Saturday, January 18, 2014

Animal Crackers - Sleepy Morning

Howdy -

I have had that lazy feeling all week… you know where you want to stay in bed an extra hour or five. And I it has looked like I wasn't the only one that felt that way. I didn't get to stay in bed, too much to do… but it looks like they boys they didn't have a long list to get accomplished.

Not a great photo color wise… sorry. Hubby snapped it with his phone the other morning. But I just had to share it… How funny is it to see all six boys napping? In the day too? Ok, it was very early in the morning, and it has been a full moon so they are up most of the night so we won't give them a hard time about being lazy in bed still…. They are so cute….

Speaking of cute it has been awhile since I showed Fancy Pants… This girl has the most expressive eyes when she wants something…

I would give anything for her to have a baby. But for some reason she doesn't get pregnant. She is so stunning, with her red coloring and those huge big eyes. Love this girl.

Oh and you can see her 1/2 brother in the back ground… shhh he looks to be napping due to the moon too. LOL

Was a beautiful week this week. Temps were nice and it was sunny. Found Lacey & Felicia having a chat in the shade…

We are on the fence whether Lacey is pregnant or not. I still think she might be…. but she isn't getting much bigger like Patty and Macey. Hubby says it is just a fresh grass belly as they did have lots of that this year… I am still hoping there is a little bun in that oven!!!

The boy goats are getting much friendlier…. Charles and I had a little chat the other morning as well.

 We have been calling him "Mini Hank" sometimes as he is a carbon copy of his older brother. And his nickname "Chuck" doesn't really work for him. So I think he prefers and it just fits him "Prince Charles" his REAL name… I mean he does have that look of royalty doesn't he?

And if we are talking about royalty how can I not show this photo I snapped of Miss Libbie?

You know she rules the entire farm, even if it is only from her fenced yard. And the corner under the bush… that is her spot to see her domain. I had stopped to tell her how pretty she is when Chica wanted some attention too… Look at that look from Libbie… "Uh excuse me… You are too close to my throne! Back off Girlie"  LOL And the little yap convinced Chica to stay just a bit back…

Hope you have a great day-


Carol Dee said...

Love the lazy boys. We are having a day like that , too. Only it is cold and snowy here. Nice to stay warm and cozy indoors. Hugs..

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Great photos, love the one of Miss Libbie. Glad you're having some sunshine.

Redlady said...

Love the photo's of the boys reclining.
Of course Charles the goat SHOULD be called by that name. He looks like Prince Charles with those big ears.
So Cute. I mean the goat not Prince Charles.

Helen said...

How cute again; Fancy Pants is ready for a big hug as is Charles and Miss Libbie, well she is just the queen of the ranch ;-)
Hugs Helen