Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving - Meet Cleatus and BLOG CANDY WINNER

Happy Thanksgiving for all the US people - For everyone else Happy Thursday! ;0) Today is my Blog Candy winner day, but I also wanted to introduce you to the newest member of the Animal Cracker Family!
 Lillie interrupted our house re-do yesterday... she was in labor! The first baby was out and already talking when we ran outside. But the second one... well it was breech, and stuck. After about 20 minutes we finally got it free and out. Sadly it was too late. Thank God Lillie was ok. And loving on her first baby not watching us take off the second one. She lost her last baby, it was only one, and it really effected her badly. She looked for that baby for days and then started stealing other babies. Since she is the biggest and oldest... she kept what she took. Until we moved her out into a small pen on her own. But this time... she is obsessing over her son - and showing him off to everyone. He is a cutie.... I named him Cleatus. Hubby just shakes his head at me. LOL I don't know why... he looks like a Cleatus doesn't he?

Now the only babies left for the year is Darlene and Victoria... Darlene is looking pretty close. Vicki.. nope no signs yet. So two baby donkeys to look forward to still  -

NOW ... time for my Blog Candy Winner!

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Ashley Lydia of my favorite holiday traditions is singing the 12 days of Christmas on christmas eve with my family. We all pick out a day from a hat and we have to sing that part. Its loads of fun, especially the 5th day solo lolol. Asides from that I love watching the thanksgiving day parade with my family, and then gong shopping with my mom and all the sisters my aunts on black friday. We all take turns buying "surprise" shirts that are revealed during thanksgiving dinner and we all wear them while we shop the next day. Its so much fun, im tearing up because this year im away from my family for training ,I will be with them but I miss them so much. Ohhh the memories =)

So Ashley Lydia... if you will email me at   - I will get your Candy out to you!

I am already stacking up things for the next candy! So look out for the next candy.....

Ok... gotta go and find my kitchen in the house repairs so I can start my Thanksgiving Dinner going. See you tomorrow for Just Magnolias and Hanglars Challenge!

HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Cletus is SO CUTE ... er make that handsome! Sending wishes to all of you for a Happy, bountiful and Blessed Thanksgiving. Hugs...

Kirsten Alicia said...

Welcome to the world Cleatus, you are gorgeous!

Marie said...

Such stunning little goatie. He is totally adorable!

Rhonda Miller said...

What a cute little fella! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Helen said...

What a sweet cutie. Sad that you had to let go another one, but luckily Cleatus looks great. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dee in N.H. said...

Oh, he's just adorable! I think the name Cleatus is perfect for him! Hope you are enjoying your day today!

Rufus said...

Sad that lillie lost the second, but Cleatus is quite simply adorable! Congrats to your winner. Hope that you had a Great Thanksgiving.

Ciacchina said...

congratulazioni alla fortunata vincitrice!