Saturday, March 5, 2022

Animal Crackers - Sunset with the Guys

Howdy - 

One evening this last week Hubby and I came through the gate after a long day and found the guys all at the fence. Oh my we had no mints for them. They don't get treats very often but it was one of those long days and we needed to spoil them, and needed some time loving on the guys. So we just will have to make due with what we have in the truck. 

Now this was something new.. and we didn't have very many but we decided since they were a favorite of Hubby's maybe the donkeys would like them too... so a few cheese puffs it was! Was quite funny at first. They spit them out and were not sure what to think. But honestly they were expecting mints, so I guess I understand the first reaction.  

But quickly they decided that they were actually quite yummy! 
Patricio got the first one.. spit it out and then went to the back of the line and waited to see if the others would like them any better. 
He finally did enjoy a few... eventually

Flavio was also a bit unsure but was eating a few just to keep Diego and Miguel from getting them all. 

I think Diego was the first one to really go nuts for them.. My boy does love his junk food! 

Miguel loved them as well. He made sure to get right up front in center. Mmmmm cheese puffs are good!

Personality is strong with this one! LOL funny thing is I don't really like cheese puffs that well. Guess that is why I was so quick to share Hubby's last puffs with the guys. Ha! But the guys ended up really loving them. Just like their "Dad" - 

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - enjoy your favorite treat!

HUGS and

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PaperSunshine said...

I can imagine their shock! Glad they came around though. Cute! Nice pics.