Saturday, November 16, 2013

Animal Crackers - Please don't make fun of my Chicken Butt

Howdy -

Yes.. the title is odd.. but very true - Please don't make fun of my Chicken Butt!!

I have 7 Wyandottes - and 6 of them have these bright red bare rear ends. A few have feathers started growing and they protect them as best as they can... but there are a couple that are constantly "pecked" on. I have read that it is common... I am working on solutions. But about the time I get them to stop and they start filling in... it all starts over again.

Now you may say what about the one that has its tail feathers? Well that is "CB"... she was the start of all the plucking I think, then it was just a free for all with all of the chickens plucking each other. But I think "CB" has ducked and ran to save her "butt" that it now is stuck in a side ways position. And that is why her name is "CB"... "Crooked Butt"

I think I told you earlier in the week that we built a second chicken coop. The main coop is good, but a little small for 13 chickens... the Rhode Island Reds have claimed it and it is all theirs. So we built a second coop for the Wyandottes. They sleep outside (within their safe fencing) So when it got so cold the other night we had their own coop built and even had heat lamps installed in both coops. The Wyandottes love laying their eggs in their new house. Sleeping... they still are sleeping outside. I hope they will get use to their new hut and learn to sleep in it soon. Other wise I will have to go out a chase chickens and lock them in it at night and I really don't want to do that....

This photo is while hubby was working on the second coop... I sat off to the side and laughed until I physically hurt. They Chickens were all helping him in every way.... standing on his boards, or him, or his tools. Pecking on him. Always under his feet. But the funniest was he would gather up his screws for whatever part he was working on. He would reach for one and they would all be gone... scattered all around. Then they found the little bucket they were stored in WOW now that was fun they had over a hundred to pull out and scatter!! LOL

At one point Hubby glared and me and asked why I was just sitting there laughing, why wasn't I stopping them... Uh well it was too funny to watch!!

We were gone yesterday setting up for an antique show we are doing this weekend, when we got home it was just a little past "normal" dinner time. Like maybe 30 minutes... Crissy was one of about 20 goats that were making sure we were told that was not acceptable!!

Well If you remember a couple of weeks ago I showed you a photo of Peter and told you I really wished we could find him a new home where he will have some girls of his very own. Well a very nice couple that has purchased a couple of girls from us last year... they called and they came and picked up Peter - so now I am putting his brother out there.. Paul now needs his home and gals of his own... :0) 

 He too has that adorable bangs that curl on his forehead.... :0 )  Sweet guy. Doesn't have the blue eyes his brother does, but he has the gene and is a carrier for them.

As I was heading in the house I looked out a ways past the yard and saw Moxie, one of the outside three - She is the sweetest and calmest girl. Just a love.

They had already gotten their evening cookie, but I think Moxie was thinking that a second one would be really nice. I think Hubby came through and snuck her one... I saw him talking to her and heard him say ... "Don't tell anyone ok? " - that usually means he snuck some sort of treat to one LOL 

This is what Hubby's project was Thursday - 

We had to pick all the remaining tomato's from our fall garden earlier in the week. The cold front that blew in would have really done some damage to them. So they all were picked and it was way to many to slice and eat - we do eat a lot of them sliced with dinner we love them. But this was so many all at once so Hubby canned up about a dozen jars of salsa. I sure hope I can enjoy some too - but he was doing all the slicing and cooking, that worries me that this batch may be a bit warm for me. I think I will hide the last jar from Spring for myself just in case - it is what he calls sissy sauce. That is just fine with me too much heat just isn't tasty to me.

Hope you have some fun planned for this weekend. The weather is suppose to be gorgeous here. After a near freeze this week, Sunday it is suppose to get to 87 degrees!  As they say if you don't like the weather in Texas just wait a few minutes and it will change.

Have a blessed wonderful weekend -


Carol Dee said...

Ouch, those bare buts look sore. I have heard about this behavior with chickens before. Can be hard to stop. Good Luck.
I made several batches of SISSY Salsa myself. DH does not like hot stuff either. I don't mind a little heat. Your DH's look yummy.
Good luck at the show.
Rain is coming and our yard is full of leaves. I better get out and help my DH or he will get cranky!

BethW said...

What a delightful post-made my day. I am totally in love with Moxie-she is so beautiful!

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Well really, how dare you be late?? Those poor babies must have been starving. :-)))
The chickens are so funny, but I hope they start leaving each other alone so those feathers can start growing again.
Love the photo of Moxie, she's a cutie.
I don't like a lot of heat in food either, it ruins the flavour, IMO.
Have a great weekend.

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely story; moxi is cute. The salsa looks great; me and hubby like it a bit spicy. Hope your show was great. Regards Helen