heard me and eyes popped wide open.

Those horns are so awesome. A bit battle worn, head butting is a serious job you know.

This photo just cracked me up. Would have been cuter if I could have placed the plates closer together, but you see that causes a bit of growling and issues... so space is best for everyone.

In case you are wondering what is so yummy that they are paying no attention at all to me. Yogurt - Someone told me that it might help with Chica's and Libbie's allergies. I have been working forever to see what was causing it. Food.. nope, treats... nope, soap... nope. The only thing I can't change that I have narrowed it down to is the grass. It seems to get worse when the grass is thick and after mowing. Poor Chica looks horrible loosing hair and scratching. Libbie is just scratching. So Yogurt has been given out once or twice a week.. Libbie has gotten much better. And honestly.. they LOVE it so we will stick with it a bit longer and see how it goes.

This little lady melts my heart. Ellie Mae is one of our very first donkeys and man her genealogy line has unbelievable colors and features. But sadly... she has never been able to get pregnant.

Might stick her in later in the year just to see if possibly she could be blessed with a baby after all these years. She is so sweet and so pretty. And if you could hear her "hee haw" you would just crack up. She sounds like a toddler girl yelling out! I can hear it anywhere on the property and know she is out there talking. No one sounds like Miss Ellie Mae!

Now I know I ended off last week with Gato. But this cat was just too funny this last week and into so much. I had to snap this one.

She LOVES boxes as does all cats. But a big box full of padded envelopes! Now that is nice box to curl up for a nap! I think she thought we brought it just for her. She was not happy when the flaps got folded down... all that padding was gone! So "Dad" opened it back up for her. I told him that was fine unless she decided to claw the padding, then flaps down! LOL

Sending out prayers and thoughts for all of those dealing with Hurricane Harvey - there is still so much flooding and some are just now dealing with flooding due to the dams and levy's being released, and for all the creeks and rivers downstream flowing. But we are Texas - strong and we will survive!

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend!! Hug someone furry or feathered.
HUGS and