Saturday, September 21, 2019

Animal Crackers - Uploading Slow...

Howdy -

 This post was tough!! Satellite Internet Issues... photos wouldn't load was so frustrating! But I am dedicated and stuck with it!

This week I had a hard time finding good models... Lots and Lots of Lightening and Thunder the night before, sadly we missed the main rain. We really really really need some rain!!! But all the noise must have kept most everyone up all night and they were all inside huts or bushes taking naps I am sure. I sure needed one!

Well Darlene was there... She was trying to tell me that "Dad" forgot to feed her again. And she needed a scoop of her special feed.

She tries this trick multiple times a week with me. I think she really believes I am not real smart. I think I'll just drop that right there. LOL I know a few friends will have a come back laugh for that!

Jackie came out of a hut .. at first I thought to see me, but ended up she was just stretching her legs and needed to scratch her back .... man those horns are useful!

Now old lady Jill came right over to see me and get lovin' all over. She is such a sweet girl.

My miracle goat. A stuck baby years ago nearly killed her. But she fought and survived despite the vet saying he didn't think she would make it thru the night. Love how friendly and did I say sweet?

Uh Oh... we have a chicken that didn't lay her egg where she was suppose to!!

Now which chicken is it??? I guess I could call in CSI and do some testing and get down to the bad girl. But well... as long as it was a one time thing I guess we will let it slide this time! Next time in the box girls!!

Just had to share this! We are getting ready for one of the Big Antique Shows and we have this beauty to sell!

This antique Pull Toy / Rocking Horse is about 3 1/2 ft. tall! Now first of all I know you are asking "WHY ARE YOU SELLING IT??" Lol well first of all space... small house and I already have a 1930's Macy's Store Window Donkey that is over 4 ft. tall that takes up a big wall in my living room. Second well... its a horse. Not that I don't love horses... now if it was a donkey... might be loosing a piece of furniture in the house! LOL and well... it is going to look great in our booth! 

ok.. that is all the photos I got to load correctly ... 

Now I guess I will do some research and find out what is slowing down my internet so much... sigh. A con of living in the country.. but the pros are so much more!

Hope you have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

LOVE that rocking horse even if it look like it has REAL fur on it! We are getting a much needed Steady all day , maybe two, Rain. We really needed it.

when we had chickens they delighted in laying eggs in hiding places. We would think they had stopped laying only to find a hidden pile days later. :( Silly birds.

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