Saturday, July 20, 2019

Animal Crackers - Beauty and Bugs

Howdy -

This week Hubby and I have been talking a lot of about bugs... It is the weirdest thing... we have found more bugs around and in the house the last couple of weeks. It is almost like they know that something is coming and they are looking for higher and safer ground.. kinda odd. And I know what you are thinking.. what kind of bugs right? Ok didn't get any photos cuz I will be honest they were squished quickly but scorpions. Been stung not that long ago and I don't like Scorpions... then the flies have been crazy insane - now summer it is a normal thing, but oddly more than normal.

Lets see...  Praying Mantis -

Now I have no issues with those, actually they are kind of cool. Hubby loves having long in depth conversations with them. They do have a bit of intellectual look to them.

Then there are grasshoppers... we have had tons of them recently.

This guy hopped a ride down our long dirt road on the windshield. He is very striking isn't he. So many details and colors on him.

And oh my spiders lots and lots of spiders!

This lady has been working so hard on her elaborate web outside out dining room window for a couple of weeks.

Spiders generally don't freak me out, I have grown to appreciate them, kind of have to in the country. I still like to keep my distance, as we do have black widows here... seen them. But the others... I let them be and usually those that hang around in one spot get a name. Been thinking on this one, haven't found the right name that just fits. Keep coming back to Charlotte... LOL

Now how about something cute instead of creepy crawly? 

 This girl has her own pillows... 2 of her own special built window beds and lots of other places to take her little cat naps. But after all these years for the first time I caught her wrapped around our potted ficus tree in the dining room. She has ever even showed any interest in it. And suddenly it was the perfect place to snooze. Nice view of "Charlotte" outside from there I suppose.

To end off today I just had to show you something beautiful! And oh man I SO wish you could smell these!!

Hubby has his amazing green thumbs.. heck all his fingers are green. And earlier in the year he came home with some tiny little miniature rose plants. We live in the country... with donkeys and goats that like to eat plants so having places for things to grow just for beauty is sometimes hard. But he so loves to grow roses, and pulled out some flower pots and have them in our backyard. A bit of a tease for both the goats and donkeys but they are not suppose to get in the back yard... and I really hope that they don't sneak in at any time and mess with his roses. Cuz they are just gorgeous and very happy where they are. And well... Hubby will be crushed it they get munched by one of the "kids"!

Hope you have a blessed weekend - enjoy some a furry friend - and appreciate the bug world from a distance.... LOL

HUGS and

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Tall Country Snowman


We are still having a little Christmas in July fun at High Hopes Stamps - and I have always had a bit of a soft spot for this handsome guy... "Tall Country Snowman"

 Love his country feel... now I don't know how tall he actually is... I think it is mostly hat. LOL I colored with my Copics (Colors below) and then matted with red card stock. Same red for the base of the card and then pattern papers from Paper Studios. I sewed the layers down - think the sewing adds a texture to it. Then for the sentiment I used High Hopes Stamps "Celebrate the Magic of Christmas" Great sentiment for the Christmas Season!

I just adore Country feeling of Christmas Cards - and this one for sure has it!

Copic colors used -

For LOTS and LOTS of great Christmas images pop over to the High Hopes Stamps website and see them all!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Animal Crackers - Fun with Goats

Howdy -

This week is all goats... Donkeys were all out in the far pasture hiding from the heat. But the goats were up by the house end of their pen under the tree. Its a nice shady area to lounge.... But before we visit the girls chillin' ... you have to stop and see the kids right?

 Twins but so very different in personality...

Chipmunk he is a love ... A cuddlier and those big brown eyes just melt you. But he does have a set of ears huh?? An adorable cutie pie for sure!

His brother Junior ... now he is just silly and in charge and a stunner! Oh he likes his lovin' too.. and those eyes oh my those ice blue eyes!

A handsome guy for sure!

Then I got a reminder from Frankie... he has pretty blue eyes too... and he is a handsome guy! Old guy! But handsome! And I guess he has that Silly too...

 Love this old man! And his handsome silly face!

Now for those lounging girls... they didn't move the entire time I was out loving on the Kids or Frankie... they had the premium spots and they were not giving them up! Well unless I pulled out some sort of treats for them, but this was just photos today so it wasn't worth getting up.

