Saturday, May 16, 2015

Animal Crackers - Kids are just so much fun!!

Howdy -

This week I have had so much fun watching the new kids Thelma and Louise! Baby goats are just the biggest distraction in the world. They have two speeds. Unconscious  to the world asleep. And full speed bounce! Oh wait there is the medium mode of "Freeze she has the video camera out!". I have tried and tried to video these two playing and every time they turn to statues and wait for me to turn it off and lower it and then they go back to hyper mode. LOL

Louise is starting to show more coloring... she has spots down her back and three adorable spots on her rear end. And of course her "boots" - She is also getting cute spots on her face. And oh my those large ears and bright blue eyes....

Now I told you last week Louise looks like her Daddy Peso... but after watching these two it is amazing their personalities... She not only looks like her Daddy but she acts so much like him. Very cautious and guarded... she will come for me to pick her up and love on her but only after she watches me for a while and sees that I have been ok with her sister.

Her sister... Thelma...  oh my...

This girl is a scream! She is just like her Momma Rhett... total trouble and totally nuts friendly. I just call out to her and she bounces 500 times to me and then is jumping and pulling on my clothes. She is so hysterical especially at just over a week old!

Now as I said last week they were named correctly as they are the first baby goats we have had that on day one was working on escape plans and walking through all the pens. So Hubby and I created a sort of Momma pen and stretched out some smaller wire around for their own safety.

They have been working on a plan to make a break for it I think... LOL 

They are safe... don't think they will be chewing their way out of this pen. 

Too cute.... Now not so happy and cute....

 Jill has a look that read easily... I AM SOOOOO READY TO HAVE THESE BABIES!!! She is huge and has a huge milk bag. I really thought her and Scarlett would have had them this last week. Scarlett's bag actually got smaller this week... they do that until they are really ready to deliver. We have had a ton of rain nearly every day this past week maybe they are waiting for the sun... hope not cuz it isn't in the forecast for a while. Jill just makes me miserable looking at her. Hope she has them soon but then she will be on chase down... LOL

Have a couple of nice donkey photos for this week too.. My hairy little Sonia - she was chowing down on some fresh green weeds -

 Love her darker face and longer bangs. She is one of the smallest of our girls.

And always love pretty shots of Vicki - Our super model.

Both her Daddy and Grandfather were blue ribbon champions at shows. We purchased her as a very young girl and she hasn't been shown, but it is in her blood she loves to freeze and pose - you can almost see how special her coloring it... minus the dirt of course. She has beautiful dark green eyes.

Hope you got some smiles again this week.... hoping to show off more baby goats SOON! Hope you have beautiful weather where you are and have a blessed weekend!

HUGS and-


Carol Dee said...

OMG Thelma and Louise are a hoot. I especially love Thelma coloring. Poor Jill ! I sure hope she has those babies soon. (I can so sympathize with her, having gone nearly 3 weeks over with baby #1 myself.) :(

Niki said...

Those kids are too cute. How do you get any work done? I'd want to play with them all the time.

Helen said...

OMG are these two little ladies gorgeous and sweet. Love them. Poor Jill I can imagine she's not happy, one time you are completely fed up with these babies inside (my son didn't want to come out to this world either, was warm & cosy with his mum, but we pushed him out after 2 wks overtime). Also beautiful pictures of those sweet girls Sonia & Vicki. Would love to come over to cuddle every single one of them. Hugs Helen