Monday, August 15, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Frankie and Bride

Howdy - 

Boo! A little Halloween card today with a fun High Hopes Stamps! This is Frankie and Bride. Too fun! LOL Cute couple right?

 I colored this image with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out with a circle die cut. For my papers I used black card stock and then an couple of old Gorjuss papers  from my stash. I loved the spooky dark grass in the bottom of the purple/gray paper. The papers are all sewn with a zig zag stitch. 

The image I did a faux mat with a green copic marker. I love the faux mats... color matches with my image and well.. its fast and easy. I then went in search for a sentiment. The High Hopes Stamps "Frightfully delightful" fun for the happy couple don't you think? It is punched out with an EK Success ticket punch. 

It needed just a bit more.. so out came some dark sparkle enamel dots. Love them! 

Copic colors used - 

Was a fun Halloween card to color - although I was having a hard time with Frankie's green skin. ha! 

Hope you enjoyed - to see lots of fabulous image for your cards pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store HERE

Thanks so much - have a blessed day! 

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Animal Crackers - Beards can be a messy thing

Howdy - 

 I suppose that beards can be messy thing... at least it seems that way for Mr. Chipmunk! 

He is such a handsome man - well other than the messy beard, but hey everyone has one of those bad hair days. 

I headed out to see all the ladies - I was surprised they were all up at the barn in the middle of the afternoon. But they were finishing off all their breakfast, which they are very good of not wasting. As high as it is in the these drought times I appreciate that they don't waste any of it! AnnaBella was topping of her hay with a little salt block. As hot as it has been they do love their salt and mineral blocks.

Juliet was being her normal pushy self and shoving her nose right in my face. And then out of NO WHERE - Macie pushed in and wanted attention. This was a shocker! She is normally so calm and never one of the pushy gals. But yesterday she wanted her fair time I suppose! 
She is so beautiful I made sure to give her lots of head scratches, ear rubs and that kiss on the nose! No worries about Juliet though... she made her way right back to me for her 110% of the attention. 
Patti was being so pretty and standing off to the side, with those big brown eyes looking at me. Posing for a Glamour shot I am sure! 
And that nose got a kiss too... Love this sweet old lady -

And speaking of old ladies.. Miss Scarlett was out finishing off the goats hay. Ok.. the goats are not quite as good at not wasting... sigh.

She is totally the boss of the lady goats. It is hard to believe that she is one of our old ladies now. She was so tiny when she was born - and so sweet and silly. We use to have an issue that she would jump and climb on Hubby's back, and then to his shoulder when she was little, cute when little but that had to stop pretty quick as she got bigger. LOL 

Now I had to zoom quite a way across then pen her but it was so funny I had to capture it... Penelope is asleep! I am assuming that Mom Abigail was laying up there and there wasn't enough room for her daughter? Not sure but that front half is propped up and standing in the back!

I called out to her after snapping my photo of course - she yawned stretched and then very slowly pulled one leg down then the other. Yawned again then laid down in the shade of the hut! Afternoon nap had been disturbed I guess. Bad me.. Sorry Penelope 

Earlier in the week I went out with the dogs and was sitting on the back porch and Momma Cat who came to spend time and chat with me. Funny... we never refer to her as Tuxedo anymore. That was her name when she appeared here - doesn't really fit her now. Momma Cat is who she is.

Hubby would love for her to come and live inside with her children. But she won't have any part of it. She like her outdoors yard, her domain. We worry about her as an outdoor kitty is not a safe life. As we know - her son Shadow disappeared a while back and we haven't found him since. Hubby has looked and looked. So now we try and get Momma Cat to come in - she steps in a couple of steps then bolts out. Maybe one day... Hopefully before something bad happens. We do love her to pieces, she has become such a sweet friendly kitty. Just like her children inside.

I hope you enjoyed and have a smile this week! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Monday, August 8, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Tommy's Fall Fun

Howdy - 

Raise your hands if your ready for Fall? Me Me Me... so over summer and ready for the pretty colors of Fall and the cooler weather! So I colored up a little Fall for today's card. This is a fun image from High Hopes Stamps "Tommy's Fall Fun" - Love how happy he is with those leaves! 

I had fun coloring those leaves! Ok Tommy too :0) - I used my Copics (colors below) then dug through my older stash and found some vintage Basic Grey papers with great fall colors. I layered and added a scalloped border from EK Success. The sentiment is also High Hopes Stamps "Happy Fall Y'all!"  love that "Y'all!" ha! Then I was looking at enamel dots, then buttons, and just couldn't find anything that felt right for a little embellishment. Then on my top shelf I saw the large maple leaf punch from Martha Stewart! Yep that would work! I punch out three leaves from some of the same Basic Grey papers, a little copic on the edges and then some Martha Steward branch punches to add to the leaves. Love them! And I love using older tools that need some attention! 

Copic colors used - 

There is so much to "Fall" in love with at High Hopes Stamps - to see all them fabulous images in the web store click HERE - any subject you can find something that will make you happy to add to your projects!

Have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Animal Crackers - Don't Mess with me when I'm Eating!

Howdy - 

Went out during breakfast yesterday morning - Pretty much everyone stopped to say hello to me.. well everyone but Macie ... she was into her meal and didn't want me messing with her at all while she was eating. LOL

She is a funny lady and like me takes eating very seriously!  
Darlene strolled over to see me - She is looking so good - its that expensive geriatric feed and extra vitamins! 
She is so worth it and when you get over 30 you do deserve a little extra! 
Jolene was being weird - She didn't want to make the effort of walking over to me unless it was worth it. That is a really intense look isn't it?

