Saturday, July 14, 2018

Animal Crackers - We took a walk down to the boys

Howdy -

Yesterday morning we took a walk down to the front pasture to see the boys. Love my guys...
Their pen is up in the front of the property and I love driving into the gate and seeing my guys grazing and enjoying their large spread. Well we walked down to the front to visit them. Now when I say "we" I mean Moxie and I... :0)

Now she had just gotten yelled at here... See those eyes looking at me with that "Who me?' look.. She had just taken off and jumped through the front gate and was wandering around "off property" She knows better.. and as soon as I called out her name.. she was back and laid down as if she was totally innocent. Love those sweet eyes...

So the boys all came over to see me as soon as they saw me coming down the road. Patricio was the first to the fence.

He let me love all over him and even kiss the top of his head. Well... until the other boys got to the fence then he backs off a bit. He isn't the pushiest of children so he just hangs back and lets the others take over. Such a handsome man.

Flavio... with ears like that how can you not just love him!

He is so silky and shiny! And that black nose is like velvet... Handsome for sure!

My baby Diego was trying to act like he was a cool man... not my baby. 

Drinking some water and kept checking back at me to see if I was going to come out of my way to love on him. Well of course! Diego was my very first baby all those years ago and he is special so I go out of my way anytime to love on this "cool man"

Now after a few minutes they decided that I didn't bring peppermints or carrots... I know horrible Mom right? 

So they all decided it was better to head off and get some more grazing done since I didn't bring anything good to eat... I love how Patricio looked back as if to say "Thanks for coming Mom..." Melts me...

Then Moxie and decided that it was hot and despite being early in the morning 90 degrees was getting hotter and it was time to head back to the house.

Here Moxie was trying to have a bit of patience  on me. Seems my two legs were moving too slow for her trotting four legs... Here she was ahead of me on our "driveway" ...

That little bit of rain has starting a little green going again. Especially in the shade, full sun things are still a bit crispy.

Then I came across Cocoa... 

 Tried to not look her way too long... just long enough to snap a photo. She was hiding... from the sun mostly, but also from Teddy and Valentine... they were wandering around looking for her not too far off. LOL they found her a few minutes later. A Lady does enjoy a little quiet private time you know. Silly boys just don't ever give her that for long.

Hope you enjoyed - and got a smile or two -
Have a blessed weekend -
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Friday, July 13, 2018

Whimsy Digital Stamps - West Highland Terrier

Howdy -

Another new Whimsy Digital Image that is just precious if you ask me! This is the new West Highland Terrier by Crissy Armstrong. Don't you just want to pick this little cutie up?

I found some scrap papers that I just loved with my little Terrier. I think they are Graphic 45 and Making Memories. I sewed down the layers with a zig zag stitch with a kraft card stock base. I colored my little Terrier with Copics and pencils (colors below) Then cut out with a circle Spellbinders Nestie. Inked Ranger Inks distress ink around the edge and then matted with a scalloped Spellbinders Nestie. A couple of Vine Dies, the sentiment is pawsitively perfect with this cute little doggie. "Think pawsitive"

My copic colors used -

Hope you enjoyed  this new Whimsy Digital stamp from Whimsy... to see all the Digital fun click HERE!!

Have a blessed day!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Fishing Santa


High Hopes Stamps is still doing a bit of Christmas in July - And I decided that Santa Claus needed to be tracked down on Vacation and get a card made with him! This is is off time and he has been out doing a bit of fishing -

 - Fishing Santa  -

 You didn't think he would wear his Santa Suit fishing did you? But that hat... well every guy has that one hat they wear 24/7 -

I colored with my copics (colors below) and then inked the edges of my image. For my base I used Kraft cardstock, and then papers from Paper Studios. With white card stock mats and kraft card stock mats.

A few Enamel Dots and the sentiment to finish it off - I love this Santa. Its good to know that he gets time off to play too!

Copic colors used -

Pop over to see all that High Hopes Stamps has to get that head start on your Christmas cards! Lots of FUN! HERE

Have a blessed day -maybe go fishing!
HUGS and

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Animal Crackers - Just like Grandpa

Howdy -

Went out to see all the "children" yesterday. It was HOT... and HUMID. But a few of my kids still came to see me. Frankie... my old man is will always come to the fence to see me.  He is such a joy -

He is also sooo much nicer to pet and talk to now that he isn't "wearing" his man smell. OH my, if you have never been around male buck goats... I just can't even describe the horrible smell. Trust me it is really bad. Now he has gotten old and no longer is a working Buck and all though we have always loved him to pieces... loving on him physically was just not something pleasant. But now.. he doesn't smell and I don't mind petting all over that adorable face.

