Friday, November 22, 2013

Animal Crackers - brrrrrrrr its getting a bit nippy out there!

Howdy -

So what is the weather like in your back yard? Here... it is wet and cold. Well cold for me. It isn't suppose to get out of the 40's until Tuesday!! For Texas and for me - I say that is cold! And the rain really makes it feel cold.

We were out in it all day - running errands and hitting a few estate sales. Nope I didn't get to stay home and color all day like I wanted. We found a few little things at the estate sales... but nothing to jump up and down about. I managed to stay dry and miss getting rained on all day. Then we got home and I told Hubby that I would run out to get the eggs from the coop then I would head out and snap a few photos for today.... well just about the time I got into the coop I felt a very large drop of rain. And then within seconds it was absolutely pouring! I was soaked completely! And it was 38 degrees! So needless to say... I didn't get back out for the photos as I gathered the eggs and ran in and found my cozy warm clothes and did not go back out.

This gives me a chance to show a few more photos from the last couple of weeks that were too good to not share.

A favorite...

I showed Moxie last week, and I believe Nally a few weeks ago - but their brother Niner needed a new photo too... He is such a happy boy. He is bigger than his sisters, but he is a home boy and stays right around the house. He doesn't go far at all. He likes being close - he is very protective of his home, or he likes being close to be first in line for cookies when we call.  He attacks everyone that visits to guard us. Ok, so he jumps up on you to lick and get petting. He is a lover not a fighter.... he leaves that to his sister Nally. 

Hard to believe that she is the tough one... but this gal is our guardian for sure! I know she has saved the life of the goats more than once. Those "Flying Nun" ears makes her really extra tough!!

Speaking of Lover boys... this face is my boy that is all about cuddling and love.....

Autie is my baby and you can see in those eyes that he is just a sweetheart! 

Found this one of Daisy I don't think I showed... she has eyes that melt you -

 Of course in this photo those eyes were screaming for feed...

Now Guinea photos have been a struggle for me. They are VERY hard to get a photo that isn't blurry -or missing a large portion of the bird. They MOVE FAST!!

I was so happy this one came out... They are really gorgeous ugly aren't they. They are all in one - LOL

Found this one... The Wyandottes are really private about their time in the nesting boxes...

They hop out and tell me off when I accidentally interrupt their time in the huts... I counted before I opened and figured one was in the hut, I opened the door just a few inches to get the lens in and snapped.. then I closed the door and went back later... she deserved her time. They are all providing eggs regularly so I don't want to upset them :0)

Hope the weather is nice were you are... but I am planning time indoors at home this weekend. And some coloring!! Got a few new movies to watch and I am thinking a big pot of soup today... sounds yummy to me.

HUGS and -


Helen said...

Thanks for sharing such lovely photos again. Auti is such a cutie! Over here it's cold and feels like freezing although it is just above 0. Have a nice and cozy weekend. Hugs Helen

Carol Dee said...

It will be cold, cold, cold here. After my trip to get groceries I plan to stay in and get the house picked up and ready for the BIG crowd on Thursday. Then if I get my work done I want to make cards. We will see. Only gonna get done if I get off the computer though!

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

It was very hard for me to miss Animal Crackers on Saturday, but it couldn't be helped unfortunately. Great photos as always, the guineas are gorgeous. I also love the photo of Autie, such a handsome boy. Hope you're having a great week.