 It wasn't worth it... she watched me talk and love on everyone, and then went back to munching... Later she did come over just in case.. and she really did want some ear scratches.
 Miss Hannah was in a real lovey dovey mood - being very sweet and calm. Almost concerned me that she wasn't being her normal self.  But then she grabbed my shirt and nearly ripped a hole in it.. She's ok.. that is normal Hannah! 

And where Hannah is there is Juliet. She was very very very concerned about the new neighbors dogs barking. She doesn't like their dogs... they have made there way over a couple of times and hopefully learned that the donkeys don't really want them over here. She was making sure they were staying put on their own property... 
It was all safe... they stayed and then she could go back to being pushy and shoving me everywhere. But she is a great watch donkey and we love her! 

I looked over across the yard to the goat pen. Love the sisters just chillin' in the morning breeze. Lizzy and Jackie were really enjoying their spot - 

Abigail was actually being calm and sweet too - usually she is jumpy, but she allowed me to come right up to her and snap a posed photo.  Such a beautiful lady -

Our house guest Ammo went home - we sure enjoyed our week with him. Was like having a little part of Autie back - we have always loved Ammo, as one of Libbie and Autie's puppies.. but now he has an even bigger part of our heart.

He is welcome whenever he needs to stay! We called it summer camp - Cats were a new thing for him but he ended up really liking them. 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Monday, August 1, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Halloween Kitty

Howdy -

Can you believe it is August? Year is going by so fast! Time to get those Halloween / Fall cards done! And High Hopes Stamps has so many adorable images for your cards. 

This is Halloween Kitty - love any image with a cute kitty in it!  

Ok, even the mouse, bat and ghost are cute too. I have colored with my Copics (colors below), then I inked around the edges with a Rangers Distress Ink for a little aging. I found some pattern papers from Prima Marketing Moulin Rouge collection. Love the colors and patterns with this image. I sewed down all the layers and then punched the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Happy Halloween!" with a EK Success punch that I created a faux border with Copics. 

Had fun coloring this one! It can be challenging coloring a background but I just keep at it until I like the shading and it looks even to me. The card was sitting in front of me and I was getting ready to photograph it... those letters enamel dots were sitting on my desk - it needed a BOO right? ha! 

Copic colors used -

To find all the fabulous image at High Hopes Stamps quick - click HERE and jump on over and see all the fun! 

Have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Animal Crackers - We have a house guest!


This weekend we have a house guest! And we are in love! Well he is "family" so he is always welcome - but getting to stay all weekend while his "Mom & Dad" are visiting family. We are just over joyed to spend time with him.... even if he has a bit of a look that tugs at my heart completely... do you see it? 

Ammo is one of Libbie and Autie's last puppies. And Ammo... well he is a clone of his Dad Autie! Well other than being well groomed, and not as plump. I can't tell you how many times he has already been called Autie. He spent most of the day yesterday laying under my desk on my feet... just like Autie use to do. He is such a sweet boy, very well behaved and hasn't been an ounce of trouble at all. It is really amazing how much he acts and looks like Autie - but then I snapped this next  photograph and bam! I saw Chica completely! 

Sorry for the squinting it was very very bright outside - But seriously he looks so much like Chica here! LOL Now the only concern we had was how were the cats going to do around him. We had some puffed up tails and arched backs at first and everyone kept their distance. Well except Mercedes - he is in charge of inspecting anything new coming in the house and this "dog" was no different. He just sniffed,  hissed arched his back and walked away. Later he didn't care at all. The only one that has shown her ownership of the house is Porsche... she bopped him on the end of the nose (no claws involved) and told him she is is the boss. He yelped and now understands and stays away from her completely. 

After all this is a very serious face and you can tell right off she is in charge -

Beautiful though -  And really very very sweet, just not to new dogs in the house.

Now Lucy was not happy with the photo of herself last week and felt it was unflattering angle... She made a slight noise at me to say hello and pose for a prettier portrait - 

There are a couple hours each afternoon where the natural shade is in smaller areas. Oh they have covers over their huts and around the walls of their huts, but those spots under the trees next to their pen. Those are the prime spots and get claimed pretty quick. Lucy somehow lucked out and had one of those spots. It was nice and shady and a slight breeze. Happy old girl! 

Sweet Pea had the spot next to Lucy - and was very content in her spot. 


Love those crooked front teeth that always make her look like she is smiling - She is a funny lady - 

Now I have to share a new favorite I snapped when we got home one evening this last week.

Our Greeter Ted E. Bear was standing exactly where the truck is suppose to be parked. He decided he was more important than the truck and we could just pull in a different place. LOL "Dad" said no and we moved Ted over and then he got hugs and loving from both of us. He is such a special spirit and adds so much to our family!  Heck they all do don't they?

 Have a blessed weekend - and I do hope you have your Animal Crackers smile! 

HUGS and

Monday, July 25, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Jolly Old St. Nick

Howdy - 

One more Christmas in July for me at High Hopes Stamps - now its over 100 degrees here... but any image with a Santa and cute little cats is always fun to color even if I am melting! LOL 

This is Jolly Old St. Nick

I love that Santa's boot can't be put on due to the kitty in it! I do worry that he doesn't have a sock though - Colored with my Copics (colors below) and then a little bling with Nuvo glitter paint pen for Santa's white trim. I found a Santa paper and Merry Christmas paper from Paper Studio that I sewed down and put on a white card stock base. Then the fun High Hopes Stamps Sentiment "I believe in Santa Claus!

Love this image - makes you giggle.. and maybe a little close to home with cats in shoes around here! Ha! 

Copic colors used -

 For so many fabulous Christmas images to get ahead on your Christmas card list - click HERE to pop straight to the High Hopes Stamps Web site!

 Have a blessed day - 

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