Saturday, March 10, 2012

Animal Crackers - Oops... a little late today

Sorry.. I have no idea what happened!! I woke up this morning. Lazy, dark rainy Saturday and then after watching the news and talking to Hubby I suddenly realized that it was SATURDAY and I had not done my Animal Crackers post! OH NO!!! So I popped on the computer as fast as I could and got my photos edited and finally am getting my post written. So I am soooo sorry that I was just brain dead this week. The weather...yes that is what I am blaming it on. For a few days it has been dark, COLD and rainy... totally messes up life. So here it is.. Saturday Animal Crackers -

Got a great photo of Libbie and Tuco with my phone the other day -
She still has brief moments of sweetness with Tuco... Libbie is so high strung lately - like drive me insane, barking with that high pitch ear piercing sound high strung... but once in awhile she calms down and is totally sweet. Two seconds after this photo she saw something and took off barking.

Here is one photo I had to show from last week... Gloria

She had an itch...... and so that fence was being put into use..... wish you could have seen how fast she was moving back and forth :0)

Now I am SOOOO lucky. Hubby did let me order a new lens for my camera!! It came this week, I put it on and went outside to get photos of the gorgeous ducks that have been on our pond every day for the past two weeks. THEY WERE NOT THERE! Figures! Then my camera started beeping that the battery was low! So I went around quickly and just shot a few quick photos of what I saw. I was shocked out how far this lens zoomed. And how wonderful the photos were for my first time out with it!
Very first photo.... some doves sitting way across the yard - Wow... These would normally just be dots with my old lens!
Across one of the pens and way up in the tree was this little black bird. Now if it were sunny instead of grey and rainy it would have been better but VERY happy with how sharp things are.
I can never get good Donkey photos at then end of their pen. This is zoomed in at Darlene and Pedro taking a bit of a nap....

Felicia was taking a nap in the little girls pen as well.... and I didn't even move to snap this photo! Just spun around and shot towards the other pen! This is going to be amazing at getting better shots of the animals! Normally I have to walk to up to the pens, which then all the animals come towards me for loving and I just get those right in the face photos! But now I can sneak up on them and shoot while they are being natural!

Check out Jill - 
 I still am amazed at how far I was from her and how sharp and crisp the photo is! Oh.. yes.. Jill is pregnant :0)
Then Paintbrush and her "kids" Scarlett and Rhett

Paintbrush is still very attached to her two girls  - babies from last year. That will all end really soon. As she is VERY pregnant! As soon as she has her new babies she will put all attentions to her new kids. Oh she will still let the other two be in her group... but not as close. Now Scarlett and Rhett are also both pregnant. A little young - don't like them to get "got" this soon, but we had an oops.... and Peso was active with them much sooner than we had planned. So we will keep a close watch on the girls and I am sure they will be great Moms. 

Well.... I better get this posted. Now I just hope that the sun is going to at some point come out this week - this new lens and I are dying to get out there and get some good photos! And the sun would really help! 

Have a great weekend! 
HUGS and-


Marilyn said...

Well worth the wait! I checked first thing this morning and nothing... oh no, thought I was mixed up with my days (a regular occurrence with me). Great lens, huh?

PaperSunshine said...

Fantastic photos! What a great lens, we are so lucky you got this so now we can see even more good pictures of the brood :)


Lori K.

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, these are some great pics. I just love when you share your animals with us. They are so fun to see.

Ellie Maggie said...

How fabulous are these pics with your new lens?! I adore the one of Felicia and she has no idea you took it! It's great to know that you'll be able to show us your gorgeous animals in their natural poses, exactly how you see them each day. So glad there are plenty of new babies on the way too. Hope your hand is better Michelle.
Ellie Maggie x

Dee in N.H. said...

Great pics! Have a good weekend!

Karen McAlpine said...

Love the shot of the doves!

Kirsten Alicia said...

Goodness, you will have lots of goats running around!!
I was surprised too not to have animal photos to view while I was having my breakfast, but you completely forgiven. :))
Your news lens is going to be terrific, I love the shots you've got so far.

Carol Dee said...

Oh My Peso was a busy boy! Can't wait to see all the new babies.
Don't you just love a great lens? Nice pics. Hugs....

Rufus said...

Wow, that's some lens! Give hubby a big hug from all of us Animal Crackers lovers. So sneaky to get so up close and they don't know, so are acting all natural. Hope you get some sun soon so you can have a good play! All sorts of new babies coming up...what fun

LorraineB said...

As usual, great photos of beautiful 4 legged family members. I can really see the difference in the photos with the new lens but you can't take a bad photo with such beautiful subject matter.

Heidi Brawley said...

omg what awesome pictures. really love the 1 of Libby and Tuco!!!
Hugs, Heidi