Saturday, February 27, 2010

Animal Crackers - EXPLOSION!

Yes it feels as if we have had an explosion of animals around here! LOL It is so fun to get out and play with them all now. Especially since the weather has been a little nicer!
I think this is my favorite photo of the week!!!  Can you just feel the warmth? Cathy sure was enjoying it...  Just makes me grin! Well that and join her!!

Ricky was trying to enjoy the weather... but the girls Ethel and Lucy were climbing all over him. 
Besides all the "kids" in the goat pen, we were talking about how our Youth Pen really is getting full!! And can you believe there are a couple you can't see in the photo! Look at all those babies! The last couple of years have been really good to us with baby donkeys!  Sergio, Carlos and Felicia are finally feeling better in the youth pen, the crying for the Mom's has finally stopped.  Now it is time to sell a few of these... pout pout...
I think Jazz (Carlos's Mom) is really enjoying the peace - LOL - here she is enjoying a fresh bale of hay without anyone climbing on her.. shoving her.. pushing on her.. asking for dinner... LOL
I thought this was a funny view of Patti... can you tell the baby is laying to one side of her? She has been really lop sided this week!  She still has a ways to go before she is ready to have her baby... since we don't know when she got pregnant.. we are kind of clueless for when she will deliver, but no signs.. and she isn't really large enough yet - Bella on the other hand is getting really BIG!! getting closer for her for sure!!

Wanted to show you Pepita... she is still so little, only about 6 weeks old - but oh my she has is a stunning little girl. You can see that her black fur is starting to fade now though. She is such a sweet girl too - very friendly and very calm. Unlike the other baby in this pen, Frio... man he is what we call obnoxious friendly - you are gonna love on him whether you want to or not!

Now I had to show Paintbrush... here you can tell how stunning her coat is in the sun!!! I told you she was RED, black and white!! No photoshop here... that is real color there! And she is such a wonderful Mom -

Here is one for the girls!! Cathy just loves to be "Queen of the Mountain" ... her two brothers try to knock her off and claim the top of the bucket... but she usually keeps her position as leader of the KIDS... My kind of girl! HA~

Hope you enjoyed Animal Crackers today... Sorry no Libbie or Autie this week... couldn't get anything worth showing this week. Now that the weather is getting prettier I hope to get outside and get some of them playing in the grass...  Autie loves to run in the grass... Libbie likes to hide from Autie in the grass! LOL

Have a wonderful Saturday! 
HUGS and-


Sian said...

Wonderful photos, I always look forward to your saturday postings. Thanks for sharing.

Linda aka backroads girl said...

Oh, my, Paintbrush is beautiful! All your animals are so cute. But that coat... you gotta keep her forevah!

Hugs, Linda

dawnmarieg said...

Oh Michelle I just love the pic of Cathy, it's just wonderful. I long to sit and get some heat into me lol, it's been so cold here the past few months and we are still getting snow. Your photo's really make my Saturday. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

Jo said...

Lovely photos Michelle, your family is growing so fast, am really envious of the fun and pleasure you must get from them all. Thanks so much for sharing. hugs Jo x

Julia said...

Thank you for sharing, it really makes for a wonderful sat. morn., & they are so cute, with ea. one having their own personality.
Julia B.

Diamond Doll said...

Fabulous Photos this week i love the Kids pen thay are all so cute.
Thanx for sharing once again.
Trish (-:

Kirsten Alicia said...

Fantastic photos Michelle, my favourite is definitely the one of Cathy soaking up the sun. I hope Patti isn't too uncomfortable & that baby shifts around a little!! Have a great weekend.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for sharing Michelle! Lovely pics again and I could almost feel the sun shine! What a wonderful animal family you have. Nice weekend too!! Hugs, Yvonne

Danni said...

Such fun photos, as usual! I want to curl up next to Cathy in that sun, ours seems to have forgotten that we're called the Sun City! LOL!

Rufus said...

I swear it does look like Cathy is smiling in the sun! And that little Pepita is so sweet and cuddly looking, just want to sweep her up and give her a big hug! The family is getting bigger and bigger!

Marie said...

Love the colours of Paintbrush. A stunning lady. :) Love to read about all your animals every week. Such a joy.
Hugs, Marie

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Anonymous said...

Oh, your animals are adorable! I love miniture animals, thank you for sharing. I truly enjoyed the pics. I grew up on a farm/ranch and appreciate the dedication and hard work put in but also the great joy that comes with looking into each and every animals eyes!