Saturday, August 1, 2015

Animal Crackers - The Chicks!

Howdy -

This week has been all about "The Chicks"!!  I have been just about to bust I am so proud of my young girls! Now I have been really struggling the past couple of months with my chickens. Just not getting the eggs I should. Now we did see a 4-5 foot snake earlier this week... and sadly he got away, and has not been seen again. But still I don't think that he is getting into 3 coops every day and stealing most tall my eggs. So for all the chickens we have 0-2 eggs a day - just hasn't been good for me! Or my Buddy Deana.. right? missing eggs? Good news coming here...

But my chicks... the six little Australorps... have grown up and are just stunning. Last week I noticed that Leon the rooster has been calling out to them much more... and then this week... AN EGG!!! They are coming of age and all though it will be a little longer until all six are going regular for me, they are starting up! I am just such a proud Momma! LOL I know dork...

See how stunning they are -

I can't quite capture just how gorgeous they really are with the camera. They just glisten in the sun with those iridescent colors. Really filled out and grown up so beautifully all of them!

 Keeping an eye on me while snapping photos...

We got a tiny rain shower just before I went out to photo. Cooled it down from the 100 degree plus oven for a few minutes then a little sauna feeling. But for a little while wasn't bad at all, almost nice outside. And that made a great time to do a little cleaning on those feathers that hasn't been wet all month.

Doris, a Dorking Chicken,  is the Australorps "Coop Mom" she was the only adult chicken I had in this pen. She has gone from running from the crazy fast moving chicks to watching over them and leading them.  Here she was really going to town getting under her wings!

And then found the "Girls' all doing the same... LOL

Ok mentioned Leon so he thought I should show him off to you... again...

 He is a looker isn't he? Yes, he knows it.. I always hear cheesy 70's music when he is strutting around... Ha!

Now had to show off one photo of the doggies.... not a great photograph snapped really fast with my cell phone earlier in the week. But way to cute to not show off.

So very very rare to get all three of them laying out, being still. With in a fraction of a second they saw that I was looking at them all and they were all up running and barking. But I got the photo first! My babies... Love them.

Hope you enjoyed this week. I know lots of bird photos... but I am so proud of the chicks and have been waiting so long for that first egg to show up! Even Hubby was hooting and celebrating that first egg! You see... since the sighting of the snake... he has been joining me in gathering the eggs... Not that I am afraid... just prefer him to open up the coop first ya know, it was a BIG snake! LOL

HUGS and


Anonymous said...

It would never do for me to live in Texas!! I freak out over small garter snakes. I am sure I would have a heart attack if faced with a 4 or 5 ft. snake. You chicks are gorgeous the colors are amazing. Ann

Carol Dee said...

sorry to hear your egg numbers are down. Does the heat affect their laying? The Australorps are stunning. Leon is HANDSOME.;)