Monday, December 8, 2014

Animal Crackers - TRIPETS x2 !

Howdy -

Very busy weekend here! Chloe has her babies on Saturday afternoon... almost to the minute a week after Annie had Abigail last week! Chloe has triplets that are always bold coloring.  The main reason we keep Chloe. She is a skittish pain.. but man does she produce awesome babies!

Chloe's babies are stunning for sure! Lots of great coloring and two of three have her blue eyes! We named them Wyatt - Doc and Josephine. I am calling her "Josie" -  We know the boys have to go... But have been talking about maybe keeping Doc as a future breeder, black and white with blue eyes... Time will have to see -

But Josie... More than likely she will stay - Gorgeous coloring white - greyish brown buck skin - red - black and fabulous blue eyes!

Then Daisy decided Sunday about noon that it was her turn! Another set of Triplets!! Again two  boys and a girl...... We named them "Jack, Will and Elizabeth"

Now these have really gorgeous coloring! Very different and beautiful. The boys are both black grey and white. Really a handsome grey in them... one with blue eyes! Then Elizabeth "Lizzy" she is fabulous!!!! Red and White with touches of black! And AGAIN BLUE EYES!!

Here is the Trio this morning taking a little nap while Mom tries to get breakfast....

 Daisy is VERY protective over her kids. Chloe wanders off from hers to eat and such and does't worry too much but does keep an eye their direction. Daisy... she is having a difficult time getting very far as she just is so worried that something will happen to them. She is so protective that last night when I picked up Lizzy at one point she head butted me in the knee for taking her daughter. I let her know that is not acceptable and she better be nice! She was a much better this morning with me.

All seven babies will be held and loved on whether Mom's like it or not!! Abigail is still on high speed chase but these new six are a little calmer and I am going to work hard to make sure they don't get skittish -

So we have lots of bouncing kids now! Still have a watch on Gracie and Alice to see if they are pregnant or not... they just don't look or act it at all - - - first time to be bred so they may not have taken. If not we will be trying again for sure! We put Crissy and Jill in with Frank on Saturday for Spring babies. And then Rhett and Scarlett in with Peso.  So should have their babies May - June.

Well gotta get chores done so I can "play" :0)
HUGS and


Martinas Welt said...

Oh wow...2x triplets!!! Stunning!

okienurse said...

Oh WOW! Love the beautiful babies. Abigail is stunning and these new girlies are just as awesome. Love those blue eyes! Congrats!

BethW said...

Santa came early at your house! Have to be partial to Elizabeth-after all that is my name. But boy her coloring is knock your socks off beautiful. Congratulations to all!

Carol Dee said...

Babies, babies, babies. Oh how cute they all are. But I do think Elizabeth is my favorite for coloration. Looking forward to seeing more of the bouncing babies. :)