Saturday, May 2, 2015

Animal Crackers - Just to Make You Smile!

Howdy -

Hubby and I took a walk yesterday evening to visit everyone - Got some great shots that are sure to make you smile.

This first one is a special request for my BFF and her son Matthew - They requested a shot of Juliet as Juliet may live here and love us... but this girl has a special spot for Matthew. Since he is off working so hard in the military Hubby and I wanted to make sure and get a smile from our dear friend and get a great face shot of Juliet that shows off this girls personality. This is Hubby and Juliet saying "We Miss You Matthew!"

 Juliet's eyes just show you how fun and big hearted she really is -

Found another beauty - Felicia grazing in the pasture -

She is such a sweet girl. Has those big brown eyes like her Mom -

And speaking of big brown eyes that absolutely melt your heart ... Miss Chica -

 I think this was a "No Mom I haven't been rolling in the grass"... uh I think she has. But it will all brush out - that face never gets in trouble.

Saw Jackie peeking out of one of the Goat Igloos - She was not planning to come out into the warm sun. Was so much nicer in the shade -

 She is a beauty - She is the most calm and cautious of all the young kids.

Now her sister Lizzie... she is the little nut... as you can tell by this photograph -

Love that face! She always looks like she is smiling at me. And that makes me smile!

Hope you got a smile from at least one shot today! Got quite a few nice shots yesterday. Weather was so nice and sunny just kept on snapping photos!

Have a beautiful blessed weekend where ever you are!
HUGS and -


Marilyn said...

How can anyone resist these guys... love the pics!

Helen said...

All the photos make me smile, you can see how happy all your furry friends are to b at your place. Big hug for all of them xxxx

Carol Dee said...

They are all great Happy Face shots. Thanks for the smiles. :)

Ellie Maggie said...

Loving these smiles and Juliet looks full of fun! Thanks for these great pics x

Sheryl said...

I really enjoy your photos of all your wonderful cute, furry and feathery animals!! It always makes me smile!! Thanks for sharing! ;)