Friday, July 23, 2010

Animal Crackers - I am enjoying spending time with all my furry kids -

HI - Well the best news that the Doctor gave me last week was that I could start visiting and playing with my kids again. Man that was torture not being able to love on my animals. Especially since I had babies out there!! But I have been trying to go out and make up for lost time, the heat and humidity isn't making it easy, but for a few minutes at a time I can enjoy them.  ;0)
Chloe is the smallest little baby... she was born just a couple of days after my accident - so she is just under a month old. And Gorgeous!!! Now she isn't quite as friendly as I would like, missing her first few weeks she is very independent and cautious.. but she is starting to warm up and is thinking about letting me love all over her.
Now Lucy... this is my girl. She missed me - - I know she did really! I go out now and she runs over to me and climbs all over me. She doesn't know she isn't still a baby - born in February. She has made friends with her 1/2 sister Chloe. I am hoping that some of her friendliness will wear off onto Chloe.
Lydia is getting so big, and this girl is super loving. Just like her Mom Lacey - Her and her 1/2 brother really do have a great time together, You should see them lap the pen in the evenings, for a while She chases him.. and then they turn and he chases her... and look how big he is getting....

He is so darn adorable and just over a month old. Wish he didn't have that one pink eye, but that is just something that comes with white coloring on donkeys... You can almost see here his blue/green eyes... they are just stunning. And this guy is SUPER friendly! Just too sweet... he is gonna be really tough to sell.... sigh....

As for me this past week - well I got my new glasses, trying to get use to them. I have worn contacts for nearly my whole life (got them on my 13 birthday a LONG time ago) And getting use to glasses is not going so well, I so miss my contacts!!  The feel of glasses, the weight. They have to be larger frames due to the injury.. the doctor wanted larger frames to protect my good eye as well as the one that has been lost. I am trying to get back to life... been actually loading the dish washer this past week, and have done two whole loads of laundry all by myself. Never thought that would be something I would be thrilled to do - but it has felt good to do them on my own. I get tired pretty quick, but each day I feel stronger. But a nap and I feel ready to go again most days!

I even tried to color last night... will need more practice there. :0) With no real depth perception, getting that point of the marker into the tiny details is tough!!!  But I will keep practicing and will master it. It did feel good to stamp and move around some ink though!!  I feel some crafting in me and that is a great feeling I have really missed.

Thanks again for all the wonderful cards - well wishes and prayers! I feel each of you and I do know that is my strength.

HUGS and


Linda aka backroads girl said...

Yea, Michelle, I'm so happy you can go love on your babies! I know that was really hard on you not to be able to. I'm keeping you in my prayers. You'll adjust to the glasses, they will just take a little time. Glad you got to ink and try to color! Hang in there, sweet lady.

Hugs, Linda

Anita said...

What wonderful news that you got to be back with your babies!

~*Joni said...

Oh Michelle it's so good to hear your 'voice' here on your blog. I am so happy you got the okay to spend time with your animals. I know how much they mean to you, and with their presence it relaxes you even more. Huge hugs to you and the adjustment! My daughter (who has a prosthetic due to cancer) is still very cautious about depth perception. I think I'll drive her around like a chauffeur even when she's allowed to drive on her own. ;) Take care Michelle, we're all praying for you!

Danni said...

So very happy to hear that you were able to go be with your babies!! and that slowly you are being able to do things. I think of you often and hope that the recovery is quick! Hugs!

Rhonda Miller said...

Michelle, I'm glad you are able to go and spend some time with your babies. I hope things continue to improve for you. I am keeping you in my prayers. I'm with Joni, my little one lost her eye to the same cancer as her DD. It can be an adjustment, but there's no stopping her now.

sharyn davis said...

Hi Michelle,
I enjoyed meeting the new babies today but wonder how in the world you can remember who everyone is....and the 1/2 this and that!! I'm ready to have the great nieces and nephews wear name tags at family parites.
So very very happy to watch your progress, and to also know that I have a friend taking a nap when I do. I love anything chocolate when I wake up.
Take care my friend,

Wilfreda said...

I'm so happy that you are finally able to see your babies again.

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Hugs and Prayers and well wishes to you. You are right where you should be in your progress and even though some days don't seem to go as well as others, eventually you will be back to independence and won't give those darn glasses a second thought. Thanks for posting pics of the babies, they are so adorable!!!


Hi Michelle,
It's wonderful to read your post and see that you are doing great. Your babies are so darling. Will keep praying for your strength.
Take care and God bless you.

