Saturday, September 28, 2019

Animal Crackers - My Baby

Howdy -

What an emotional week... getting ready for the antique show, truck issues, banged up my knee again and then... My Baby!

This was 99.99% of my stress... Autie was sick

Worried, couldn't do anything but lay with my sick baby boy. He had a bad stomach, and coughing. Wouldn't eat (which is biggie with this boy) Wouldn't get up, yes he was sick. Then he somehow poked something in his eye... so that was swollen, red and crying. Oh my I was so worried. But some special loving, and special meals he started doing better. I was washing his eye out, and doing as much as I could for him. Here we are a week later and he is 95% back to normal. But he had us really worried. I hope it is all gone now and I don't have to stop life again. And for this boy I do if I need to.

I don't play favorites - seriously I don't. But you see Autie is my boy. My shadow, he is always by my side. Working at computer, he is on my feet under my desk, cooking in the kitchen he is laying next to me. Relaxing in my chair at night watching TV, he is on my lap. And bedtime comes, he lays at the foot of the bed, touching me. I wake up and I can't feel him there I panic. Usually one of us rolled over and he is just inches away. So when he was hurting.. I was hurting. But he is better :0)

Whew.. also this week we did some musical pens for a few of the goats. Finally!

Alice is now back into the ladies pen. I think she is happy, she went from goat to goat to say hello, to her favorite hut to make sure it is all there. And then to the hay... eating is most important.

Domino has moved into Junior and Chipmunk (Chippy) pen. Wasn't sure how this would go. Domino is so sweet, and has never been aggressive, but when you put boys together for the first time you just never know.

We had about 30 minutes of who is the boss.. and then all are BFFs - Here Domino and Chippy were standing and keeping a close watch on "Dad" as the food was coming any minute they just knew it!

And then Alvin move to a bigger pen and happily for him, he is even closer to all the girls so he can strut for them and show them just how studly and handsome he really is. 

Shhhhhh... we don't see her... nope don't say anything... I can hear in my head one of those old wildlife tv shows.... we need to be very quiet when we approach this wild animal. LOL

 LOL the outdoor kitties are always in hiding. And I had to zoom way in to snap this one.Hubby and I were talking it is amazing how old these rescue kitties are now. They love their "Cat House" Dad bout for them year ago and live happily and spoiled.

Lucy "Goose" - as Dad calls her. I can't believe that one of my first babies is now one of my old ladies. Such a sweet girl. She isn't forceful, she always stands off and waits her turn at anything. And she is touch to the past to her Momma "Paintbrush" that we lost earlier this year.

Sweet Lucy Goosey...

Now how sad is this photo... You would think he is starved and mistreated waiting for breakfast.

Nope this is Sergio being calm waiting for me to approach for his head scratching.

 Now this is my guy... he knows he ALWAYS is going to get his scratching from Momma! I loved all over him, kissed the end of his nose... then Dad came with breakfast I got a quick look back as if he was saying "Thanks Mom!" and it was time to eat!

Hope you got a smile from this weeks animals.

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Carol Dee said...

So glad to hear your Boy is feeling better. Our kids always make us feel that way when they are ill. Hard to believe you have had the rescue cats that long! They sure hit the jack pot when you and hubby took them in. Can't believe they are all still so skittish.