Saturday, January 11, 2020

Animal Crackers - The Ladies...

Howdy -

Ok, so the other day I went out to take a walk with the Ladies. Ended up more of a shove for me, but was still great to visit with them and have chats about upcoming babies.

Now I think they were upset cuz I didn't bring anything to "snack" on, but seriously girls we are watching our weight...

Bella isn't she beautiful?

Calm and sweet along with beautiful.

Jolene... we are so blessed to have her.

She got so so sick a few years ago, and honestly we didn't know if she would make it. But will lots of love, prayers and the right meds from the Dr. She survived and made a full recovery. Now we are hoping for another bouncing dark baby from her! Thinking back to her previous babies and I just get so excited... gorgeous dark black babies. And with Black Jack as the Daddy... oh my.

Miss Patti -

The oldest girl we bred this year, but she has such great babies and wanted her to have one more before she is retired along with Darlene. Patti is such a great Mom and I am soooo hoping for some spots from her and her daughter Irene that was bred as well. But we will be blessed with all healthy babies.

Juliet... sigh Juliet... She watches over all the Ladies.

Now she wants all the attention when visiting, well until she got an itch... then I got away long enough to back up and snap her photo. She is so hard to get photos of. Then she was right back against me, shoving pushing and grabbing my camera strap. They all love my camera strap and I have to hang on to my camera when in their pen, it scares me one day they will get a hold and take off with it! And I know it won't come back to me in one piece!

One the way back to the house I found some more ladies that wanted to chat...

 Or was it some lettuce? No I am sure it was just me they were clucking to see. Uh yeah not even close.

Hope you have a grin - and enjoyed my girls today... We are very blessed...
Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

Lovey ladies, can't wait to see the babies ! Your weather looks lovely, we have a bit of ice and are to get snow on top of that. I plan to stay indoors today.