Monday, September 13, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Christmas Girl

Howdy -

Have you been over and seen the re-release at High Hopes Stamps, "Christmas Cheer"  yet? OH my such sweet cute images for your Christmas  projects - This week I pulled out Christmas Girl - she has such adorable cheeks! 

So cute! Right??? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added dots of Nuvo white on those cheeks. Then she is cut out with a circle die cut - I found some fun glitter papers from Paper Studio with Christmas candy canes - I like the combo of colors - different but fun! I layered them up and added a mat circle die cut of the same papers. For a border I added Fiskars Scalloped border punch. Everything is sewn down. And then placed on a white card stock base. 

For a sentiment I used High Hopes Stamps - Magic of Christmas - one of my favorite Christmas sentiments! Punched out with an EK Success punch then colored around the edge with a Copic to create a faux mat around it. Four green enamel dots on the corners to finish off. 


Copic colors used - 

You need to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store HERE and see all the Christmas Release ... and while you are there see all the FABULOUS images at High Hopes Stamps. ADORE! 

Have a blessed day - 
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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Animal Crackers - Uh Oh...


Well I have shown you our outside kitty Tuxedo... and then her surprise Shadow. Well the last week or so Hubby and I have been talking that now she has fully weaned Shadow we need to get an appointment and trap them both and have them fixed. Not gunna be easy - they are calmer, but by no means can we just pick them up and take them in. So trapping is safest and best... plan in place I start calling to find out where we can take "ferrel" cats to be fixed. UH OH... guess what I found Wednesday morning behind a box on the back porch.....

Tiny little kitties!! Eyes were just opened up and they were still shaky on their feet. We are guessing about 3 weeks old. Seriously! She never looked pregnant. She never was "missing". Ok... so Hubby said he saw another cat months back out by the barn once... but never up close to the house where Tuxedo is. But I guess she was out "partying" late in the night - we've haven't seen the suspected daddy cat again. Guess he "dated" Tuxedo and has taken off again. Not sure where, we are a long way from neighbors, but he found her. And we have FOUR little proofs of their late night dates! 

Hubby was so upset and talked so tough when I called to tell him what I had found - I know my Husband. He came up the to the back porch and got down to look under the bench and behind the box where Tuxedo had been hiding her little babies... He melted... His cute talk came out and he was in love. Hubby loves cats.. especially kittens. Then he looked at me and said "This is it though!" LOL 

I've called and got the dates when it will be ok to bring her in ... after these are weaned. But much sooner than we thought with Shadow. 

But really... they are cute aren't they? We have been picking them up and getting them use to "human" attention so they won't be considered "ferrel" cats and more like pets. So far Tuxedo has been ok with us playing with them. Well as long as she isn't on porch and even more ok with it when she has been given her canned dinner out in the yard. 

Yesterday I went out in the fabulous cooler morning and went to visit Big Al in his big boy grown up pen. 

He loves the big pen, especially when he can trot and follow the standard donkeys as they walk down the side of the pen. He does like to talk to Black Jack and give him a little ha ha I got the big boy pen now! 

Black Jack is doing much better now in the smaller pen and his regular "old man" feed twice a day. He is old. So he needs that special attention and extra lovings. 

And then I hear AJ ... he is flirting with the ladies - 

A looker like that is a bit of a ladies man... he was trying so hard to get them to pay attention to him. Sorry AJ as long as there is still Alfalfa on the ground they aren't interested. ha! 

Found the girls all chilling in a shady spot in their coop - Looked as if they had made a big dent in their breakfast scratch and were settling in for a late morning nap - 

A few of the girls are getting old, so we really need to make sure and get some chicks this fall so we don't loose getting eggs first of next year. Already been fighting some creature that has been taking them this summer... but I think that is maybe done. I hope.. 

This girl wanted a solo super model shot .. 

With a figure like that and her looks do you blame her? She is a beautiful chicken ... and a good egg layer! 

Hope you got a smile this week - And anyone need a kitten? LOL 
Have a blessed weekend -
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Monday, September 6, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Wintery Owl

Howdy - There is a new release coming from High Hopes Stamps! And I have a 'SNEAK PEAK' of our Christmas Cheer Release -  being released tomorrow !!! 

So I have the honor of showing off one more image and it is a cutie! 
This is Wintery Owl - 

Such a sweet little owl - but with one snazzy scarf and hat! I colored with my Copics and then high lighted with Nuvo White for the snow on the branch and Nuvo Sparkle on the hat and scarf cuz they just had to have some bling! For a sentiment I used High Hopes Stamps "Warm Winter Wishes" - a great sentiments for so many cards during the season. 

Found some Graphic 45 Christmas papers and then sewed down layers with a strong zig zag stitch on my sewing machine. Then to "wrap" it up I found a gingham ribbon and tied around with a bow. 

