Saturday, January 19, 2013

Animal Crackers - A few Puffy Animals

Howdy - I am so glad I went out and snapped a few photos earlier in the week!! We are doing an antique show again this weekend, plus I have just been worn out beat and fighting something. So coming home after the show last night, I was not up to taking photos even it had not been pitch dark outside.

Earlier in the week I went out with Hubby for dinner feeding and snapped a few photos, I love how fluffy or puffy the animals look in the winter as a cold front comes through. Their fur just puffs out and gives them such a thick gorgeous look.

First I headed out to check on the goats. This is "the weekend" - you know the one... where I am suppose to advertise the little ones and start selling. Well too much going on and I am just not ready to part with a few just yet. So I told hubby I would do the ad later in the week, once I know for sure who is going and who is staying. He just rolls his eyes and walks away from me.. LOL

Peter is one that if I didn't have too many "males" already he would stay. Not only is he a looker, he is sweet too!

I called his name and snapped just as he looked up, seems I interrupted his dinner. LOL You can see he is a little puffed out - especially his legs. And is he a stunning boy or what? Love that black dot above his little smile. And yes, I think they smile :0)

Here is a group shot of quite a few of the "kids" you can see that some seem a bit colder than others and have really puffed out that fur!

Poor Luke in the front right must have really gotten a shiver! LOL

Our standard Girl - Cocoa. She has always been one of my favorite winter gals.

She is a gorgeous red/brown coloring. But in the winter after she has had some real sun bleaching on her coat, she is a bright red. And when her face puffs out, she is so luxurious! Really a beauty. And please do not judge that neck roll ok? Some of us "thicker" women do not like to discuss our rolls. You would think she just gets fed all day with treats and grain wouldn't you. But nope, this gal is a grazer, a bit of coastal and for treats... she is a nut case over baby carrots! I know... spoiled, but my donkeys love those baby carrots. The plain ole normal big carrots - nope. The cute little baby carrots washed and chilled please :0)

Headed over to what we call the Adult pen. Uh Oh... someone has knocked over the water bucket and hauled it off playing with it. Ok... who did it?

LOL Love the look on Lacey's face, "Who me... wasn't me, I promise" LOL She is pretty puffed out. Bella. she is not a big puffer, and man is she thin! Now that she has weaned off her baby she'll put back on the weight. And then Miss Gloria - now this girl! She is like Cocoa - She really puts on a heavy wide fur when she it is cold. If you have been following Animal Crackers for a long while you may remember that as a baby she was nicknamed "Buffalo Donkey" She could hardly see she had so much fur!

Did a bit of laundry one night this week and I was folding while switching loads, and the dishes, and packing for the show. Yes, doing a bit of multi tasking - well I folded Hubby's shirts and when to put the next load from the washer in the dryer before I hauled things off to put them away. Hubby called me and asked if I had seen Gato....

It had not been but maybe 5 minutes since I folded those shirts! Can't you hear her? "mmm nice cozy warm bed" She was already asleep too!

As we were coming home the other evening this was how we were greeted. It is nice to have kids looking forward to you coming home :0)

This is just after you come through our gate. We have a long dirt drive from the gate to our house.  And you go through what we fondly call "The spooky forest", really it is just a group of trees on both sides that is very shaded. Well just after the gate we started up to the house and just before the "spooky forest" Miss Moxie was stretched out in the middle of the drive. It really seemed as if she was making sure to not miss our return, and greet us. Such a sweet doggie. She hoped up moved over to the side of the drive then ran along side us all the way to the house to get her attention. (and make sure that we were not hiding any leftovers from some yummy restaurant) Sorry.. Mox, had salads for dinner and didn't bring any home.

Well that is it this week. Not to much energy this week from me. LOL I am thinking a entire day of sleeping - LOL I would never be able to do it. Between the dogs and my list of needing to get done wouldn't be able to stay there and relax. No matter how tired I am, I can't relax if there is something on a long need to do list. Sigh, oh well.. better get the list done. Then I can  get some rest and feel better.

Have a great weekend! HUGS and

4 comments: said...

Goodness, the goat babies are getting big & it's not just their puffy coats. Love the pic of the donkey girls, Bella needs to fatten up fast, she must be freezing! Great pic of Gato, cats do love sleeping on clean laundry. Have a sucessful antiques show & a great weekend, no doubt Moxie the gatekeeper will be waiting for you on your return.

Carol Dee said...

OH My Goodness, I would take Peter in a heartbeat, IF I had a place for him. HE sute is adorable. I bet the Grandsons would love him. Unfortuneatly so would the DOG. At 60 pounds he would ourweigh the poor little guy and chase him silly. So I am afraid I can only dream about having a little goat sweetie around. Relax when you can and have a wonderful weekend, hugs...

Helen said...

what a great pictures again. Love all those puffy furry sweeties. Good luck at the show and try to take a break and relax some time. Hugs, Helen

Marilyn said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well and hope you are on the mend soon.
Another nice post... I missed this on Saturday but Monday is a great day now too! Love those donkeys and goats and isn't Gato funny?