Saturday, March 19, 2022

Animal Crackers - Perfect Light for a Photograph

Howdy - 

 The other morning the sun was so pretty coming in the windows I just had to take advantage and see about taking some photos of the kittens.. now more like cats. They have grown up so fast. Still have that playful kitten attitude but they are looking all grown up. First McLaren - oh my McLaren...

She is so funny... our silly "touched" kitty. Love her to pieces even when she it totally being crazy! But she is a pretty little black and white kitty isn't she? Another kitty next week.. but now how about Miss Chica - 


Hubby brought in some post office boxes the other day and stacked them in the dining room floor. For over an hour it was a a wonderful attack point of battle for the kittens. But once they were done.. or bored.. Chica claimed the stack for her own. It was really cute how she placed herself up on the boxes and was so proud. 

While walking around I saw Chimpunk watching a few of the lady goats across then pen. It struck me how awesome his horns are. They are really wonderful aren't they? But not an intended pun about struck me... Those horns do major damages when they strike!


He is such a handsome man! 

After that I started making my way out to the donkeys. It was such a pretty day and everyone was out enjoying the day. 

The three stooges were finishing off what was left of their breakfast. 

Cracks me up that they always eat so close to each other. It is almost like they are all trying to get the same piece of hay.. the best piece of hay! LOL 

Back at the Ladies pen they were all moving around to get in for some attention. I love being out there when everyone is gathering around and happy... not more interested in food than me. Ha!

Fancy was right up front - I adore those big ears, big eyes of my donkeys when they are resting their head on fence panels. So sweet!

They make my heart warm and happy! 

This next photo really needs sound! Ellie Mae has be BEST "scream" I snapped this just as she started to trot and scream! Love that voice!

All though it scares a few people when they hear it for the first time. It is a high pitch yell that sounds so much like a little girl screaming. But once you hear it and know it - you recognize it is Ellie Mae. And when you hear it you just smile! Love this girl... all though now becoming an old girl. 

Hope you have a smile - They love coming to visit each Saturday and making you smile! 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Good Saturday evening. Where did the day go? Looks like everyone is happy there. Ahhh Spring and sunshine. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Every one of your babies are gorgeous.
I would be spoilt for choice but if I had to choose I think it would have to be the donkeys.
Although I love all animals I’ve always loved donkeys.
They are so cute.