Saturday, February 19, 2022

Animal Crackers - Reflections

Howdy - 

Its been a quiet week around here. funny how a house with two dogs and 4 kittens can feel quiet, but it does. Autie was a large heart in our home, and it is going to take some time before things feel normal I suppose. But we have many fur babies that we need to hold on too and cuddle - 

Libbie has been normal herself, and I guess that is due to being blind and I do think now going slightly deaf. Hubby says it is selective hearing, she only listens to him. Ha. She lives in her own world, and doesn't roam around a lot.

I think besides me and Hubby, Chica is the only one that has really been missing Autie. She has looked for him and keeps going to his "places" in the house. She is now settling down. Like me trying to find her new normal.

Moxie loves the extra attention.  She has always been such a sweet dog and loves scratches and especially belly rubs - Always been her favorite thing.


Now the kittens have really been doing their part to bring some smiles to us - ok insanity to us...
This is a horrible photograph I know.. but it happened so fast across the room I was lucky to capture the moment. 

Mercedes is for sure the little trouble maker, he is into everything. A dare devil you could say. You never know.. climbing my blinds, hanging from all kinds of things, opening cabinet doors and climbing in... he is there... I honestly don't want to say out loud some of the things he has actually done around here. Sometimes you just have to stand there and laugh.

Now many times he has a partner in crime. McLaren ... she is "Touched" - as we have been calling it. She is NUTS. Aggressive in wanting attention, pushy and shoves herself at you. She now now started nipping at you if you don't pet her. I don't allow that.. yea I know right... 

One night this last week I came around the corner and found Mercedes and McLaren attacking the
Wheel from Wheel of Fortune.

And a few days earlier McLaren was dragging my kitchen rug around then rolling up in it. I was calling her Taco-Kitty - I would put the rug back in place and tell her to stop it, and she would then do it all over again. Such a silly Kitty -

I went out yesterday afternoon to love on some of the Donkeys - I was a cold but sunny afternoon. Valentine and Teddy were enjoying the what is left of their round bale.

I couldn't get them to stop eating and come to me for hugs. But hey I understand, food comes first. I did finally go around the ring and love on Teddy a bit. Valentine then went off to look for his Momma, Cocoa. He can't stand it when she gets more than 15-20 feet away. Big Time Momma's Boy. I love that about him. But one day it may not be a good thing. But for now it is adorable. 

I do hope you have a blessed weekend and do please hug your fur baby and enjoy them! They are a blessing each one of them. 

HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

Those kittens are a hoot! Just helping you feel happiness. Little love bugs. Oh and happy belated Birthday to Hubby and Belated Anniversary wishes too!