Saturday, December 27, 2014

Animal Crackers - Looking forward to a Happy New Year!

Howdy -

Hope all had a very Merry Christmas - now we move to a Happy New Year! Enjoying most of our time now with bouncing baby goats - and scratching lots of ears!

Doc is enjoying a little piece of grass...

Doc is a hoot! He really is full of personality and really is handsome! 

And then we have our first baby Abigail -  She is very pretty.. big girl but stunning! Her markings are stunning.

Found the Guineas enjoying the afternoon in one of the huts with Sweet Pea... Nice pose huh?

The girls were all enjoying a sunny day yesterday - found Lacey heading to me for some ear scratches...

No worries she got lots of scratching and hugs. Love this girl -

And this girl just cracks me up... Love Pepita...

and can you tell she has lots of personality? She does... LOL

And I told you a few weeks ago that we have lots of gorgeous Cardinals here this time of year... found one on the goat pen fence - preeeetttty huh?

 New Camera really is nice! Now I just wish the ducks would arrive here so Hubby and I could do some small road driving and spot some country tanks for some photos -

Looking forward to 2015 - animals - crafting - friends and family -
HUGS and-


Marilyn said...

2014 has been a great year and looking forward to what 2015 brings. Thank you for sharing your furry friends with us every Saturday... it is a Saturday routine here. Get up, make my coffee and then go check out Animal Crackers!
Have a wonderful 2015!

Carol Dee said...

Happy New Year Michelle and All. WOW your camera takes great distance shots. I know you could not get this close to the Cardinal. Pepita's photo cracks me hp. What a camera ham!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2015 Michelle! Thanks for sharing your animals with us each week. Texas Cropper