Saturday, December 21, 2013

Animal Crackers - Enjoying breakfast

Howdy -

Are we all ready for Christmas? Not here... I have still 3 presents to get - no clue what I am getting either. I want something really perfect you know? And I can't find the right things. I hate that... Sigh I am sure we will find presents this weekend. Guess we sort of have to huh? LOL

The animals have been happy with their presents. We got in some fresh hay - With the freezes they are now needing more provided food. Darn it. Was really great having so much wonderful coastal hay for them to graze. So many years of droughts we haven't had that for awhile, but this year the right rain and the right times and we have had lots of happy grazing here. But it is gone now.. and they think they are being spoiled with being fed again.. LOL

The boys were loving it for breakfast -

Standing in it but enjoying it... Never had understood why they kick it all out then stand in it. Doesn't matter if it is in racks or not, they pull it out and kick it around.

Now Me.... I would like to have my breakfast in bed, or wait Chachi has his as his bed, and eats laying down... now he is SMART! LOL

Now Peso was talking to me while eating..

I need to video this boy talking one day. Big Maco Man... with the highest pitch voice you can imagine on a goat! LOL Cracks me up! He is a handsome Buck isn't he? Shame he stinks so bad we can't touch him. Pee ewe! 

Now this is a gorgeous face! Shame I can't breed her anymore. She was so damaged from last year, and in reality mentally is messed her up too. But she is a great pet and sometimes she is very sweet. I swear sometimes she is smiling. 

Those eyes just melt you don't they?

Here is another funny one.... I made Oatmeal/cranberry cookies for Hubby last week. The goats LOVE Oatmeal cookies. So if there any left over that are stale, we love to share with the goats. Only about 1/2 of them actually love them. A couple eat them just because they think they are suppose to. But as you can tell from this photograph, Lucy... she was in a big hurry to get to the fence and get her fair share! Other than her tail being on fire I don't think she runs that fast for anything!!

Was out doing some loving on the three donkeys in our front pen. Rico is one of our rescue donkeys. We didn't need him. He was a gelding. But I felt so sorry for him when we saw him years ago that we bought him just to give him a better life. He was not in a good pen, not fed regularly, the children of the family were using him in their games of cowboy and indians and shooting water guns at him. Worse part... the harness that had been put on him when sold at 5 months old... was still on him at a year old. It had literally grown on to his face. Was horrible. So we brought him home took forever to work the harness off and healed up, and now he is a buddy to Miguel and Fancy Pants. Still a bit skittish but he will come to us - his favorite thing is to dance when getting scratched on his chest.

The faster you scratch the more he moves is head from side to side and dances. I love it. We try and sing some stupid song to the tempo of his dancing. LOL Love this guy and all though he is "useless" He is ours and loved.

Hubby snapped a great one of Gato early yesterday morning.

 I believe I have shown you Gato in "her" bed in the past. But it is just so cute I am showing it again. This is a very old folding doll bed that was suppose to be for sale in our antique booths. But Gato found it and she adores it so how could I sell it now? It has been buried in the living room for a while. And yesterday I worked sorting out stock and cleaning and realized that it was lost in all the junk... so I unburied it and put it out for her - she found it and was very happy. Cute huh? We won't tell her what that bed is worth though... heck she is worth it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - No card challenges this coming week but I will pop on to share a few things -

Hugs and -


Redlady said...

Have so much enjoyed your times with the animals. They are all so cute,and I wait for your email each week to see what they have done next,
Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Have a lovely Christmas and peaceful new Year.Hilda

Carol Dee said...

Rico is one lucky boy. Oh heck ...they are all lucky to live with you and your sweet hubby. I love Gato's bed. Not at all spoiled that cat! LOL Big hugs to all... CAROL DEE

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Wonderful photos, great to see the goats, they're beautiful with all their different colours & Gato looks very comfortable. Rico is a handsome boy, you did a very good thing when you rescued him. Have a great weekend & a very happy Christmas.

Ellie Maggie said...

Hope your Christmas shopping went well. The boys at breakfast look like they were all made from the same mould and Peso's colouring is gorgeous even if he does stink! It was Rico's lucky day when you and hubby walked in and Gato's got it made too! That photo is too cute for words!Looking forward to Peso's (and maybe Rico's?) video. Have a very Merry Christmas with your furry babies. X

Christy Beans said...

What's good for the soul is never useless... Rico just has a different purpose in life than most donkeys. ;)

Teresa Mucha said...

Love this picture! So comfy!

Teresa & Keith