Saturday, January 11, 2014

Animal Crackers - How to you keep a Goatee in place in the wind?

Howdy -

What wild Texas weather this week! Down to 17 degrees earlier in the week and then yesterday afternoon it was 70! I much prefer the warmer… LOL The furry babies don't mind the cold but that really icy cold is a bit much. And the WIND wow…

Really is hard to keep your Goatee in place in wind like that!!

Paintbrush is one of the older ladies…. she isn't real fond of cold weather, wet weather, windy weather or even really hot weather… LOL She likes it sunny and 70! My kind of gal. Goats are sissy's when it comes to nasty weather….

Gracie came out the other evening to check on if it was dinner time. She is so beautiful. And LOUD when she is hungry by the way...

Speaking of loud when hungry… 

This is a crew of gals that really know how to scream for some attention. They were trying hard to get an extra meal the other day… but there is still some of their breakfast there on the ground behind them and we don't waste hay around here…. way to pricey to waste and they were really just wanting attention more than anything and they got that :0)

Speaking of lots of attention…. These two girls have been getting extra like I told you last week.

 When it was so cold this week Hubby and I decided that they needed a new blankie… They love their bed, but in the winter they usually are hunkered down under something. But this last week I found a blanket for them just in case they needed it. And they are really lovin' it. So much so that the lazy bones have been napping in their bed during the day too… LOL

Yes, this is my front porch. Their bed is our front porch. We never go in and out the front door anyway. :0)

Kind of short this week huh? Sorry about that. We have an Antique Show and I just knew I would be home early enough yesterday for a few more photographs for you especially since it was so pretty…. but the line at the drive through for dinner was a bit longer than we thought and we got home just as the sun was setting. Had to gather eggs with a flash light and the gals don't like that… LOL

I will try harder next week - Suppose to be pretty and warmer and we are planning to get lots done outside. Hubby thinks he will get the greenhouse done! HOPE so the seeds arrived this week and I am excited to get them going.

HUGS and-


Carol Dee said...

So envious of your nice weather. It is a balmy 32 degrees right now! We got really cold at minus 24 Monday. Brrrr. Nice looking blanket the girls on the porch received.;) You do spoil all the furry and feather kids. :D

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Nally & Moxie look very comfortable on their new blanket. Great photo of Gracie, she's a beauty & it's lovely to see the group photo of all the girls. Have a lovely weekend.