Saturday, September 5, 2015

Animal Crackers - Simply Good Lookin'

Howdy -

Went around the pens yesterday afternoon - found most everyone trying to stay in the shade. I think of all the photos snapped this one of my little Buddy "Doc Holiday"is a favorite!  He just has so much personality it ooozes... LOL Simply Good Lookin'.

You would think he gets up early to work on that hair style wouldn't you. Ha! He is so cute.. excuse me "Handsome" - And sweet too. But that hair... just love it. Some days it stands up taller than most. The other day it had drizzled and it got wet. It looked more like a bad toupee. Love it !

Now not looking as great right now is Miss Eleanore... and actually she looks soooo much better than she did a couple of weeks ago .

She has been moulting and was pretty much bald for a while, but her new feathers are coming in now. Such a little petite girl. And when not moulting she is my lead egg layer. Dependable and daily. But not one egg in a couple of weeks... hope she is done soon and gets back to work.

Picking up some of the slack is my Australorps  Really have been laying steady this week.

Oh and when it is close to 100 degrees... they LOVE their frozen peas! Had to go to just peas though. Was getting peas and carrots as a change from frozen corn. Soon realized that they didn't really like the carrots and were leaving them to dot the ground in orange. Just peas... those are great! All though Hubby helped me unload groceries and nearly freaked thinking I was planning the peas for one of his meals... HATES them... not one of my favorites either, but the chickens love them.

 Finally getting caught up on some updating on a few of the older ladies registers. Boring photos have to be taken of each side of the donkey. Sigh... but the girls look good for their certificates.

First Jolene -

Really tried to make sure that the sun showed her dark bracelets on her legs. She is such a stunner!

Now Macie - Well... we tried hard to have her look as slim as she could and not get any angles that made her look "wide".

Now Jazz. She was just simply bored with me and the entire photo shoot.

Had a hard time getting one with her eyes open! Early morning and she was ready for a little nap I suppose. But I had to get the photo so I just kept yelling out her name and trying to get her eyes open. Of course then I got her ears back because she was not happy with me disrupting her.

Now I need to work on a few more younger donkeys... but I think I will wait a little while. It is like completing a major exam for me. Stresses me filling out all the forms, measurements, descriptions, teeth alignment... so nervous I will get something wrong or forget something. Like I normally do....

Hope you have some fun plans for this weekend. Three day weekend here in the US - for us, just the normal around the house things. So have some fun for us ok?

HUGS and-

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Carol Dee said...

Doc Holiday is a good looking Dude! EP, love the hairdo. :) It looks like my 3 day weekend is going to be spent trying to get rid of some respiratory crud. Ugh, so much coughing, impossible to sleep, even propped up. Oh Well, I will survive. Hope you have some time to just relax.