Saturday, July 11, 2020

Animal Crackers -Hot Hot Hot

Howdy -

Man thought I would go out before lunch yesterday and get photographs... "before it got too hot" Uh too late. Man it is hot! Weather forecast for the weekend is 105 - 106!! Thats a bit warm don't you think?

Sergio braved the sun and came for his kiss...

My bottle baby will always come for a kiss from his "Momma". He is such a sweetheart. I love him so much. We have that special bond of hours 24/7 feeding him after his mom Cheyenne died. Now he is my Baby... always.

Jorge was making noises that he wanted some attention too. Now on my side of his fence he has a large tree. So it was cooler loving on him. Amazing how much cooler with the shade makes it...

As I was loving on Jorge I couldn't see Peso in his pen... then I found him... in the best shade he could find.

He is so funny... he found a great place to hang out and wasn't coming out! LOL

OH I wish you could see the lady goats this week... There are no dainty afraid to get messy girls here!

They got new mineral buckets this week... and man they get it everywhere! Their pretty long glorious beards... yep stick and black! Then they chew on their sides... yep stick black there too! Oh it is hard to find a spot to scratch and say hello! LOL But they love them and they add so many needed nutrients!

Now last week I promised to show off Hubby's pretty mini orange roses... should have done them first I guess. BoY they fade fast! I did find one new open rose to share, but you can see those that have faded

 They are so pretty! And I am going to have to really keep a watch on him... he went out one day this week to get some things at the hardware store, and darn if he didn't come home with a bunch more. sigh... there are worse things I suppose!

Hope you are all safe and healthy - and have a furry family member to hug on!
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Be happy he only brings home Mini roses ! ;) They are so pretty, I have a peach color one that just had 1 bloom and is looking pretty sad.
As usual o=all you critters look happy in spite of the heat! Over 100 bit TOO Hot. Heck over 85 is too hot! Especially since we get so HUMID too. Stay Cool.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Haha, stamps for the girls and roses for the boys ;). Thanks for your weekly updates, I love to read your animal crackers each week!

Jay Jay ♥

Karen Page said...

Sweetie... if all you have to worry about with your man is him sneaking off to buy a rose bush or two... you don't have to worry! Could be so much worse!!! That shot of Sergio is just gorgeous! And so is he ๐Ÿ˜ Guessing with the heat everyone held still for you cause this weeks pictures are all stunning. Have a great week and good luck keeping all the furbabies cool.

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