Saturday, August 22, 2015

Animal Crackers - SMILE

Howdy -

Today I have a little hodge podge of photos this week. Most are photographs I snapped with my phone that just gave me a smile.....

Olive Oyl always makes me smile - she is just a funny little goat. And she always looks like she is grinning when you look straight on to her.

She is a happy little girl... LOL

Abigail on the other hand has been work in progress. She is starting to not panic when I reach out to her. Nearly every baby Annie has is skittish. But as gorgeous as she is I will keep trying to work with her. One day I will have a smile with this girl.

Now this girl isn't a smile. She is a total Roll in the Grass Cracking up Laugh! 

She is the "leader" of the Guineas. Heck... she is the leader of all the goats as well. She thinks she is Queen ruler over everyone. If she doesn't like where one of the girl goats is eating... she attacks and you move. If she doesn't like where you are laying in the shade and she wants that spot... she attacks and you move. The only goat I have never seen her have control over is Paintbrush. I think she knows that Paint is the old lady and won't take any of her business. One day I really need to get a video of her running across the pen when she thinks she is missing out on something. But Hubby and I end up laughing so hard I don't think I could hold the camera still. She is seriously all clown!

Speaking of Hubby... he is going to kill me when he finds out I posted this photo... but I just had to share as it made me really smiles coming in the room and seeing this. A big AWE.... moment.

 Hubby had been outside all day in the heat mowing and working around the farm. Then he came in and gave all three dogs baths. After that I came in the room and found both him and Autie crashed asleep in the chair. Autie loves to be held like a baby, and after a good bath and sitting with "Dad" under the ceiling fan was just more than both of them could handle. .Love my Guys!

Speaking of sleeping....

This one I was holding in my laughter so hard trying to snap this photograph before she woke up.

I was working at my desk on the computer and heard this odd little noise. I muted the TV to see what I was hearing... it was Chica. Literally UNDER me! She was under my desk chair sound asleep, and dreaming of what I can only imagine. She was slightly snoring, then every once in a while she would move her feet and make little barking noises just slightly. Was so funny. I was so nervous if I moved my chair a fraction or made any noise at all she would jump up. And she did.. just a split second after the camera clicked... she was up looking around the room to see if anyone was watching her.  Too funny.

Now this one had Hubby and I both really teasing our big Standard Ted E. Bear.... 

For over an hour Ted E Bear had a rider on him. Can you see it?

He had a huge Grasshopper riding on his mane. Now we asked him and laughed.... was this a fare that he took on for the afternoon or a fashion statement. With Ted there is no telling. He is always in the middle of everything and a clown in his own rights. So letting this guy hitch a ride was just too funny.

A little different this week. Hope you got a smile as I got a few laughs out of a few of these.  These animals are such a blessing to have and we love each one of them in their own personalities. And believe me there are a whole bunch of personalities here!

Have a blessed weekend.
HUGS and 


Marilyn said...

I totally enjoyed today's post and thank you.

Carol Dee said...

Thanks for sharing all the smiles and laughs today. Have a wonderful week hugs....

BethW said...

FAbulous pics-perfect way to start my weekend. Thank you!