Saturday, December 28, 2013

Animal Crackers - Is it Goldilocks in our hay?

Howdy -

Well hope you all had a blessed Christmas with family and friends. We did here. This week though we had some concern here and Hubby was really getting a bit nervous about our hay barn.
You see for the last week or so he has been finding rounded out "beds" in our hay barn. And that doesn't usually mean a good thing. As varmits can leave some really bad things in hay that can really harm the animals. So Hubby is really careful with the quality of our hay and making sure that it is "secure"and clean for our kids. Well when he found the hollowed out bed like imprints in the hay barn he was getting worried and was pulling  out the traps to relocate what ever was coming in the barn at night to sleep. (Remember the opossum that we drove miles away to relocate on a river a few months back... LOL)

Well the other morning he went out to feed and I get a text message from him just after he reached the barn. It was this photo with a message "We are safe... and aren't they adorable"

Nally and Moxie have claimed the hay barn for nice, warm soft beds at night. Hubby tried to snap a photo of them before they got up, but they got excited to see him and sat up and stretched knowing it was now breakfast time. The girls are finally settling down a little bit and aren't looking constantly for Niner. Moxie still barks at night for him, but I think they too have come to the realization that he is not longer here. We miss him so. And the Girls are getting even more spoiling and hugs and kisses from us as we want them to know we love them and don't want them going off with any strangers!

Haven't shown off the chickens in a while. The girls are still all doing great, and still giving us their normal numbers of eggs. They Wyandotte's still have their red bare rear ends... I was going to snap a photo for you but they asked for only front shots this time... and I totally understand their embarrassment. 

Caught Little Bit here shaking out and puffing up her feathers. And you might still be able to tell that she has no tail feathers just a few sprigs sticking up... Wish I could get them to leave their tails alone.

This one cracked me up - it is from last week...

The goats were making sure I wasn't feeding any treats... if I was it might be worth getting out of their warm hut... and at that point I wasn't so they just popped around the edge and gave me a few baaa's then popped back in and cuddled up again. They don't like the cold.

Snapped a sweet one of Juliet. She is the standard among all the miniature girls. Girl is going through her teen age lanky stage... bony rear end, long ears and long legs.

 And we love her totally ... LOL She looks just like her brother Ted E. Bear. Especially when he was young. I cant' tell you how many times I have looked out into the pasture and seen her among the girls and my heart jumps a beat thinking that the Big Guy has gotten in with the girls. LOL

Little light on photos this week. Sorry we have had just nasty weather here the past couple of days. Everyone is muddy and wet and just yucky. Sun finally came out late yesterday afternoon, and we were out working in the barn. It wasn't until after the sun set and it was dark that I realized that it was Friday evening and needed photos for today... holidays really do mess up the days of the week don't they?

I am still having a hard time getting use to the idea that there are only a few more days in this year. It flew by!! Seems the older we get the faster they do right? All though right now I wouldn't mind winter to move on and things warm up and Spring get here. I love Spring here on the farm, and this spring we will have a few baby donkeys!!!! Oh my I am so excited!!

Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

I'm very sad that Niner is still missing, I shall keep hoping that he will return.
Great photos, I especially love the one of the goats. I hope the weather eases for you. It's been terrible here too; 90mph winds & severe flooding wreaking havoc everywhere.
Have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Nallie and Moxie sure have the right idea. I agree a opossum or raccoon would have to go. Love the sweet photo of Juliet. Alice and olive oyl are funny peeking around the wall. Have a relaxing weekend. hugs....

Niki said...

Glad your husband didn't trap the hay visitors! I'm sure the girls miss Niner, hope he's safe and warm somewhere.

Helen said...

Sorry to hear Niner is still missing; hope he is somewhere warm and lovely. The girls made a good choice to sleep in the cosy barn. Juliet is sweet! Hugs Helen