Hugs and Aloha,

Kittie said...

Michelle, I am glad you are finally able to get out with all your babies. That will help you healing as good as anything else. Being surrounded by sweet animals that love you is a cure all it's own. Hugs! Thanks for writing and letting us know how you are.

Rufus said...

Michelle, it's so good to hear you again! All the critters must be sooo very happy to have you out there again. I'm sure that they've been very confused as to why Mom hasn't been around. I'm also betting that you are going to do better now that you can love on them! Glad to hear that you can feel some craftiness coming on.

I remember after major surgery how I wanted to do silly, dumb, stupid things ~ like laundry, loading the dishwasher, running the vacuum. Normally I HATE doing all those things! But it was just re-claiming your life and proving that you WERE going to get it back! You are doing great and will be back in full swing soon. Just keep hanging in there!

LorraineB said...

Glad you're able to be with the "kids". They're all so beautiful. I didn't know you sold them. Knowing how much you love them I KNOW how hard it is to let anybody go. I know I'd be crying as they were taken away. I'm a huge animal lover.

Cheryl said...

I am glad to hear you are doing to well. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. They all look so adorable.

Carol Dee said...

Wonderful post. I was so happy to see you here today! YEAH, time outdoors with the littel ones. What fun and very *Medicinal!*
Big Hugs....

Kim said...

Michelle~ I am so glad to hear you got to go and play with the babies! YAY!!! That's wonderful news...I know they sure did miss their Mommy! I hope things are looking up for you soon! I know glasses are REALLY hard to get used to! I wore contacts since I was 13 years old too! Then 3 years ago my eye dr told me that glasses would be better because I have a dry eye condition which causes me not to be able to wear contacts for days at a time. I can only wear them for special occasions. I hope you get used to your glasses soon! :) So glad to hear you were in your craft room too! WOW you are superwomen girl! :) You definitely will master those Copics with your injury...again, my Gram lost one of her eyes at the age of 24 due to a brain tumor....and at 70 years old she colors with her Copics every day! :) So I know you will master those markers!!!
Big Hugs to you hun~

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Hey girlie,

yeah it's so great to see you around again! Thanks for sharing your cute "babies" with us this weekend and I can't wait to meet you in the chat again. I can imagine how good the feeling must be to be able to visit your animals and to do the household again. Also coloring, these are sooo great news! And I guess you are back to the detailed SK images soon hun.

Big big hugs my friend,
Jay Jay

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your babies. With your positive attitude I am sure you will persist till you are back to doing all the things you love. hugs Ann

Cynde said...

Michelle I am so glad to read of your progress and most of all that you are back to loving on your Babies! That will be the best medicine, as we all know how much you love them all. Best wishes and prayers still continue your way my friend. Thanks for all the pictures and updates!

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Michelleo,
I'm glad that you are making progress. It must be difficult to get back into the swing but perseverance is the name of the game I think. Take care and enjoy your animals.
Fiona x

Jane said...

You're getting stronger every day Michelle and it is so fabulous to hear it!! So thrilled for you that you can cuddle your beloved animals again, it must be so great for you and I just know the colouring will come in time hun. big hugs hun, Jane xxx

hellerlittle said...

oh michelle, that´s so great to read!!! Hope all is going on positve for you!!!!
Hugs from Germany

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hello Michelle, what a delight to turn on my computer & find you in my email box!! I am SO glad you're back with your babies, it's a huge step forward in your recovery. As is the fact that you're starting to colour; girl, you ROCK!!!! Thinking of your every day & sending you THE biggest cyber hug, have a great weekend.

Redlady said...

Hello Michelle.
Glad you can go see your babies. They must have missed you so much.
It's lovely to switch on my computer and see you there. We have all missed you and we pray that you will continue to get better.
Love to you and the babies.

Redlady said...

Hello Michelle.
Glad you can go see your babies. They must have missed you so much.
It's lovely to switch on my computer and see you there. We have all missed you and we pray that you will continue to get better.
Love to you and the babies.

dawnmarieg said...

So glad you get to love your babies again Michelle, good too hear that you are getting back to normal. You will get used to your glasses in time then there will be no stopping you. Love & best wishes Dawn Marie.xx

TA Carbone said...

Michele so good to see you did Animal Crackers, but most of all so happy to see that you were able to spend time with your babies. Just take your time as we will all be here waiting for you. Still need your mailing address

aka Toniann

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! it's good to here from you again and great news that you are able to get out to the babies again. Take it steady with baby steps and you will soon get there with the colouring I'm sure.
love and hugs,
annie x

Marie said...

