Saturday, May 14, 2022

Animal Crackers - A Watched Pot Never Boils

Howdy - 

A Watched Pot Never Boils... an old time saying that feels so true!! First waiting for Baby Donkeys and Second watching the garden veggies grow! 

 We have moved Lacey and Vicki to the Momma Pen up close to the house. Pepita stayed in with Raffie she doesn't appear to be pregnant at all... again!! Sigh... But Lacey and Vicki.. oh yes they are are getting very close! 

Lacey - such a calm sweet pushy girl... she knows the Momma pen, and I think she likes being in it because she remembers special food, premium shade and such. She went right in and checked out the area to see if anything had changed since she was in with Hannah last time.... 

But Vicki... oh my!

Put the brakes on and said no. And when a donkey says no.. they mean no! LOL She didn't want to leave her BFF Pepita... sorry Vicki but Pepita isn't going into the Momma pen... she isn't looking pregnant so she can't take up space and attitude in the Momma pen. And Pepita.... she has lots of attitude! Actually she is staying in with Raffie to see if maybe alone in with him she will get pregnant. Please Please Please I so want a baby from her. But back to Vicki. We think she will be first. Hubby is saying much sooner than I think but we always do argue about how close they are.. LOL It is a sort of game we play. I am really looking forward to her baby... crossing all fingers and toes that it is a girl and has spots! But first healthy and bouncing around. But seriously would love to see some of those spots from Mom and Dad. One of their last babies was a dark brown girl. Adorable but a surprise that there was not a spot in sight! LOL 

Other than the spots, and her gorgeous green eyes I tell Vicki one of the other things I adore about her is her totally awesome mane.. not a great photo of her but I love the mane! 

Great right? I love it! 
Left the Momma pen and stopped to talk to the veggies in the garden. They say talking to plants helps them grow right? I feel like we have been watching them and waiting for yummies forever. But honestly it hasn't been that long, and they really have grown leaps and bounds. I just really want some wonderful fresh tomatoes and squash!

Look at all those sweet little "mators"! YUM! I told Hubby we need to make sure we have fresh cottage cheese in the fridge ready to go! My favorite way to enjoy garden tomatoes... sliced with cold cottage cheese and black pepper! That is a meal!

Now lets not forget about the squash and zucchini. They are just too adorable right now! and every day I go out and they are bigger and bigger. Recipes are ready to go! mmm Italian Zuchinni Boats! Common and grow! 
 Standing next to the garden in the goat pen pretty Penelope was munching on left over breakfast alfalfa.

She is so pretty - and loves that alfalfa... Looks kind of nasty to me, but the goats think it is the best thing ever. They only get is a few times a week.. the other days they have to make do with common old boring Coastal hay. Believe me they complain all day and let us know they don't like it as well. Ha !

I think Porsche is not too happy with me and my photo taking. I can hear her so clearly - "Mom get that camera away from and stop taking my photo, I'm trying to sleep here!"


Such a funny sweet kitty, she really is very nice and sweet. But this photo... I think she was just tired of me bugging her. 

Hope you have smile again this week... and I hope you are getting excited for LOTS and LOTS of baby photos coming in our future! I'm so excited!! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that you get some babies soon and that all will be well with them
Maybe Pepita just wants a little ‘Me’ time with her man.
Lucky you being able to grow veggies. Even my artificial plants die on me.
Love Hilda💖

Carol Dee said...

WHAT ?!?!? I missed a week. So I had to catch up. Babies soon? I hope so.