Saturday, September 5, 2009

Donkey Day with lots of Baby photos!

Hi.. Well today is not a great day for taking Donkey Day photos... Macey and Felicia are still sick, a little bit better but not well enough for photos. And well.... IT RAINED LAST NIGHT!!! Ok, so it was only 1/4 of an inch... BUT IT RAINED!!! and there is more in the forecast today.. I so hope we get more.

I am so glad that I went out earlier in the week and took photos on evening.. everyone was feeling well and happy.. and well I got TONS of great donkey day photos.. and YES Libbie photos!

First an update from the Doc yesterday.. he thinks that we caught Macey in time and she should make it through this... Felicia as well.. as long as she keeps eating to keep her strength up she should be bouncing around in a few days... I pray that both are true. It was the Hay that made them sick. We have removed that hay completely and are working at getting it returned to the "hay man" and then we will start working on getting new...

But how about some happy photos?

First I thought you might like to see what Hubby and I do every 3 hours... He is such a big boy and usually finishes every last drop out of his little silver bucket!

When done... He usually shows off his "GOT MILK?" smile.... is he cute or what?

And as they say "Milk does a Body Good!" He looks wonderful has filled out and loves to run and play.
It is a good thing that he is all black and his brother has the cream nose and ears... other wise it would get tough to know who was who... "My Bookend Brothers".....

Carlos is doing great as well. We call him "trouble" He loves to stir things up - whether that be us feeding Sergio, The Lady donkeys trying to eat.. or just running and kicking up dirt. He is so funny he doesn't rub up against you when you come into the pen... he literally leans and the lays over against you.. he either ends up on his side.. or you do yours! :0)

Here is my beautiful little girl.. Felicia - this was a couple of days before she got sick. She is just so small, especially when next to her brothers... and she is so sweet and gentle compared to them as well. The perfect little girl... now for her to get back to this happy, playful, sweet look - right now she is laying under the tree with her head hanging... in fact when done here.. I am going to talk to her and move her around a bit.

Now I have really had a very hard time taking Libbie photos the past month or so. But the day I was out taking the donkey photos I think she wanted her time as well. I told her to sit and look pretty for the camera..... and well I got over 25 really wonderful Libbie photos! Here are three of my favorites -

A serious pose.... very rare for this little girl.

OOPS... a bird caught her attention -

Close up anyone? I really just need to start facing her the other way - as that sun really does make her can't see her ice blue eyes! Just love her ears have flopped evenly... to adorable.

Well hope you enjoyed Donkey/Libbie Day - maybe by next week photos I can get all three babies playing together!! Healthy and Happy. And yes.. I know I have lots of other donkeys to show off too :0)

HUGS and-


Anonymous said...

Texas Cropper says:

Cute photos! So happy to hear Macey and Felicia are doing better.

Helene said...

Hi Michelle,
I am so happy things are looking up for you and your donkey gang you must be so relieved. My how Libby has grown to be so beautiful.


Happy Crafter said...

Wonderful photo's Michelle,i love your donkeys and i'm glad to see things are looking up for the sick ones hope they make a fast full recovery, Libbie is a beauty bless her:)
Hugzz Val xxx

Bev said...

Oh Michelle, what a terrible time you have been having hun, I am so glad that things are looking up for the poorly ones - I do hope that they are soon well again. I hope the hay man does right by you now :(

Wonderful pictures of the babies and Libby - so heartwarming. xx

Jóna said...

I do hope and pray all the donkeys get well again. You really have had a hard time.
The photos are wonderful :o)

Riet said...

What a beautiful photos Michelle.
So sweets.

Hugs Riet.x

Penni said...

Lovely Donkey and Libbie Photos Michelle - I do love them.

Hope the donkeys get well soon - I'm thinking of you all.

Hope it rains too !!!


Diamond Doll said...

Aww Michelle fab Pics once again, i really enjoy looking at them and reading the progress of them all especially little ones and of course fab pics of Libbie too.
Trish (-:

AnnS said...

It's so good to see little Sergio drinking and filling out. He's precious.

Nancy said...

They are just adorable, Michelle:O) Libbie is gorgeous too!
Hugs, Nancy;O)

DawnMarie said...

Hi Michelle, hope all your furry babies are feeling better soon, what was wrong with the hay that made them so sick? Libbie is getting so big, her eyes are beautiful and I love her floppy ears, so cute. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Robin Brown aka Mrs Pup in NY said...

Oh, Those baby boys are so cute and felicia is so adorable. Love those ears of hers. I sure hope the sick ones get better and that all the donkeys stay healthy. I think Libbie has gotten sooooo big, Wow. She looks so soft and cuddly. It was good to see pics of her. God bless your whole family.

Vicki G said...

Love your beautiful Photographs Michelle, they always put a smile to my face



Kelly Schelske said...

Oh my gosh, too cute!! I hope Macey & Felicia are on the road to better health!

Libbie is adorable!

Hugs, Kelly

Kittie said...

Michelle, I love your pictures. What adorable babies you have and I love your Libbie.

Anne said...

So cute! I hope they soon will feel better!

Greetings from Norway

Redlady said...

i came on my computer today feeling absolutely miserable.Then I saw your beautiful photos and realised how lucky we all are that God gives us these beautiful animals to love.
I look forward to your website so much. Can I be a long distance Autie to your babies?

Cynde said...

Michelle I am so happy the babies are perking prayers are sent your way~ So precious they all are! Libbie is so darling. Really good photos. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs Cynde

Annie said...

fabulous pics Michelle and I do hope that all the donkeys get better very soon. take care, love and hugs, annie x

Susie M. said... CUTE!!!! and libbie is so pretty!

Anne said...


I am SO sorry to hear about Cheyenne! I haven't been following your blog as closely as usual, so had to go back a few posts to see what happened. My heart just goes out to you! It is SO very difficult to lose a friend like that! At least she left you some absolutely adorable little babies to care for! Take care and give those babies some extra hugs from me!

Dawn said...

Awww these photos are so heartwarming and look at Libbie she looks so proud - she is very beautiful and I think she knows it too!! LOL