All though Mallory didn't "park" so well... she wasn't parked correctly for a  forth one to join them, Don't you hate it when someone takes up two spaces in the lot! LOL

Olive Oyl was doing her lounging right at the edge of the shade... and that shade was moving fast so she was going to have to relocate soon to stay in the shade. Lucy... she was already up looking for a new place.  

Lucy... love that silly face. She always looks like she is grinning at me. Hard to believe that Lucy one of our very first babies  and is now one of our old ladies! She is Olive's 1/2 sister - Paintbrush was both of these girls Mom... so glad we still have a part of Paintbrush in these two girls. :0)

Head shaking here....  Oh Lizzie...

 Now goats are destructive creatures. The break up and tear up most everything eventually. And those indestructible dog house igloos... they last us 2-3 years and then they are done cracked broke and have to be replaced. Horns and head butting do damage. And here... they have turned over one, even when "Dad" puts them on a heavy wood base... but no worries they still are a place to get some shade and rub those horns.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend planned. Remember even if your hut is a bit upside down.... there is still positive shade and good angles for scratching!

HUGS and

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Waddlin' By

Howdy -

SO it July and its HOT! So too cool off a little Penguin Waddlin' By is just the right thing to color up!  A little winter snowy fun!

 This little guy is just too precious! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added some Nuvo White and light blue clear for some added depth. He just makes me smile! Maybe cuz I walk a lot like him! I used a white card stock base with a couple of blue and white pattern paper from Paper Studio. The image I sewed down to black card stock with a zig zag stitch. For some bling I added some sparkle dark blue enamel dots. Then the PERFECT sentiment Waddling by with a winter HI! 

A fun cool card - not if only it wasn't 100 degrees outside in reality! Oh well... guess I'll just have to color up some more coolness!

Copic colors used - 

 There is so many wonderful image to color up for Winter fun and Christmas and now is the time to get you images and get ahead start for Christmas!

Have a blessed weekend and

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Animal Crackers - How Handsome!

Howdy -

How absolutely gorgeously handsome is Mr. Pavo? He has slicked off and really is a stunning man! Living in the Ladies pen seems to be agreeing with him - :0) 

He still is very quiet and stands in the background but really is a gentle soul and we love him! Wow really is stunning isn't he.

Speaking of stunning... This little man just oozes his personality and handsome looks.

Those bangs passed down from grandpa Doc... with that long silky beard. Really a looker! Can't get over those bangs... Love him!

 Found Jolene watching from far in the pasture...

Those weeds! Oh my... Hubby gets all caught up with mowing - then so much rain for a couple of weeks and Hubby working overtime... and well. Weeds are happy for sure! But forecast calls lots of sun this coming week so Hubby should get more mowing done now that it is drying up.

And look how pretty this lady is... she does love to pose. 

Ok, a little dirty from all the mud... but still a beauty! Hope she is growing up a baby in that full belly and not just a full belly from all that green grass!

As I was leaving the Ladies pen.. Patti was worried she wouldn't get her photo taken. She does love the camera...

Can't image life without her in our pastures. She is such a strong presence and leader. And she loves front and center attention.

As walking back to the house. Chica was not happy that I was taking so long outside... too hot for my girl that loves her air conditioning.

 It's too hot Mom... lets go in!!! How can that little petite cute face have such a large long tongue! LOL!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - full of hugs from family friends and furry kids!
HUGS and -

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Snowman Cowboy

Howdy -

ITS JULY!! And that means that it is High Hopes Stamps Christmas in July. And with me in Texas I just love the Snowman Cowboy! I paired it up with the fabulous Winter Wonderland Background stamp. Makes a fun scene for any Christmas card don't you think?

 Now with scenes I like to keep things simple. So I colored with my Copics (colors below) and cut it out leaving a small border around the background stamp. I then used a copic to create a "mat" look around them image. I found a piece of weathered wood patter paper from DCWV, and used a brown card stock base. Simple... but then for a little pop I used a Viva Decor sparkle paint pen for all the flakes and swirls. Then Nuvo White for some added snow on the trees and snow base. Love all the sparkle this one has.

Copic colors used -

A little head start to making Christmas cards and now that they are playing Christmas movies in July it is just too much fun to color while watching holiday movies... especially when it is near 100 degrees here! 