These are the Copic colors I used - 

Now you must visit the High Hopes Stamps Web Store and see all the fun! And make sure to pop back tomorrow for the  Christmas Cheer Release!! 

Have a wonderfully blessed day! 
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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Animal Crackers - It's Green in August??


Hard to believe it looks like this in August! August is Brown... not Green! No complaining we have been so blessed this year with rain, and everyone is loving it! I tell Hubby all the time that the front pen is one of the most peaceful views I can dream of. 

With his new mower he has been able to mow it easier and it comes out so gorgeous! The guys are loving it - We were out yesterday morning and were on the opposite side of the pen than we are normally, and I think it had Flavio and Patricio a bit confused.. I called out to Diego and Miguel trying to get all four of them in a photo. But those two had already settled into the shed and were taking their nap - It is a peaceful view isn't it? If we had a swing or hammock out there I think I could have taken a nap too! 

Had to go into the goat pen and protect Chloe yesterday morning. Dad was getting ready to feed and Red was being mean to Chloe our old lady.. poor thing. I ran off Red and loved all over the old boney girl. Then went off to visit with some of the other ladies. Now honestly most of them were following Dad and didn't care beans about me. But I found a few that stood pretty for me. Miss Alice is always a looker - 

I thanked her for being so sweet and not running off - She is so pretty. Not quite as wide as most of the other ladies but she is calmer and not as pushy and piggy. 

Then I found Olive Oil. Now she was really concentrating on watching where Dad was every minute. No point in running and leaving her shady spot until that very moment her Alfalfa breakfast hits the ground you know - 

It was so funny I was talking to her, making kissing noises, whistling and working so hard to get her attention to get a front view photo. But nope she wouldn't look at me for nothing! I understand... I get that way in a good restaurant when my meal is making its way from the kitchen to the table. 

Then I heard some snorting and Hee Haws from next to the goat pen. The Lady Donkeys were making sure that Dad knew they were there and would like some breakfast too. Look at that stare from Ellie Mae! 

Now they don't get hay every day right now. There is just too much yummy grass out there for them to chow on. But two or three days a week they get hay. Funny I would think the fresh green grass would be better, but they do love that hay as well. 

As Dad was throwing breakfast over the fence and into their pen I got a brief pause from Patti. She's a sweet old lady that knows how much Mom likes her photos - 

Now a bit of bad donkey story - I am sure you may remember my life size aluminum donkey that is our back yard. His name is Hombre - he is looking a bit "antique" now in the weather. I love him so much. A gift from Hubby years ago. He weighs a ton. Never moves, hubby just runs the weed-eater around him and he stand there looking so handsome. 

Well the other morning we came out the back door first thing in the morning and the gate was open, there were three standard donkeys munching down on things... and Hombre looked like this...

Now why they felt the need to knock him over I have no idea. He wasn't standing in a really grassy area, but my guess would be scratching their head or rear end on him and all though he weighs a ton to me... compared to them he is a light weight and fell right over. BAD big donkeys! And Dad wasn't too happy about them munching on the hay bale in the back yard or his plants. Oh they got yelled at and a clap of the hands to get them back out the gate. But then Dad got their breakfast hay, fed them and loved all over them. Spoiled and Loved. 

Hope you enjoyed this week - Hug your furry and feathered family members - 
HUGS and 

Monday, August 30, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Angel Bear Clown


This week for High Hopes Stamps I went with one of the really "cute" halloween image. This adorable guy is "Angel Bear Clown" And I think he is going to fill up with candy as cute as he is! 

Cute right? I colored with my Copics and then went back with Viva Decor Glitter pen and Ranger Stickles for lots of dimension and bling on his costume. And of course those wings! Papers in my stash from Fancy Pants that just had fun fall colors are cut and then sewn down with straight and zig zag stitches. The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "Happy Halloween" love the cursive font! Then for just a little more fun I added a few small enamel dots. I just love enamel dots don't you? 

Copic colors used - 

For TONS of fun image for all you holiday, seasonal, or just for fun you must visit the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE and fall in love! 

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and - 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Animal Crackers - Procrastination

Howdy -

Procrastinating - most of the time I can do a bit of procrastinating and still work things out and get things done... but yesterday well... all morning I need to go out and take photos. Kept working, switch laundry, work some more, get lost in sorting cool old items to sell... I need to go out and take photos... Mom calls... No problem I will go out as soon as we talk. We Talk ... We Talk... We talk... why is it getting so dark? Oh my is that thunder... uh Mom it is pour down rain! LOL That is a pop up thunderstorm. Darn it ... photos are going to not be good! Everyone will be hiding or soaking wet! LOL OH well it cooled it off and we never complain about rain right? So after the rain paused for a bit I ran out to see if I could find anyone to pose for me. 

