Saturday, March 24, 2012

Animal Crackers - New Kids in the Pen

YEA! Babies have started to arrive. Now the Mom to be wasn't even in the top 5 of who we thought was going to have their babies first... in fact she was way down the list! LOL Little young Scarlet decided that she wanted to go first. And she had two really handsome young guys! Meet Starsky and Hutch :0)
Aren't they gorgeous? Ok, so they weren't all cleaned up and fluffy yet.
They are already up and sneaking out of the barn to explore a bit, in a few more days they will be bouncing everywhere! We have LOTS more coming... I am on the watch 24/7... can't wait to see who is next. My bets are on Paintbrush or Daisy. But I didn't do so good at betting with Scarlet so who knows will birth next.

Well Autie and Chica had their vet appointment this past week. They both did really well. Autie was "fixed" as well... I cannot even express how emotional and hard this was to do. Here is Hubby sitting with Chica and Autie waiting for our appointment at the vet.
He was the most worried and upset here... Autie had no clue why he was there or what was going on. He is doing great - back to himself the next day. Next will be Libbie in just over a week. I'll be a mess then too I am sure.

I am totally loving my new lens! No clue if I am using it correctly - but loving it! How gorgeous is Pedro here way out in the pen enjoying all the gorgeous green stuff!
And take a look at little Sonia with all he long hair.
Her little legs are so short she was up to her belly in the grass... LOL Love seeing so much color out there!

Got a good photo of Hubby with the neighbors horses -
They like to have personal chats you know -

My buddy Tracey asked me to take some photos of a tree in a field of Bluebonnets by her house last weekend. Love this time of year after some good rain!
Need more time to get out and drive around and get more flower photos. It is an amazing year for fields of flowers here with all the rain -

Finally got some of our DUCKS!
Blue Wing Teal - Hubby's favorites. Never would have gotten photos of them without this lens. But they didn't even know I was snapping away. I think I took 60-70 photos that afternoon!

This is one of my favorites -
Stunning aren't they. Can't wait till we get to snap more ducks... we have had Shovelers, Mallards and lots of Herons.  Just need to time it right and have my camera in hand.

Speaking of Stunning...
Our little man, Tuco. Can't even come up with words... he is just adorable.

Have a fabulous weekend -
Hugs and -


Diane.W. said...

Luv your photos & all your animals are just soooooo gorgeous,they make me smile :o)

The new lens is excellent,so clear.

Kirsten Alicia said...

Aaaahh, now my weekend can begin, I've had my Animal Crackers fix! :)
Gorgeous photos, you're doing a great job with the new lens, I defnitely hve lens envy.
I'm glad Autie & Chica are ok, you did the right thing.
Thank you for ending with a pic of *my* little man, Tuco. Give him a cuddle from me & tell him his Auntie Kirsten in the UK loves him SOOO much. :)

Dee in N.H. said...

Sweet pictures! Love your new lens! Everyone looks so happy in all that great lush green you have!

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow Michelle, these are some gorgeous pictures. The new kids are so cute. Thanks for sharing these with us.

Helen said...

what a great pictures; I love each one of them. Starsky & Hutch are great. Your new lens is fabulous and makes beautiful pictures. However my favourite is still little Tuco; he is sooooo cute!!!

Carol Dee said...

Stasky and hutch are sooo cute. Love the worried look on DH...(I am certain HE wasn't the one with the appointment!) Tuco is so HANDSOME. Hugs to all...

NanaBeth said...

You made my day with these pics-they are fantastic.Your new lens is wonderful.

Rufus said...

Oh my your new lens is fantastic!! What great photo' all those blue season what fun.

Anonymous said...

All your animals are awesome, but Sonia is just extra adoreable! Glad you are enjoying your new lens. Texas Cropper

Kelly L said...

GREAT photos, and I love the names - Starsky & Hutch - too cute!