Hope you enjoyed and now you can pop over to the High Hopes Stamps store and see all the Christmas/Winter/Holiday images you can get for your Cards this year! 

Have a blessed day - 

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Animal Crackers - Doggies and Kitty

Howdy -

 This week I thought I might show the "domesticated" children. My doggies and kitty - now I guess we could say our pets. But honestly we all know that all our animals are pets. LOL

Chica... I really think this little girl is a super model. She see's the camera and she poses and gives me that look from those big brown eyes that just melt you - 

Really she rarely takes a bad photo - Does she get a bit nuts and crazy when you say things like "cookie",  "green beans", "Daddy's Home"... yes she is a little bouncing ball. I think the only thing you can say is "Bath Time" that gets her to run and hide.

Speaking of Bath Time... I snapped this of Miss Libbie last bath she was begging me with those old eyes to sneak her out of the tub and wrap her up. Wish I could make her happy. But she really needs the bath...

Not sure why they all fight baths - they all love how they feel and sleep after a bath. Ok.. Autie doesn't fight a bath. He just loves the attention. He is a bit odd.

Yes odd -

At night Autie loves to get up in my lap to cuddle. He flips onto his back and has me hold him like a baby. He then falls asleep, snores and mouth falls open. From this view I feel like by baby boy needed to have braces. (insert rolling eyes here) And then we have to turn the volume up on the TV... he snores really loud.

Gato - oh my she has been ---- well pushy the last couple of weeks. She goes through these personalities - loving, hold me, I want your attention - then suddenly she is done - she wants to be left alone, don't mess with me. I guess a typical cat. Well the last couple of weeks she has wanted my total attention. Even when I was trying to do my crafting... right in the middle of where I was working.

Gotta love her, and always stop and give her attention. Ok maybe not when she is butting heads with me at 2 am to get my attention. But all the other times -

And then Miss Moxie -

This girl really believes she is is total control of all of the outdoors here. They are her Donkeys, her goats, her chickens to watch over. She stays her distance yes, but she is always there. My little rolly polly girl. Love that face!

Love all these faces. We are blessed to have all the animals in our lives. And I tell Hubby all the time that if I could I would bring them all in the house.. but for now I will love on my doggies and kitty inside.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

High Hopes Stamps- Party Cow

Howdy -

This week I found another fun image from my High Hopes Stamps stash of favorites. This week I colored up Party Cow

Now after having some fun with Pig Party last week - I just couldn't resist Party Cow this week. Now I use this dancing cow more than some others... he just makes me wanna turn on some music and dance! And how can you now enjoy a dancing cow? And this one boogies down. I colored with Copics (colors below) and then found the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Don't stop the music". I kept things a little simple, just a black card stock base, and one pattern paper from Paper Studios Petals and Blooms collection. I used my sewing machine and attached the image with a zig zag stitch.

I played with flowers and well..... just didn't feel it. Now why I went with lots of dots of Viva Decor Paint I have no idea. A little confetti maybe? But I was just feeling the music and went with some crazy fun I suppose. Fun image that can be used for a birthday or just perk me up card. I just love this dancing cow!

Copic colors used -

I hope you had a little dancing fun with him as well and he brought a smile. 
Have a blessed weekend and 

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Animal Crackers - Uh oh..trouble again

Howdy -

 Uh oh.. they did it again. But this week they got to the cart with a brand new bale of alfalfa. They are not suppose to get alfalfa.. too rich for them especially when it is so hot. And too expensive for us to feed to the stooges and the wasteful mess they make when eating it.

 Sergio said he wouldn't waste any of it!!!! Bring the cart closer to me!!!

Ok.. I made sure to sneak a bite to Sergio.. I didn't want the Three Stooges to let him smell their breath and then make fun of him for not getting any!  He really was happy with that bite!

Now I wanted to go out early in the morning while Hubby fed and get some photos of the ladies and how good they are looking. They are all fat healthy and happy. With the bits of rain we have been blessed with we have had some nice hay for them to graze. And this far into June that is fabulous! But the problem was, they really didn't want to stay and wait for me to get out there, so "Dad" bribed them with a small piece of coastal hay. A group decided to eat that before they headed off to the back pasture.

