Saturday, May 9, 2015

Animal Crackers - Just in Time for Mother's Day!


Just in time for Mother's Day this Sunday - Rhett had two beautiful little girls! Wednesday I just knew something was in the works, and was keeping a close watch on Rhett and her sister Scarlett. My odds would have have been on Scarlett delivering first. But Rhett does like to be the center of attention and have the spot light on her.

So just before dark I was out there cleaning off and loving on two little ones - Tiny Tiny Tiny little ones. So tiny that I was having trouble keeping them in the pen that Rhett was in. They were walking right through the little 4x4 holes!!! I would get one of them in and look up and the other was charging after all the guys in the boys pen. The guys were not liking that tiny loud screeching thing coming at them and was scaring me to death that one would head but her! But they were cautious and keeping their distance pretty well. So I rigged up chicken wire until Hubby could get home and get smaller fencing up so they would stop escaping! They were little outlaws... breaking out and making a run for it~

And that is where the names came from

Here is Thelma -

And her sister.. Louise -

They are two of the smallest babies we have had! Also two of the most active so early. They bounce everywhere. And now that the two are safe in their pen until they get a little bigger I can sleep a little better! Both have amazing blue eyes just like their parents. Thelma gets her looks from her Mom and Louise from her Daddy Peso. She has dots of grey and black all down her back. And i love that spot on her lips and nose! In love for sure with these two. Hubby got home and saw them and said... uh these are keepers! Don't we always say that. :0)   Sadly I think we have made the decision that we will be selling a few of our adults.... need to thin the boys down and we have some girls that just are not friendly as i would like, and aren't a part of the breeding plan and feeding so many and building more and more pens just isn't smart. And honestly as much as I would love to keep everyone of them... some just have to go. At some day when we have the time to deal with that...  LOL

I have a few more photographs from last weeks sunny afternoon. Good thing since it was grey and rainy yesterday - Never complain about rain in Texas... sigh...

First up is Bella and Darlene -

Not that Darlene had any interest in having her photograph taken.... green grass... that was much more important. I just called their names and Bella went to attention and posed. Darlene... she works on her time and her interest only. Hey in her mid 20's  and the Matriarch of the ladies she can do as she wants.

Her son and our very first baby donkey Diego was loving on "Dad" through the fence. I think Diego is almost 10 now. Still our baby boy - And a love since day one!

 He looks so much like his Mom... has her slow pace in life like her too. We kid that Darlene and Diego wouldn't run even if their tails were on fire.... well if there was some sort of treat being served up like carrots... maybe a fast trot.

Snapped a sweet photo of Miss Libbie - The sun was in her eyes and she was squinting a bit but she is still beautiful.

 This girl can make me nuts with her barking thinking she is in total control, but I can't imagine a moment without her in our lives. I still wonder how something so small can snore that loud... but wouldn't trade her for the world.

Hope you have a blessed wonderful weekend - A great Mother's Day here in the states. I will be on watch for Scarlett to deliver for sure all weekend...
Hugs and -


BethW said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of my very favorite mothers-you and your babies always delight me. The world definitely needs more people like you.

JoanieMc said...

Thanks for sharing. I love reading about your family. Happy Mother's Day!

PaperSunshine said...

OH my goodness Thelma and Louise are gorgeous both! Wow! Funny they snuck through the fence - good thing you fixed that right away! Darlene and Diego are that old? Wow I have been following for a while now then :) Libbie is a beautiful dog, my favorite coloring of all and she has the best "merle swirl" of it! Always enjoy your posts, but I cant agree on the rain! I have lived in TX 1 1/2 years now and this Spring has been as much rain if not more than NC! Although the plants love it and the lakes are full now. Give me desert though LOL!!! What can I say - your farm requires a bit more water than I do :)

Carol Dee said...

OMG Thelma and Louise are so CUTE!

Helen said...

OMG what a cute little ones; cuddling all the way <3 Also the other photos are gorgeous again. Big hugs to the furry friends
Regards, Helen