Saturday, July 31, 2010

Animal Crackers - We are all Busting out of the house!

Ok... So Cathy and Hank are a little more literal than me about busting out of the house :0)  I guess the decided they needed a second doorway in and out of their house.. so they made one themselves -

Me... I know exactly how they are feeling about needing to bust out! Talk about stir crazy!! I am so tired of being cooped up!!! So this week I have actually gotten out!! Yes... did the grocery store thing again... but I mean really out.. lots of walking..  one day this week we went to the Museum - it was lots of walking ( I think I said that .. lol ) but it was wonderful! Now the next morning I felt like I had ran a marathon - didn't know I had gotten that out of shape laying around the past month but I had... barely could get out of bed the next day, but it was so worth it to do something fun! Glorious! And then yesterday Hubby decided I needed another fun day... so we drove 2 hours and went to Ikea.. and some Antique Stores... worn out again, but oh my it was so wonderful! 

OH OH OH ... and also this week I have been coloring and despite the fact that it took me three different times at my desk, I have a card made!!! I'll show it in the next day or so : 0)   I am feeling much more like me... just need a few breaks for resting during the day and still can't bend or lift... YEA!!! How about a few more Animal Cracker photos?
I ADORE this photo of Chloe and her Mom Annie... LOVE those ice blue eyes Chloe!
Two of the three Standard Donkeys.. that we lovingly refer to as the "The Three Stooges" posed for a photo.. this is Cocoa and her baby Valentine... baby is only in attitude he is now almost 5 years old.. but NEVER leaves his mom's side....

And the last photo today is of the two baby donkeys... they are so darn cute! Here the roll of hay had flopped over and they thought they were King and Queen of the Hill... Just look how high they climbed!!! LOL Still adorable!

Ok... so I will post again real soon to show you my "card" and hope to post more often this week.



Yvonne said...

Good to read that you bust out, that means a big step forward! You even have been coloring and made a card!! Thanks for the lovely animal pictures. Big hugs, Yvonne

Joani said...

Michelle ~ I'm so glad that you got out and about. That really helps with a recovery process. I wish you all the best and it was nice to see you "up" and posting. Do take it easy, do it in your own time.

The Crafting Cook said...

So glad you are out & about again and trying to get back to normal as much as you can at the moment. Lovely to see the latest family photos! So glad you have been crafting again. Take care, Teresa x

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi Michelle,
It's so good to here that you are getting about a bit more. take care and keep improving.
Fiona x

dawnmarieg said...

You are definitely sounding good Michelle, great you got out and about again. Long may it continue! Great pics as always and looking forward to seeing your card.xx

diane (cookiestamper) said...

so glad you are getting out and feeling better!

hellerlittle said...

dear Michelle, it´s great to read about your forsteps... everyday it will go a little better, and now you make cards *wow
Hope to see it real soon ;o)
Go one Honey !!!
Hugs from Germany

Sheri said...

Sounds like life is slowly returning to normal for you - even if it is a new normal. I am so glad you are able to get out and do things once again. Soon you will be strong enough to do most everything you did before!

Linda Peterson said...

The busting out picture cracks me up!

LorraineB said...

So glad you got out for a while. Not glad you had to pay the price afterwards but being able to get out is good for mental health - lol. You know Michelle, if you lived nearby (I'm in NY State) I'd be at your house petting those animals!! They are so cute! Had to laugh about the new doorway they made.

Heather x said...

You go girl! Nothing can stop you can it....slow you down maybe ;)
I can just see you sat with a broad smile with getting all crafty again :)
*hugs* Heather x

Nancy said...

Michelle, it is so wonderful to hear you sound so like yourself. I still cannot believe what you have been through but you have a lot of people pulling for you. I am always glad when you share photos of your critters. They are so cute, especially the donkeys!

Kittie said...

Michelle, I am glad you are getting out and especially glad you are making cards again. Can't wait to see. LOL about those guys making their own door!!!!!!!!

Kittie said...

Michelle, I am glad you are getting out and especially glad you are making cards again. Can't wait to see. LOL about those guys making their own door!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle - so glad to hear you are doing so well and it is great to see your posts! Take care! Pam

Sharyn Davis said...

I get such a kick out of seeing the animals and what they are doing each week.
Imagaine a card already!!! Can't wait to see it. I love making cards, but never have the energy or imagination to make as many as you produce. You have oodles of talent, and we love following your blog Michelle.
Have a wonderful week.
love sharyn

Shirl said...

Sounds like you are making good progress! Can't wait to see the card you made!

Thanks for sharing photos of all the lovelies with us! :)

Rufus said...

Glad you didn't have to go to quite the lengths that Cathy and Hank did! LOL. Sounds like you had some good times on your "escape". Always glad to see that you are up to a post. Just listen to your body and don't try to overdo. Otherwise your body WILL make you pay! In triple time. Looking forward to the card and, as always, loved the critters pictures.

Irena said...

Michelle, I am glad that you come back to your normal activities.
I hope you soon will show a great card.
I wish you all the best!

Embrace, Irena

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

YAY you went to IKEA how cool. Did you get the cute buckets for your Copics? Please let me know because I wanted to drive to IKEA for you yesterday but didn't find the time. Will go next week but please let me know if you still need them :)

How wonderful that you can leave the house again and thanks for showing us your cute animals again.

Jay Jay

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! it's good to see you getting back into the swing of things - and a trip to Ikea, lucky you! Our nearest is a couple hours drive away too, so we seldom visit.
take care, love and hugs,
annie x

Ann said...

So glad you are feeling well enough to enjoy a bit of summer with short trips. I have so missed your sharing your life and critters on your blog. It is always a treat to read your blog Saturday morning and share your love for your critters. Wonderful you are card making again enjoy. Hugs Ann

Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, I'm delighted you've been out this week, even though it's been exhausting for you, it's also great progress. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of your babies - oh my, Cocoa, what big ears you have!!! :) :)

Niki said...

so glad you're feeling well enough to get out and about, and do some coloring! I so look forward to your Animal Crackers, love seeing all those critters.

Take care, happy you're making such wonderful progress on healing.