But then my problem... they didn't want to be friendly and pose for any photos. They were eating! LOL

 Irene was in a real dilemma... they dry coastal hay... or to follow the other girls to the back pasture. Oh my what shall she do??

 FYI ... she had the hay then trotted off to the back as quick as she could.

Now this was too funny to watch!  It is always cute to watch and see how long it takes before the baby goats and the dogs take to really introduce themselves to each other. It is a little like a dance for a couple of weeks... then...

 They get that first nose to nose hello. To get a photo is really huge! And I love that "I am a tough guy" hair raising on Junior! This only last for seconds at a time before one of them jumps and bolts away. LOL Now when it is Autie he just lays down and it is all no big deal. He is so mellow! LOL

After Chica took off I went over and did some much needed head scratches and loving for my boys. And this is what you get when you pull away.... NOOOOO DON"T GO!!!

And if you are not quick enough one of them will bite down on whatever article of clothing they can to hold on.. pants legs, shoe strings.. once they got the tip of my house shoe and pulled it right off! LOL I know I shouldn't have been outside in my houseshoes... sigh.  BTW... those blue eyes on Junior are just stunning aren't they? Gorgeous!

Hope you have a blessed weekend... its a hot one here! So I think inside chores will be on my list for sure, can't handle that heat! Whew!

HUGS and

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Pig Party

Howdy -

Another fun Birthday card this week for High Hopes Stamps... this week I pulled out an older stamp "Pig Party" This little guy cracks me up. Now he doesn't have anything in his hoof... so he can hold a lot of different things... but I figured a cake kinda fit with this little piggie!

So I stamped the cake, then masked it off and stamped the pig over it to appear to be one image. I colored with my Copics (colors below) The Sentiments "It's Your Day!" and "Got Cake" are fun!
I sewed down the image to a pattern paper from Paper Studios. Love the Barn feel to it. A dark pink card stock as a base, and then I added some older mulberry flowers with silver brads.

Copic colors used -

Fun card... and now I am craving cake... Hmmmm.

For all the fun images at High Hopes Stamps click HERE to get to the web fast!

Have a blessed day... and maybe have some cake!
HUGS and

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Animal Crackers - Summertime

Howdy -

 Summertime - wow it has already been HOT here... hit that horrible 100 degrees a couple times, then a little cool down for a few days and now we are heading back up again. Some of the furry children adapt pretty well. Me not so much. I headed out one afternoon to snap photos... most of the donkeys were off in the shade, the goats found their favorite spots out of the sun to take their afternoon rest.

Thelma and Chipmunk have a great spot under the big tree. Actually is a nice spot to chill. We have a park bench there to sit and watch the kids. Now Junior he was off the other side of the pen, in the tiny bit of shade from the igloo... ok not sure how smart he is, cuz it is really nice here...

Darlene... she has a nice little yard with LOTS of nice shade next to the chicken coop under the trees.

She is such a sweet old lady, she is scheduled to have her done this weekend. Funny how some their hooves grow really slow and then others are crazy fast. Darlene... hers really are fast growers and she needs her Pedicure much more often that others.  Man a Pedicure sounds nice... LOL Not by Hubby and his tools though I tend to like the massaging chairs and warm foot bath.

This girl was really making some noises at me while I was chatting with Darlene about her toes...

Sorry girl... chickens don't get pedicures... LOL

Guess I need to let you all know that Alice, well we all, had a bit of sad news this week.

Alice delivered twins early one morning... they were still born. I think they were just a little early maybe? They looked like their Daddy Alvin, but just ready to join us in the world. Was so depressing. But we will try again with Alice and next time I suppose she will need some special watching and put in a private pen as she gets closer to make sure she delivers to full term. Very Very sad.

Alvin is all trying again.

Handsome man... great personality... what more can you ask for? Yes.. that is Raffie in the background. He likes to sneak any hay that is falls to close to the fence. LOL

Now Autie... not sure why but I found him sunbathing. LOL he was stretched out and enjoying the sun in the grass. 

 You are missing the worst part of the photo... that wonderful sweaty hot dog smell.. Oh Autie!

Libbie... she is so much smarter, she was relaxed, lounging on the front porch waiting calmly for me.