First I headed over to Big Al... Big Al ALWAYS will come for lovings! He is now living in one of the big boy pens. Lots of room to run around and lots of grass! He is LOVING it! So much so that even during the thunderstorm he refused to come in! He was soaked!

 Normally during the rain he is in the hut, nice and dry. He would pay no attention to me and was happily munching and pulling weeds. Now the Standards, the three stooges were not far from the side of his pen, and I think it made him feel all grown up to be out grazing with the "big" donkeys. LOL Yeah.. I won't take offense and get sad that he wouldn't come to me, right? Teenagers... 

Now Black Jack has moved into the smaller pen for a while. Good for Big Al to spread out and even better for Black Jack as he is needing a bit more geriatric care and feeding lately. He is an old man and some days it really shows on how he gets around. 

Now yesterday he was having a pretty good day... so much so that he was following me around nudging me and letting me know that the bowl on the ground... you see it... yes that one there... uh it is empty. Maybe you can get me more of that super yummy "old people food". Sorry Black Jack one bowl in the morning one bowl at night. It must really be good he normally isn't one to beg for food. Happy with hay or grass. But this stuff ... mmmmm. Doesn't look that yummy to me but he loves it! LOL 

Just about then I heard Spec take a short flight up to the top of her hut. She is getting up in age for a chicken, but still stunning and has lots of personality. 

She is one of the only chickens that "Dad" will let come out of the coop while he is feeding. She doesn't go far and as soon as the feed hits the ground she is back in, but she is trusted. The others are total bird brains and you never know where they are going! ha!

Went over to check on the girl goats after that. There was still the occasional rain drop and it was still thundering. So there was really no one in sight. Then from around one of the huts came old lady Chloe. 

She made her way all the way over to me and gave me this sweet look. I think that was a so nice to see you I love you Mom how about some head scratches. yes that is it. I loved all over her. So sweet... when I walked away she grunted and gave me a look... Yeah I know you really wanted some fresh dry hay. What she had was wet... Sorry girl loving is all I have for you, even though those eyes just melt me. 

Speaking of eyes that melt... I had come inside and this was waiting just inside the back door. 

Chica LOVES to go outside - run, bark at everything, see if the outdoor cats have left any cat food to sneak.. then run and bark again. UNLESS... it is raining. Girl hates to go out when it is raining. Autie... he doesn't care he will march out and take his time no matter what. But this little girl hates it. Well she had to go out. I knew she had to go and I made her. She got a tiny bit wet... oh my she wasn't happy with me. Look at her just so sad she had to get wet. She was fine as soon as I rubbed all over her including her wet belly. She was happier then. Then I said one word.. "Cookie" and all is forgiven and she was doing her pogo stick jumps and all happy again. Love this silly girl. 

Here is another girl we love - I took early yesterday morning out the back window. That fence is from the backyard to the rest of the property. Where Cocoa has the run of things. This is her every morning spot... as soon as the sun comes up she positions herself right in front of the gate. 

You see if you are in front of the gate you will not get missed for breakfast. You have to be fed first just to get you out of the way. LOL - SMART! But seriously "Dad" has never forgotten you Cocoa. 

One last photo - I have named this pretty creature "Satellite" - 

This is a golden orb - very common here they are all over the property. And they are master web spinners. And I guess you can figure out where this one has spun her trap? She has an elaborate structure from the house to the satellite dish - huge and impressive. Even if you don't like spiders you have to give them credit for all the work they do and their talent. They have their job in nature and they take it seriously. Just glad I am a little higher on the food chain and not the object of that web! 

Hope you enjoyed this week - got a smile even if it is a little rained on. 
Have a very blessed weekend 
HUGS and 


Monday, August 23, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Witchy Ride

Howdy -

This week I am flying in with another great Halloween image from High Hopes Stamps! No this isn't me on the broom - LOL This is "Witchy Ride" and I think she is just too cute. 

She must be a really good "flyer" on that broom! Carrying her kitty, a bird, pumpkin and a BAT! WOW! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and found some fun Making Memories papers in purple and green colors. And then matted and put on a black card stock. Sewing down the image with a crazy zig zag stitch. She was really fun to color. And then for her background I used a circle nestie to color a "moon" and then the dark night sky. The sentiment is PERFECT for the image it is High Hopes Stamps "Take Flight" - I punched out with an EK Success punch and then colored around with a black copic for a faux mat look. Then just for some fun I found some bright green enamel dots - just love enamel dots !

Copic colors used - 

There are so many fun Fall and Halloween images at High Hopes Stamp and it has been so fun focusing on them this month! To see all the great images at the High Hopes Stamps Web Store HERE

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and