His grandson reminds me so much of him...

 He is just as friendly and sweet, talks to me when I call out his name, and always will run over to the fence for some head scratches. Such a sweet boy. Still can't get his twin brother Willie to let me love on him the same way, but thrilled that Frankie's outgoing friendly personality is showing up in his grandson.

Now Domino was chatting to me at the same time to let me know that he is just as sweet.

 Yes Domino you are just as friendly.. a but more pushy, but just as friendly. The twins can still poke their head through the fence to get more scratching or reach that grass... Domino has gotten a bit large and between the head and horns no longer can poke through.. but he says...

MY NOSE CAN!!! I looked away for a fraction of a second... and then I had to clean off my camera lens... it had goat ooze on it. sigh... Love you Domino!

Went to check on the chickens...

From a distance I was missing more than 1/2 dozen chickens!! Then I got up to their coop... 

Seems they have dug out spots under their hut for a cooler place to spend the afternoon. Hey it was 100 degrees and unbelievably humid I would have dug out a hole under my house too! Their misters had just come on so they would be out to get misted off soon I am sure. They love the misters! And it really cools off the pen.

I can't believe how gorgeous Mr. Leon is - He is the only one left from my heritage chickens a few years back. And he is just as stunning as ever and just as big!

A real ladies man for sure!!

Old Lady Darlene was in her private smaller feeding pen for the morning to get her special feed... but it seems she found some green growing and was having some salad as well as her geriatric special feed.

 A few months ago she was looking so bad. But she is stunning looking now - she has filled back out and isn't so skinny, her coat is shiny and healthy looking and well... her special food makes her feel special and she is one happy old lady! I think she looks great for over 26! And before you question the roll in her neck. Darlene was always a bit of a "big girl" in her younger days, and has had many many babies over the years, and with carrying lots of weight there are issues that always stick around. A Floppy neck is just a part of her now. I think she is gorgeous... we don't talk about her little flabby areas... and she doesn't bring up mine! Love you girl!

 Hope you have a blessed weekend!
HUGS and -

Friday, July 6, 2018

Whimsy Digital Stamps - Penguin Ice Cream

Howdy -

I blessed to be on the Whimsy Digital Stamps team! So excited! Digital is so versatile and can honestly be used to make you project exactly what you want! For my card today I am using Crissy Armstrong's Penguin Ice Cream. And the new Digital paper collection Aqua Breeze.

Cute little thing right? Now.. first of all when printing my image I put it into my Photoshop program and then added it to one of the digital papers from the Aqua Breeze collection. This way when I print out the image, the background prints right along with it! I then colored the image with my copics (colors below). All while thinking ice cream sure sounds good... mmm.

For my corners I used the Whimsy Stamps Doodled Doily Die.  Now those that know Whimsy Dies may say.. uh but that is a round die... yep, I like to make my dies do more than one thing, so I cut my circle once punched out. Four pieces make four corners. Four Whimsy Enamel Dots on the corners. And for a sentiment I used the Whimsy Word Dies. There are so many great word dies!! I ADORE word dies!

Here are the copic colors used

Hope you enjoyed my little Penguin! Now lets go find some ice cream!
HUGS and

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Christmas in July - Santa Bob

Howdy -

High Hopes Stamp is having Christmas in July! Time to pick out those holiday stamps and get ahead on our Christmas Cards! Can you believe the year is half over!

Santa Bob is ready to slide down that chimney!

He is a cool Santa... I colored with my Copics. And then added puff paint for snow, and stickles lace glitter for Santa's trim. I found a scrap of red dotted paper for my base. The sentiment is also from High Hopes... love this one for Christmas cards! "Santa Claus is coming to town!" Then a few dots Enamel Dots for embellishments.

Copic colors used.

Hope you got a little Christmas cheer - I put on a Hallmark Christmas movie.. and stayed inside out of the 100 degree heat.. and HO HO HO... Santa Claus is coming to town!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and