Tuesday, November 12, 2013

High Hopes Challenge - Christmas!

Howdy -

This week over at the High Hopes Challenge Blog it is all about Christmas. And even if I don't want to think about just how close Christmas really is... it is!! So this week the challenge is to make a Christmas Card!  One down a million more to go! LOL

Here is my Christmas Card - Using "Christmas Kitty Fun" and the sentiment "Meowy Christmas"

I colored with my Copics (colors below) Then found some papers from Graphic 45 and sewed down everything.

Then I went to look for some red flowers.... I had a few roses, but I didn't think this was a roses card. I dug through everything. Can you believe I have NO red flat flowers! Every other color under the rainbow, but no red! I found some white ones... looked at them for a few minutes and the red Copic laying on my desk and then the light bulb went on... oh yes I can!! I colored them! Whoo Hoo!! Red flat flowers! Not an original idea, but was so happy with myself for remembering it!. I punched out some Martha branch punches and glued them and the flowers down. Then I used the Gold Glitter Viva Decor Paper Pen for the centers. I didn't want it to be too bright with gold, and the stickles I have would have been like a flashing sign. So I just puddled up some of the Viva Decor - not nearly as flashy.

I did the inside to... but my photo was a total blur ... sorry - Same papers though

Here are my Copics used -

Love this kitty image - Now you want to see more Christmas inspiration with some High Hopes? Just pop on over the the High Hopes Challenge Blog - and see all the DT's Christmas Cards, then join us for a chance to win some new High Hopes to play with!

Hope you have a great day today - "We" (Hubby loves we I say that) "We" are working on a second chicken coop. Those Wyandottes will not go in to the hut with the Reds. And when I try and force them the Reds get all Bully with them... It isn't a huge Chicken Coop to start with. So a second coop is almost finished... hope fully the Reds will not divide and decide to take up roost in both huts!! I'll have to then get out there and be a Bully with them.

But we have to have a coop for the Wyandottes as they have been sleeping outside and that is fine most of the year.. but I don't want to come out after a front and find frozen chickens you know. I am loving the size of the new coop - told Hubby yesterday maybe we should take down the first one and build another one matching as it would look cuter... yea you married women know the look I got after that came out of my mouth right?

Ok better get my bootie outside and at least pretend I am helping. Yesterday I sat out there and talked to the chickens while he worked... it entertained a few of them, but then I looked up and was getting "that look" Two of the chickens were sitting up on the board he was trying to put in place and another was pulling the screws out of his bucket... so I had to then take guard for him. LOL

See you later - have a great blessed day!
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Well shoot! Now I have no excuse for not making some Christmas cards. :) Yours is so sweet with all those cuddly kitties.