Saturday, November 12, 2022

Animal Crackers - They love winter round bales!

Howdy - 

These girls just love when winter round bales come in. They have a constant food bar with no work for them at all. LOL!

We had 7/10ths of an inch of rain last week so we are seeing a tiny bit of green in the pastures. Sad we celebrate so little rain, but it was a huge blessing compared to what we missed the last few months. Now the cold fronts are starting to roll in so I don't think we will get any real growth. But it does give a little for them to go after in sport I suppose. The boys in the front pen have even left their hay and are out grazing more to find that green munchies! 
Now as for taking photographs... sorry- the girls had priorities and photos was not the top of the list. 
I did get one that felt sorry for me and came and said hello - Miss Macie
I loved all over her - rubbed up and down her ears, kissed her on the end of the nose and then she turned and went off to the water barrel. Uh I think I was just a side note to her getting a drink. But at least I got a little lovings! 
Miss Gracie always loves to pose for me! My super model in all ways! Look at those big blue eyes and that grin - oh I adore her grin!  She makes me so happy....
Now on to that not making me so happy - Domino... this boy has been on my naughty list for a while now. He is just too much ... GUY! 

First a few weeks ago he tried to head butt me! Then yells all the time, head butting the fences and showing off for the girls. We won't talk about his stink and stickiness all over him from showing off to the girls.. yuck! But now... the boy has totally destroyed his hut and cover! 

Look how proud he is of himself here... Well I am sure if it rains before "Dad" gets in there to fix that he will not be so proud. Us maybe so cuz it will be some sort of shower for him! Ha!

Stinky boy! Good thing we love him so much! 

Snapped a sweet photo of two of the girls. Porsche & Ferrari were sharing the window bed the other day. They were so adorable. They are typical sisters... Love each other to pieces, then they have a cat fight in the next minute! LOL silly girls.

Hope you have a smile again this week. And be very glad there is no smell-o-vision here with our boy Domino...  :0)

Have a blessed day  

Hugs and

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Carol Dee said...

Everyone seems too dry. Happy you got some rain. We did get 3 inches last week. Very needed here as the Mississippi River is at record low levels. I also am glad I cannot smell the boy goats! Oh My!