Saturday, September 16, 2017

Animal Crackers - Munch Munch Munch

Howdy -

I went out to snap photographs... Hubby says... I threw out some hay to gather the girls up for your photographs. Wasn't that sweet? Uh but now I can't get any faces! They could care less about me and my photos... Dad put out hay!!

Wish I could add sound for you... munch munch munch... crunch crunch crunch. It was good hay...

Even Juliet wouldn't give me any attention! Now that is good hay! This girl is obnoxious friendly for attention.. usually.

Oh wait!!! Sonia is coming for some head rubs! Yea Sonia!!

Such a petite sweet little thing. Very cautious but when she loves and trust you her loving is perfect. Love this girl.

Goats were exactly the same... eating all faces down, but then I caught Abigail watching me!

Ok she was chewing at the same time, but she was looking at me too. A skittish goat for sure, but gorgeous! Love her fur -

The Guineas are doing pretty good. They seem happy and getting use to the pen. Ok so every morning Hubby has to put a couple back into the pen. They sleep up on the fence and then forget which way they are suppose to fly down.

 We all have mornings like that, right? They now are moving all around the pen, even around the goats! Doing good right?

Love this photo... Fraidy and Scaredy Cats.

A little Artsy huh? Almost like a shadow cat. They are nearly exact carbon copy brothers. Funny we still call them the boys... they have become old men though. That is a good thing for rescue outdoor kitties I would say. Their Momma is still with us too... although I don't think she is really much older than they are... Life as a stray, glad they have homes with us now. They think they are still "wild" cats but are protected here.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - a blessed weekend!
HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

Yep, me too when food is around! We only have 4 chickens and as I was leaving for work Wed. I saw 3 on the loose. Not a happy camper having to chicken wrangle HIS chickens in the semi-dark and when I should be heading for work. :( I think they found out they could hop/fly to top of fence and do the same as your guinies. Silly bird brains. Love the rescue cats photo, lucky cats.