Saturday, September 15, 2018

Animal Crackers - Feast or Famine

Howdy -

 That is how we roll with rain around here... Feast or Famine. Now we send our prayers to all of those dealing with Hurricane Florence - that is a lot of rain. Here in Texas we are just dealing with a tropical wave after a week of rainy weather. It was time for Hubby to do a little refurbishing on the goat huts and this week it was the dog igloos... Goats are really hard their housing... even indestructible dog igloos. We wanted to get them up off the ground, it makes them less likely to fill up with water in heavy rains. So Hubby brought in some reclaimed wood and built a few more decks for them to attach their igloos to. And then he really brought out the smarts... we have two plastic spools we got a while ago and guess what the igloos are the same size around! So they are now attached up on the spools and the goats LOVE them. They are a bit like living in the penthouse.

Here Lucy is enjoying the concrete steps in front of the huts... a nice patio of sorts.  She is relaxed and all stretched out.....

Now Frankie and Paintbrush their deck has been in their pen for a while and they love it... Paintbrush loves to stomp on it and stretch out... Frankie finds it that perfect height to scratch those places that are so hard to reach. Love that happy face on Frankie!

 I had to snap a close up of Paintbrush...  Is this what you would call a level headed goat?
It seemed as if she was balancing her ears perfectly... LOL

Uh oh... shower moving through!... run for cover!!!

Whew... Olive got in one of the new huts up on the new deck before the drizzle had turned to rain! LOL She loves this hut it has a private deck.

Then I heard Black Jack coming up behind me... to see me... now at this time it is starting to rain... but how can I not stay and wait for some loving from this wet muddy guy?

 So I scratched that greying nose and forehead and between those sweet ears and chatted for a while while getting wet... He's worth standing in the rain for.  Such a sweet loving old man.

And before running towards the house I found Guinea Girl running up and down her pen in the rain. She was one of the few that seemed to really be enjoying the rain.. me not so much as I was getting soaked and as soon as I snapped this photo I had to put my camera under my shirt to protect it... but I got her photo first...

 I had planned a walk out to the far back pen to talk to the Lady donkeys... but the rain came and they all went for cover and then so did I.

No more photos for me... and lots more rain this weekend. Wish we could stack it up somewhere and save it for when needed. But for now we feel blessed we have gotten it and thankful to see some green growing again.

Hope you have a safe and blessed weekend!
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okienurse said...

We are floating here in Norman OK! I can't remember a wetter summer then what we have had this year. Last week we got over three inches in one day! Poor babies I feel sorry for them having to be out in it. Have a great week!

Carol Dee said...

Boy do I understand that sentiment. We had a very dry summer followed by a week of HEAVY rain. Of course all at once. Rivers out of banks in the fall is unusual. (Expected to happen in the spring.)
I love the huts on the spools as much as the goats do. ;) Goat penthouses! Love it . ;)