Saturday, May 21, 2022

Animal Crackers - You just have to smile!

Howdy - 

These days you just have to find a reason to smile! And I think Chipmunk and his smile just has to help bring you a smile. He has such a happy little grin and with those big pop eyes he is such a cutie! 

He really is such a sweet guy and despite his twin brother being such an attention hog he does get his fair share even if you have to sneak it to him when AJ isn't looking! 
I then made my way over to their Daddy's pen. He was have his breakfast as as bed. He normally does. I mean when you are this handsome you deserve to relax and look this good while having your morning hay. 
Such a good looking man. (He does know it)

Next to Alvin's pen I found Pavo enjoying some shade and a few leaves with his breakfast hay. 

We are spending a lot of time loving on Pavo this week. We have paired him up with Big Al and next week they will be moving to their new home. I'm not going to lie.. I may have tears. I love these two guys so much. And really didn't plan on selling Pavo at this time, but Big Al needs a buddy and honestly I know these two boys will be very spoiled and I know exactly where they will be and can visit. 

 Now I had to show this happy old man... he has now moved backed into his larger bachelors pen. He loves this pen and was thrilled to move back in!


"Dad" went in and mowed it and Black Jack was so happy to check out every square inch of it. Have I said I love this old man?

Miss Chicken was keeping a close eye on Black Jack ... ok I think it was watching for any grasshoppers since Dad had just mowed.. 


Had to show off "our" first picks from the garden. I am thinking a meal planned all around them right?

Then one last photo.. Hubby texted me this one day this week... Not sure if it was look how cute or look at where she is photo. This is Momma Cat on top of Hubby's new truck. She was so comfortable up high in the breeze. 

Wouldn't it be nice to just chill in the breeze? Or be like Alvin and have breakfast as your bed? Heck just the life of one of our animals for a day would be nice. They really enjoy life with no worries... LOL 

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile! 

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

All your animals are so lucky to be there. I often say I want to come back in another life as a pampered pet! The squash looks good. Ours only got planted last week. Our spring has been so odd. Hard to get things planted on usual time! We have a small chance of rain each day this week. Would be nice now that the seeds and plants are finally in. Have a wonderful week.

Ginger Shaw said...

I love seeing your beautiful babies every week.
They have such a wonderful life no wonder they are so happy.
Wish it was a bit hotter here in Australia. It’s really cold at the moment