Saturday, September 12, 2015

Animal Crackers - A little Breeze

Howdy -

A little Breeze -  Yesterday afternoon we had a little shower, lasted possibly 3-5 minutes, but after that the breeze was really nice. Took away the humidity, and it was just nice. Everyone was really enjoying it -

Alex was screaming out to let me know how much he was liking it...

Ok, first he probably was actually screaming out wanting a little treat... we had some stale cereal the other day and took it out for the goats to enjoy. Hey it was shredded wheat... so it wasn't bad for them. It was a first for them, and now they think it should be a regular. And second, yes, Alex is one of our Adult Guy Goats - and yes Hubby and I agreed that the boys had to go to auction and decided it was best. And then we just keep putting it off. Hubby really loves these guys, and they are really sweet. Once things calm down we are just going to have to build them a larger forever pen and just agree they belong here. Sigh... such saps!

Next I found Thelma .. she was running around talking and sniffing the air. She is still so young she has no idea what a "cool front" is. She only knows heat and humidity. She soon will find Fall and I am sure she will love it as much as we all do!

Went to say Hi to Black Jack - sometimes when he sees you he will run to and hee haw and just has to have 110% of your total attention and get that all important must have rear end scratch from you. Then other times....

He won't even acknowledge you are in the world. I called out to him, I yelled his name, I even tried kisses sounds and the promise of that rub! Nope... whatever that little weed is he found is just too important and he won't even look up at me.

Leon now.. he was watching me really close. All that calling out and kissing noises I think he just thinks I am a bit nuts.

Stunning Rooster - I am so excited waiting for the first eggs from Eleanore and hoping that Leon and Eleanore might give me my first "home grown" chicks!

Now Chica... she was more interested in watching the Guineas and Goats.

 She is such a beautiful little girl. And she was so mesmerized watching the Guineas chase around the goats. Maybe she was just thinking "Man I am glad there is a fence between us" She just isn't sure about those birds.... LOL

Speaking  of beautiful little girls - I had a couple photographs from last week I didn't get to show. And I just have to share them -

Miss Moxie -

She is doing so well. And is getting so much attention to make sure she is happy. Maybe getting a little pudgie recently. We have been grilling more, and a little extra hamburger, steak, chicken and hot dogs here and there sure is yummy! (actually buy the all beef hot dogs just for her.. LOL)

One more from last week! I actually captured a shot of Scaredy Cat! She had just come from the water bowl and was lounging on their bench in the shade.

I don't know if it is just that she getting a little more trusting finally after all these years. Of if she was just too hot and didn't care that I was there unless I moved too fast of came very much closer. Good thing for the zoom lens!

Hope you enjoyed and I do hope you have a wonderful blessed weekend!
HUGS and 

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Carol Dee said...

You sure got some good looking fur babies. I can see how hard it would be to part with any of them. Scardy cat has the prettiest green eyes,