Saturday, November 12, 2011

Animal Crackers - "Sitting" next door

Hubby and I ( I say I loosely cuz me I just go for the loving.. ) anyway Hubby and I have been "sitting" for our neighbors furry children. She has Horses, and doggies... and of course somewhere she acquired a few miniature donkeys... :0)

 This is Alonso - remember him :0) She also has Frio, Coffee and Toffee... but they all were too interested in eating instead of seeing me. But Alonso... he is always looking for attention. Even if that means making his way up on the porch, and peeking inside the front door from time to time... LOL

Here come her "Babies"......

 They all have really fun names... Which is which I have no clue and spelling their names well.. we are going to just refer to them as "the boys".  I think they are all about 7 or 8 months old now.. and TALL wow!
Tall.. and VERY handsome. They are all very sweet boys.

This a future stud... Bogey - He is a handsome dude.

I am just getting to know him, he comes to the fence to see me while I am there. I like when they will let me rub the end of their nose - he is a sweetie.

And then we get to obnoxious but a total love. This is Marty....
 Hubby is totally attached to Marty. He is pushy friendly and really has a fun personality. And yes... his harness is on sideways. This is how we found him when we showed up. How the heck he did that I have no clue.... But knowing Marty... it is something he would do and expect from him. 

And this guy is really a gorgeous funny guy... I hope I have this right... I think this is Pop Rocks
Pop Rocks, Bogey and Marty have all just come up from the large back pen to live in the pen with "the boys". So they have been in the back and I don't usually spend as much time with them as I do this front pen - "the boys" Mom's were all taken to the large back pen and so the little ones are not all alone this is now a sort of bachelor pad now. Or more like a Frat house...

She has three doggies, that I have tried very hard to not get attached to... LOL But they are just so darn sweet and fun you just can't help falling for them. :0) This is Moxy - 
Now how or why she has her ears up like that - no clue. But man is she a sweetie.

This is her brother - Niner

 He is just a bit bigger than Moxie and has the energy of 2 or maybe 10 dogs... Most of the time he is first to the gate to say hi.

And the third doggie... is Personality. (shh.. don't tell anyone, but she is my favorite) She is also a sister... and I have no photo of her today. She gave us a scare this week. Seems she was bit by a snake, and has spent the past few days at the vets. No worries. They say she is doing great and we will bring her home Monday morning to join her sister and brother. Thankfully all better and healthy!

Now there are many more horses so maybe one day in the future I will walk the back pasture and do some of the "Ladies" and then I can show off Personality too.

Hope you enjoyed today - fun to see a few "different" animals and get to know some of the furry children in our care. We don't "own" them, but we have adopted them into our Animal Crackers family -

Have a great Saturday and see you tomorrow for Dust it Off Sunday!
HUGS and


Kirsten Alicia said...

Great photos, Moxy's ears look like they could turn a complete 360 degrees. :)

Cazzy said...

What wonderful babies, and great photos.

Cazzy x

Marilyn said...

Thank you Michelle... makes it worthwhile getting up early on Saturday.

Dee in N.H. said...

Great pics of your "borrowed" cuties!

Helen said...

Nice to see you have also furry friends around you to watch over every now and then. Nice to watch; I know my daughter would be at your neighbours all day as she is addicted to horses. Hugs.

Carol Dee said...

Love seeing this crew, too! Love 'em all.

Rufus said...

Oh, "the boys" are so handsome! Nice to see the extended family.

Shelly said...

Thanks Michelle. I enjoyed seeing the "sitting" animals. Niner looks so much like a dog we had, who was half Dalmation and half mystery neighbor dog. Our dog was also very energetic. Your neighbors are blessed to have such great sitters. :)