Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Muddy Animal Crackers

Yes.. we have LOTS of mud here in Central Texas.  Last year we couldn't buy a drop of rain, this year it just won't dry up between storms. But I am going to try and not complain about it as this is water we will need this summer. But the animals... well I think they are pretty tired of it.

Yucky huh? I got stuck in this mud yesterday... YEP ankle deep and couldn't get my feet out of it. Wasn't funny... ok, I am sure it was funny, but to me it wasn't at the time! LOL I ended up having to pull my feet out of my boots, then pull my boots out of the mud!


Ellie Mae, Vicki and Lacey were standing at the fence wanting some lovings... I love how the sun was setting behind them last night.

The goats were having some fun - lapping the pen. Worried me that Paintbrush is so pregnant and she was playing so hard. But she knows what she can and can't do right? Heck she was leading them! Lillie cracks me up running with that huge milk bag. Actually it is about 1/2 as big as it was, three "kids" eating will do that.

I love this photo... Lillie and the kids talking to Annie in the pen next door. Annie is Lillie's baby from last year, lots of family resemblance here isn't there?


And how hysterical is this shot???   The babies keep trying to jump on the roof. They see Frankie and Annie doing it in the pen next to them, and so they think they can just hop on the roof themselves...  I think they have a ways to go before they can jump that high. LOL

Hubby called me out this morning to see all the frost.. yes, it was brr cold here in Texas.  All of the donkeys had frost on their backs. I worry so much about them getting cold, but Hubby had to pull me out of my warm house and show me that they are very insulated and they were just fine. Nature takes care of itself most of the time doesn't it? But these are my babies. And if he would let me I would have each barn heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer!

Wouldn't be right if I didn't show a photo of Valentine today... although he isn't named for the day, my favorite holiday, it is his name. (He is named for one of my favorite movie characters - Valentine McKee - Kevin Bacon in Tremors! LOL)
Libbie photo... well this is about all she has done this past week. She has turned into a barking machine - I think she loves the sound of her own voice! Me. I am pretty tired of hearing it. I bet I have said a million times this week, "Libbie - Quiet. Libbie - No. Libbie - Hush. Libbie SHUT UP!"  I do hope she will grow out of this phase soon!


Autie.. well he is still cute... He doesn't bark like Libbie, but he does follow her in every thing else she does!

Hope you have a wonderful Weekend! I don't think I will be posting tomorrow.. Valentines Day - Hubby's Birthday - and our 23 Wedding Anniversary! Lots to celebrate - Hugs everyone!


Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for the wonderful pics, great to see all the animals doing so well, despite the horrible weather. Have a great time tomorrow.

Yvonne said...

What a wonderful pics you showed us again. O my....stuck in the mud :-( I also love the photo of Lillie and kids together with Annie, so cute!Hahaha....a singing dog. Can imagine that you hope she will grow out of this! Congrats for tomorrow, a three times special day!! Hugs, Yvonne

Lacey Stephens said...

Are you kidding me? You have a donkey named Lacey?!! LOL
~Lacey Stephens

Jo said...

Michelle fab piccies as always, Mirta looks so cuddley and Valentine is so handsome, I really don't know how you manage to part with them. Hugs Jo x

Linda w said...

Thanks Michelle for the photos today. I love viewing your family.

stamp on...

Ann said...

Congrats on your Anniversary and Happy Birthday to DH have a great Valentines day. Ann Lind

Rufus said...

Great pictures again! Do any of these guys take a bad picture?? Happy everything day tomorrow! 3 in 1 that's pretty good!

Annie said...

Happy Valentine's Day Michelle! love the furry pics and never thought Texas would be muddier than Cornwall!
have a fab day.
hugs, annie x

Anonymous said...

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Linda aka backroads girl said...

All very cute! We had a hard frost on the ground this morning, here in FL! Every state had snow yesterday, except for Hawai'i! Wild.

Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday to hubby. Have a fun day.

Hugs, Linda

NanaBeth said...

One-neither of you look old enough to have been married 23 years! Congratulations!
Animal Crackers had already made this my favorite blog-and than you're a Tremors fan. Now nobody else stands a chance of even getting in the race. Thank you so much for all the joy you bring to our lives.

Anonymous said...

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TA Carbone said...

Oh Michelle what a beautiful head shot of Mirta. Now that you should put on cards or stationery and sell them.


Anonymous said...

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