Saturday, March 17, 2012

Animal Crackers - Words don't express how cute...

I am sorry... but I have just gone over the edge with this little puppy, Tuco. Libbie was a gorgeous puppy, Autie a total love, Chica a ball of energy and adorable. But Tuco - well he has so much personality it just is popping out everywhere. LOL He makes me laugh and he is a wonderful cuddle to hug. But now... common this weeks photo of him Words don't express how cute he is....
 Hubby or "Dad" had dropped a donkey feed sack in the yard while getting another pen fed. Well Tuco thinks that is just the coolest thing yet. He loves the noise, the crackles, the joy of running and jumping into the center and the bag poofing around and making even more noise. LOL

Loving my new lens - I can capture across the pens... LOL even "Dad" hugging on Juliet. They were having a personal chat and bonding time.
 Look how tall and well.. skinny she has gotten. Her age - in that teenage time of her life. Ha!

One across the yard of Pedro - he was upset, he had just gotten shoved out of the food mob and was having to walk around and try again to work his way in again.
You think that mob sounds bad? Well it is worse to see in person.
You can see it is really hard to get in on all those .. .ahem.... rear ends There is plenty of oats there really. You just have to make sure you get your spot at the well - table?

Our gelded Spot - and buddy for Miguel. They have a love/hate releationship. Best Friends, and fight like brothers. Try and put them in different pens and they both scream like crazy. Both gelded now they are just pets, and always will be more family.

 He is soon to be a "Daddy" We keep going out and checking, I don't know why none of the girls have had kids yet, they are just about to explode! Hopefully Peso has passed on some of his handsome genes. And that adorable smile! I just cracks me up how he always looks like he is smiling!

Shot across the yard at the neighbors dogs... well "our" dogs, we now are sharing them. Only got two of the three...
Niner - I just shouted out his name, and look at that look... "yes, can I help you"
Then I called out to Nally... "Personality" is actually her name, but I shortened to just Nally. It fits her. She is a real sweetie.

 Loving this new lens.. weighs a ton and a half, but loving it! Now if I could just figure out all the buttons and such it will really be awesome! I took lots of photos of the Libbie, Autie and Chica playing with Tuco in the yard -but I haven't figured out blur setting yet. I'll keep working - practicing.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Carol Dee said...

My goodness. Tuco is darling. All the donkeys look very content. Dad is a love too. I like seeing him with his fury kids. Pedro is such a fuzzy cutie pie and Peso is very handsom indeed. Hugs...

Kirsten Alicia said...

Wonderful photos! Love the one of Dad with Juliet & of course, Tuco is adorable.

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, your new lens is fabulous. What a gorgeous photos. I like them all but my most favourite (you can guess....) is this totally adorable cutie called Tuco. Big hugs to all my fur friends out there. Helen

Shelly said...

I'm loving the pictures you're capturing with your new lens, Michelle.