How wonderful Michelle that you can spend time with your pets again. I'm so happy for you! I pround of your laundry adventures to because I know exactly how it feels when you can start to do things you have not been able to for a longer or shorter time. It is a victory! You go girl! You are making massive progress here very fast! I'll send you some strength!
Love n hugs from Marie in Sweden

** Isa ** said...

Lovely animals - my boys would love them!- and I'm loving your blog. Wishing you a speedy recovery. xxx

Yvonne said...

Great to read this good news, you can visit your animals again! Take care and one thing at the time. Very nice pictures and my....Paco is such an adorable guy!! Hugs for all of you! Yvonne

Jo said...

Hi Michelle, great to hear that you are loving your babies again and how adorable is Paco!!! Really pleased to hear that you are making good progress, time is a great healer .... Take care Hugs Jo x

Suzanne said...

Hi Michelle aren't animals just the best therapy ever and yours are just the cutest so even better.Pleased to hear you are getting back to the colouring, perhaps you could send me some inspiration mine has gone right out the window. Big Hugs Sue :o)

Julie M said...

I'm really glad to hear you're making such good progress, Michelle - out with the babies, colouring AND laundry - what a great kick-start.

Best wishes for steady and sustained improvement.

Julie :o)

Randi WS said...

Hi there Michelle!
Thanks for sharing these fantastic pics from your farm! The baby is really adorable - I grew up on a farm with pigs and sheeps and lots of other animals we "tried out" just for the cuddling ;)
So glad to hear that you're on track with the recovering - and I'm sure you'll be comfortable with your new glasses :)
Lots of love, Randi WS

Cindy N. said...

Your babies are so lovely. Thank you for sharing pictures and a short story about them. I am happy to read that you are getting better. I wish you all the best. Take care and take the time to heal and rest. It now seems long, but when you will be completely recovered, you will be glad you took the time. Hugs and prayers.

Oma said...

Thanks for the update. I have kept you in my prayers and am delighted to read that you are on your way to a full recovery! I bet your fur babies missed you just as much as you missed them. Take good care of yourself and don't over do it.

diane (cookiestamper) said...

I'm sure your babies have missed you! I'm glad you are able to spend some time with them again! :0)

Rainmac said...

Oh Michelle, your pics are gorgeous, so glad to have you posting again xxx

Jenny said...

Great news that you are back with your babies. And that you are trying to adjust to everything well. Prayers are with you for a speedy recovery! Take care! :)

Di said...

All your babies are so cute what a fabulous thing to have all this love around you!
i am so glad things are going well for you and you have been so strong, you go girl, thinking of you Big hugs Di xxxxx

Scrappy Rat said...

Glad to hear things are improving so much and that you can enjoy your four legged family members again!

Best wishes from one Fiskateer to another.

Veronica 1135

Sonia said...

Hi Michelle,:
I'm glad you are able to go and spend some time with your babies.
Thanks for sharing the pictures, love all the pics.
Take good care of yourself and don't over do it.
Hugs and Prayers!!
Greetings from Puerto Rico


mydogOzzy said...

Hello Michelle
I hope today finds you stronger than the day before. I am so happy for you to be able to love on the babies. They are so adorable. My little goat "Bacon" has decided he loves to pull my ponytail and even after I cut it he stills likes to pull my hair every chance he gets. You are in my thoughts each day and I pray for your recovery to progress and your wonderful spirit to continue spilling over into your art and the love for your family as well as all your babies :) Hugs and daily wishes.
Barbara Hundley

Roxx said...


Just stopping by to check on your progress. Wow I'm so happy for you, getting to give your babies some huge hugs !
It must have been so hard not being able to show your affection to your babies. Glad to hear your days are getting better.

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Hello Michelle, so glad to hear that you have been able to get out and visit your kids again.Thanks for adding the pics of them, they all look so adorable.
Take care and don't over do things - you will get there.
Hugs Caroline xxx

Irena said...

Michelle, I'm glad you are able to go and spend some time with your babies. I hope things continue to improve for you.

Hugs, Irena

Nancy said...

Michelle, your babies are just beautiful, especially Paco. Love them all though. They have an amazing ability to help us resolve all sorts of issues, health, etc., and I am sure yours will be wonderful in helping you get back to normal. Bless each and every one of them and you too.