Saturday, November 16, 2019

Animal Crackers - Here Comes the Sun

Howdy -

Well after a cold, cloudy and wet drizzling week the Sun came out yesterday! And all my furry kids were really enjoying every ray they were catching!

Chipmunk and his twin brother Junior were chillin' in the middle of the pen, just enjoying the sun. 

 This is how they sleep... every night. Back to back. resting against each other. Maybe a little "I got your back" brother thing?

Sergio was at the gate, insisting on his head scratches and kiss on his nose.

Always Sergio... My little orphan baby... all though all grown up and all man now he is my baby. And a handsome looker too and he knows it!

Found Cocoa and her daily routine.

Every day she goes up and down the panels of the goat pen. Cleaning up and making sure that all pieces of hay does not go to waste if it blows out. Or even just barely pokes out the fence... she pulls through and makes sure they are not wasted.

Beautiful Ellie Mae was coming towards me.

She never gave us any babies sadly - such a gorgeous lady. But loved all the same.

Found Jolene having a bit of an itch.

She was working it out on her own. I suppose rain and mud then drying out would make you have some itches going on! But she was reaching it with those big teeth and taking care of business! It is good when you reach that spot driving you nuts right?

And then the only one to be different - Louise was laying in the shade. I asked why she wasn't out enjoying the sun, but she is Louise and Louise likes to be her own goat!

A bit silly nuts but beautiful!

I hope you have some nice sunny weather where you are! And enjoy some furry children this weekend!

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

The sunshine is so nice. We have had early sow and bitter cold. Should be in the 50's but only in the teens! Today is warmer. Near 40~! And Sunny. I think I will go and stand in the sun today too :) Happy Weekend everyone.

Ginger Shaw said...

Every one of your babies are beautiful. Each with their own little ways.
Love them all.