Saturday, February 20, 2010

LOTS of Animal Crackers!

Oh my we have lots of Animal Crackers this week! Hubby and I were talking this week, we really have had a bit of an explosion here...   and I love it!

First Vicki wants to say Hi... LOL  she just wouldn't stay still for a photo, she wanted a close up! 

We finally weaned Felicia, Carlos and Sergio this last week.. I know I have said we were going to do it for a while, but it got so cold I didn't want to pull them from their Mom's until it warmed up a little... I am such a sucker -   Here you can see the bit of conflict with the "older" youth and the "newer" youth in the pen... LOL   Lina and Felicia are actually full sisters, Lola and Sergio are full Sister and Brother and Gloria and Carlos as well are full Sister and Brother...

The younger group always gives up sooner and goes a different way... they are already starting to get along a little better now. 

Bella is really getting wide, and we have started to check on her a couple times of day to see how close she is getting.. yes another baby really soon here!!
Paintbrush really had her "hands" full!!! These four are starting to wander around on their own, and you can tell they really want to start running and playing with Lillie's month old babies...  I had no idea 2 months ago when we got 4 goats for some fun, that one our population would triple in just two months, but two how much fun and laughter we would have with them!! They are so fun to watch! 

I thought you might want to meet.. each of the baby goats - This is Ricky - GORGEOUS coloring! and he is the most outgoing at this point - 

 Lucy is my girl - I am begging Hubby to let me keep her... she actually will walk up to me and climb on my boot. She is the smallest of the four - she too has the gorgeous coloring and despite her tiny size she is really outgoing as well.

Fred has been the calmest - almost lazy like, but I noticed this morning he too is starting to get out and bounce around more - He is the darkest in color of the four, with more of the black coloring than the red and white.

And then there is number four... Ethel - she is more like Fred... calm and darker in color, except for those gorgeous little bracelets on her front legs! They are so pretty - Hubby says she looks like she is wearing Santa boots.. LOL  
By next week I am sure they will all four be bouncing all around the pen with the 3 older "kids". Oh my I still can't believe there are SEVEN babies out there! LOL too funny - 

Now for my INSIDE Animal Crackers...  I purchased a new folding table and chairs this week.. brought them in and set them on the floor flat - so they wouldn't fall over and hurt anyone. I ran out for just about 45 minutes... and this is what I came back in too...   So who do I blame? They all three got shamed... after I grabbed my camera and took a photo and stopped laughing of course! They are such a mess!!

Hugs and I hope you enjoyed Saturdays Animal Crackers - have a wonderful weekend!


Deanne Burton said...

Michelle! I just gotta tell you, I've been a follower of your blog for some time and absolutely look forward to Saturdays!!! But this week has got to be the BEST Saturday EVER!!! I was giggling out loud by the time I got to the bottom of the post! Those doggies of yours!!! Do you think the cat was in on it too?? And as for those sweet baby goats, well, Ethel is my fav! I just love her furry booties around her front paws!!!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Michelle, I'm sitting here in the UK, wishing I could jump on a plane & knock on your door to beg you for a one-to-one visit with all your babies - big, small, donkey, goat, dog, cat; all of them!! The photos are WONDERFUL!! The baby goats are so cute & I'm sure Libbie is saying "It wasn't me mom, I tried to get them to stop. Really, I did!!" Hugs to all your animals, hope you have a great weekend.

Linda aka backroads girl said...

My problem would be letting ANY of the babies go! Yes, you definitely need to keep that little goat. She is beautiful! I hope the weather stays calm so you can be out enjoying them lots and lots!

Hugs, Linda

Cazzy said...

I just adore those goats, such pretty colouring. As for the naughty dogs and cat, well I don't know!
Sooty dog regularly does this with the contents of the kitchen bin if we forget to close the lid!

Cazzy x

Diamond Doll said...

Hiya Michelle, you never have a dull moment do you! Those pics are just fab i love the closeup of Vicki LOL! and the Goats are so cute and Naughty Libbie and Autie.Thanx for sharing them with us.
Trish (-:

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing your brood. Lucy looks so cute and love Ethel's mop of white hair. The three culprit's with the I didn't do it look are priceless. Ann Lind

Marie said...

Such darlings you have around you. totally in love with your goats. The sweetest cutest little creatures... :)

Jo said...

Oh Michelle, thanks for sharing your gorgeous piccies with us. How adorable is Lucy, so cute. I really look forward to Saturdays, such a treat for us all. Thank you so much!! Hugs Jo x

Dawn said...

He He wonderful photos and those wee kids are just so adorable - ~I LOVE Ethel, how cute are those furry "boots"!!
ROFL at the furry ones inside, who looks the guiltiest!!!


Yvonne said...

I love to follow your blog and always looking forward to Saterdays. I know, nothing to do with cardmaking but.......I love the storys and pics about your animals! Hugs, Yvonne

Danni said...

Goodness how these photos made me smile! I still just love your animal posts!!

Lacey Stephens said...

Those pictures are awesome!! Man, you have your hands full with a lot of animals!!

Kathleen said...

I just love the look on your kitty's face!

And mine is wearing a grin!!! Thanks!

A lovely brood indeed!

Anonymous said...

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Dianne said...

Michelle, these pics are fabulous. Your brood is sooooo cute!!! I would fall in love with them all.

The Wired Angel said...

I didn't realize that you only started this brood just four months ago.. I thought you had been doing this for years! I love that little Ethel. I'll send you my address.. just put her in a little box and send her!

Anyway, wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. Be well, hugs, Peggy

Rufus said...

Oh they are all sooooo cute! Love the "Santa" boots. I'd say that Libby has a guilty conscious, since she won't look at you! LOL.

Annie said...

Hi Michelle! I love the fur-baby Saturday pics!
hugs, annie x

Ria said...

OMG Can I come live with you!!!!! I love the donkeys and the goats ;) hahahahah hilarious to watch them all. maybe I better stay here before you know it you would have much more animals like more dogs and parrots ;) LOL

hugs Ria