Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Year Ago... We are having a Birthday!

Howdy! Today's post is all about fun! It is a memorable day here... it is Tuco's and Ammo's First Birthday!! When I realized that it was this weekend, I thought it would be fun to have Tuco, mail Ammo a birthday card. Yes I am a dork. (Our first dog after Craig and I married I threw a birthday party and invited all our family and friends. We had cake, hats presents and a BBQ! Seriously we did and Yes I am a Dork!) But back to now...  I had so much fun making Ammo's card and sending it. But first I thought it would be great to see a then and now of the boys -

Tuco -

Ammo -

I can hardly believe it has been a year! Remember how Ammo was three times the size of Tuco? I called Ammo Tank, and I had to supplement feed Tuco with and eye dropper because he was so little and couldn't get in to eat. Now... he has no problems, he gets right in there and eats just fine. I asked Ammo's new Mommy and Daddy to message me over a photo of Ammo now. He looks so much like his big sister Chica doesn't he? Except for those freckles.. I love that he still has those!

So last week I went to work on a birthday card from Tuco to Ammo - again DORK here!! I love how it came out!

First I started out with one of my favorite Whimsy images - Crissy's Digi - Dog Song. I colored him up to sort of look like Tuco. Can't you hear him "singing" happy birthday? I cut him out so I could pop him on the front of the card. Then I created the banner. LOVE the banner! All Whimsy - the banner stamps are called "Celebration Pennants" then they are cut out with the matching dies "Banner Pennants Die Set" OH this is so much fun! I ran a piece of twine through the top of the banners to attach them all.

For the papers  - How perfect are these papers? - I flipped through a new 6x6 pad Farm House "Fair Skies" (I have one left in my eBay store ) Love the Farm House papers, they are so me. I found the pennant paper in the stack and knew I had to use it. Added a EK Success border punch on top and bottom. Found two other papers... the blue gingham is just so boy, and the musical sheet well hello... Tuco is singing Happy Birthday! So perfect. Sewed everything together, attached it all then Cut out "Ammo" from a Sizzix Alphabet die. I flew through making this card! It just went together all on its own. I did just about the same for the inside  - but I added a special inside from all of us -

Told you it was a special day! I am thinking we need to at least get Tuco a big Chew bone or something today - wonder what Ammo will be getting? I am sure they have something planned for him, I know he is spoiled with love and treats too!

Hope it all made you smile - :0)
Have a great Sunday - I'll be back tomorrow with a High Hope Release Hop!
HUGS and -


Martinas Welt said...

Oh how cute!!! Happy Birthday to Ammo and Tuco =) They look so different and now there is no big seize difference anymore ;)
LSuch a lovely card!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Goodness, the year has flown by. I remember so clearly all of us being worried about Tuco & look at him now!!
Ammo's birthday card is terrific, he'll probably try to eat it, but his family love it. :)

Aunty Sue said...

what a perfect card for a lovely dog he reminds me of mine but he is sable coloured sheltie but that look and face you just want to cuddle. I think you should always send him a card. Hope they both have a very special day. Happy Birthday

Marilyn said...

I love this post Michelle and you are not a dork! This is very sweet and anyone who cares this much about animals has to be a very fine person (not a dork!).

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, I love your post. It made me smile. What a handsome boys they have become. Your card is adorable. Our doggy girls also get a little extra on their birthday. Hugs, Helen

BethW said...

Definitely made me smile-and dorks are some of my favorite people!

Carol Dee said...

Happy Birthday Tuco and Ammo. Cute way to celebrate the special occasion. :) Hugs to all...

Rufus said...

Good grief has it been a year already?! What handsome boys they both turned into. Bet that Ammo's family loves his card. "Dork"? Maybe a little, but if you are so are the rest of us!

Niki said...

Too cute! Love spoiling all the furry kids.