Saturday, January 5, 2013

Animal Crackers - A little of everything

Wow, it has been a week since I had a post. Honestly I had one that I thought I scheduled to come on Thursday, but it was still as a draft. So you will see it tomorrow, and that is a better day for what it is anyway. :0) You won't want to miss it ok?

So this weeks Animal Crackers post is a little of everything, some from last week, a couple of phone snaps during the week, the weather was nasty the past few days wet and cold. So I am really glad I had so many from last week!

Love Miss Jill - She is not only gorgeous, but a sweetheart too. Her girls always end up looking just like her - Long thin face, and of all the goats, Jill has the best looking horns.

Here she and one of the twins was cleaning up what was left of breakfast hay. Oh... and if you look way far in the background on the left... her other daughter Shirley was reaching through Peso's pen to clean up breakfast that he had not finished.

Speaking of looking like Mom - Can't hide that Joanie is Scarlet's kid!

She is for sure going to have that deep red fur like her Mom. BUT she has those stunning thigh high black boots! Joanie is starting to really tame down. Her brother Chachi is a obnoxious nut - way OVERLY friendly LOL and now Joanie is starting to realize that the scratches and loving is a good thing!

Little boy Flavio - still timid and cautious, but getting better. He is a looker though!

Totally adorable isn't he? And oh my wish you could feel that jet black velvet nose! Soft as silk!

Cali and Juliet. Usually there are three always together... but for some reason Lydia wasn't in this shot.

These three are the best of girl friends. They are so close we still have not let Juliet out to run with the standard three stooges. She just hates to be separated from her little friends. But man does she stand out in that pen of little girls! LOL Juliet is Teddy's (our standard) full sister. And I cannot tell you how many times I have glanced up across the little girls pen to see her out there and have a second of a total freak out. You see Teddy's is not allowed in with the little girls as he could "hurt" them. And Juliet is looking more and more like her older brother. And that second of panic really does make my heart jump, then I grin and remember that Juliet is suppose to be in there!

Another pretty little girl - Camilla

She really has the most unusual coloring. really stunning when you get to looking at her in the bright light. She has everyone's coloring, Peso's white and grey, her Mom's red and black, her Grandpa's black and white... and I think she is going to have the longer hair like Grandpa as well.

Here is a good color shot! Snapped this on Wednesday just as Hubby had thrown in some fresh alfalfa!

So lets see.. that would be like someone pitching in chocolate into a group of women... or wait maybe brand new release stamps, pattern papers and new ink colors? LOL it was wild lets just say that -

Last week I showed you Sam and Momma cat in the beds of the cat house. This is a photo I took of Big Moe enjoying the warmer winter sunny afternoon  -

I would so take this big guy in the house in a second.... if I didn't think that Gato would freak, and that the dogs would get totally nuts chasing him. And then breaking things. We are pretty lucky with Gato and all our antiques. She is super careful, even when Libbie is trying to catch her. Big Moe... I don't think he would be so careful. And besides he really loves the cat house - his house with the 4 gals. He looks content doesn't he? 

Now I know I showed Autie last week... but Hubby snapped this one this week and it was just too cute to not show 

 I had a box of goodies delivered this week. And as part of the packing to strengthen the box they had used snapple box bottoms - Hubby just took them out and pitched them on the floor while we unpacked the box - they weren't on the ground 2 minutes before Autie decided that they looked sort of like a bed -  He loves to sleep on things! Love my rolly polly boy! We are going to have to really get him loosing weight... we are still fighting that battle with him and Libbie. Libbie seems to have lost some. I think. But Autie isn't. Their food has been changed to healthier food, and we are really watching how much is given. No more when ever you ask for it, we measure it out. I think he is eating bugs and things outside that must be fattening! Maybe he needs to go in with me to one of my Dr. appointments and get on my program. 52.5 lbs down baby!

Well I am off! Things are going to be nuts around here for a few months. Two antique malls to keep booths stocked, and we have a whole bunch of Antique Shows lined up!  Plus I have a bunch of post lined up this week! Release at High Hopes and a few fun things I got done over the New Year break. Starting off with tomorrow... make sure to pop back cuz this project really made me smile!

Have  A GREAT Saturday!
HUGS and


Anonymous said...

It's fascinating to see all the different colouring & markings on the goats, they're all so good looking. Great to see Big Moe relaxing & Autie in his new 'bed' - I thought it was only cats who would sleep anywhere, on anything. :)
Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

Aww - how cute is Autie "in his new bed" ;) He has such a lovely face ♥.

I wish you a Happy New Year hun!

Jay Jay

Marilyn said...

I don't know how you keep it all straight, the daughter of, the son of... etc!
Isn't Autie so sweet in the Snapple box? I think Camilla is just gorgeous!

Carol Dee said...

Missed you this week. Love the photos as usual. Especiaally Moe in the sunshine. Good Idea Moe!
Have a fun weekend, hugs....

Helen said...

First of all A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR for you, hubby and all my furry friends over at your place. What a great pictures again. My daughter (Michelle; what's in a name) is in love with the donkeys and would love to get one; but at this moment I think she first should finish high school and do her homework. See you again this week. Hugs, Helen