Saturday, June 11, 2022

Animal Crackers - I work for her...

Howdy - 

 In our house there is an order - Hubby is for sure in charge around here. Everyone listens and minds "Dad". Below him is Libbie.. she is in complete control when he is away. From there I would say, The Cats, Donkeys, then the Goats, Moxie, Chica... and then Me. Yep bottom of the ladder here. Oh Wait! Chickens... maybe I am above them? Who am I kidding? 

Here is a photo I took of Libbie earlier in the week. She is totally blind and is now loosing her hearing. And at time that is selective hearing that she has left. When I took this photo I think I had called (and yelled) her name 25 times to get up and come in the house. Not even a glance my way.

Down the stairs I have go to - to give her a nudge and tell her to get her tiny little rear end back in the house. I got up to her and nothing. She was ignoring me - she wasn't ready to come in yet and I can wait and stop my day until she is. Not even a slight look my way. I give her a tap with my foot... nope nothing. Say the word "cookie" She yawns, stretches and makes her way very slowly up the stairs and to the door. I work for her... my time is all hers. Good thing I love this old lady! 
Ted E. Bear kind of understands my situation. You see he is never in control of life with the other two stooges. Cocoa.. leader of the pack. Valentine comes next and shadows and says yes mam quickly with his Momma Cocoa. Then you find Ted... three steps behind and bringing up the rear end. Well I went out pretty early to take photos yesterday. And Ted he must have figured out.. early donkey gets the hay first.
Cocoa was just starting to make her way out of the barn but Teddy, he got up early and moved quick to get first choice of hay. LOL not that it is any different but I would say the top of the pile and peace and quiet and not having to sneak in around Cocoa for it was worth getting up early for. 
Now Jolene is being smart here.. Hydrate! This last week has been brutally hot here! Like 100-106 degrees! So you must drink lots of water. All the water buckets have been busy this week!

There was  line at the water. Guess everyone was stocking up before making their way out into the pasture. By early afternoon they will be done and finding shade for the heat of the day. 

FanciPants was telling me hello and waiting her turn for a drink. 

Funny long eared girl. LOL 

Maci had just finished up some Donkey hugs, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours, with Ellie Mae. I don't think she was fully awake yet. - me either Maci.. it is barely after 7 am. But I knew I had to get out early to catch the ladies before they headed out. That and Libbie wanted outside so I had to get up anyway... sigh.

 Went by the goat pen and Abigail was actually being friendly. Not letting me pet her, but not freaking out and scrambling across the pen. LOL I did manage to love on her daughter Penelope a bit, she is much calmer. I do love Abigail's coloring. She is a pretty lady. 

As I got back inside I found little Ferrari playing in the dining room chair. I think one of her sisters had been playing with her between the bars. But as I came in ran off being silly. So I stopped and finished the game with Ferrari. She is so sweet and funny.

She is so much smaller than the other three. But don't worry about her, she holds her own! And if a bug gets in the house... she is the mighty hunter FOR SURE! Tiny pretty little girl with one LOUD in control growl! 

Hope you got a giggle and your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile! They make my world happy for sure! 

Have a blessed weekend!

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Oops, busy weekend here and almost forgot to stop and see what's up. Everyone looks happy. Silly Libby. Cookies would get my attention too!

Ginger Shaw said...

Glad I don’t have to get up so early but I guess you win seeing all your babies so soon before they head off to do their own things.
If I was sitting in the sunshine resting I don’t think even the enticement of a cookie would get me to move.
Molly (my little chihuahua) are sitting outside trying to get a bit of sunshine before it gets too cold.
It’s winter here in Kangaroo Land and very cold.
Thanks for the photos.
Hilda and Molly.xx