Saturday, December 12, 2020

Animal Crackers - With this many children...

Howdy - 

I always say how blessed we are to have our property and have the animals and life we have. But with this many children (fur children) it seems there is always something going on or someone to worry about. The last couple weeks that was Alice, our goat with the hurt leg. She is actually healing pretty well and is now putting weight on her leg. The last few days it has been one of our big donkeys. Valentine. Our baby... ok so he is a 16ish year old baby but he is our baby. 

He has been under the weather, just not himself and you could tell he just hasn't been feeling well. We kept a very close watch on him and he had us really worried for a couple of days but he finally is acting more like himself and seems to be feeling much better. We are so happy. We hate when one of our babies isn't feeling well. 

Valentine's Mom Cocoa... she wasn't worried about him. 

Honestly she seemed to enjoy that he wasn't following her around and she had her own space. LOL Sorry Cocoa he's feeling better and now he is right back on your tail! 

Jackie was enjoying her breakfast... ok it was just past lunch so it was leftover breakfast. But how stale can dried hay get? 

She is a pretty girl,  quiet and calm. Love her grey and white coloring with those blue eyes

I went to visit Jorge... I try so hard to get photos of this guy.... 

He always has to be right in your face, touching you, reaching out to you, normally through the fences. He is so handsome... a few long whiskers, but handsome. But within a minute he ALWAYS flips around for his rear end scratches... sigh.... He gets that habit from his Dad Black Jack ... he does the exact same thing. 

Such a silly boy! 

Ok so a few weeks ago I showed you one of my concrete donkeys Hubby rescued... this is another one we have. Now he looks to be in nice condition and stands up tall... but this guy in real life only has three legs....

But it is a back leg that he doesn't rely on as much as the front two, so he doesn't lean as much as the other. It is all good... I love them both! 

Hope our children brought a smile for you this week. They are a blessing and a Joy - 

HUGS and 


Peg Frushour said...

Speaking of 3 legged donkeys, you really need to read "The Wonky Donkey". It's a children's book by Craig Smith. It's so cute!!

Carol Dee said...

Happy to hear all are feeling better now. Stay Well. Ready or not Christmas is less that 2 weeks away!

okienurse said...

I wonder if it is something the critters are passing around? My cats are off their feed and I have even bought the expensive stuff trying to get them to eat! Might be they are sensitive to the weather changes...Hope everyone gets all better quick. We are suppose to get snow today...wish I was further south...maybe Belize! Happy Holidays! loved the card on Monday with the snowman in the chocolate! too funny! Vickie

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Ginger Shaw said...

Glad to hear Valentine is feeling better. It’s so worrying when our babies are ill.
We are having terrible weather here in Australia. Awful floods.
Hope your weather is much better.
Love all your babies