Saturday, February 13, 2016

Animal Crackers - Beautiful Sunshine

Howdy -

The weather has been gorgeous here the past few days and that makes it fun to get out and enjoy the "kids". The three new kids are typical boys, and they are starting to become really independent and many little boys do they are in that no cuddling stage and not wanting to come to me and let me hold and love on them. I still can get Luna and Centavo to come to me and let me rub on them, but boy that Uno is a macho little guy and really is a little nut. LOL

I love going out and sitting in the pen while Hubby feeds breakfast. Everyone is busy running from each piece of hay to make sure no one is getting a better piece than the last. The boys are really into chewing now and have learned the difference between plain coastal hay and alfalfa... we all prefer the richer alfalfa days you know.

Centavo likes running all around, his Momma is a first time Mom and doesn't really do the noises to keep him close like some of the more protective Moms do. So he has lots of freedom. He wants to be scratched on and loved on but also knows they other boys run around so here he would run up to me... say a few things to me... let me pet his nose and then run off to jump in the hay with the others. He is such a beautiful color and that pink nose and lips just kill me. 

Here Luna is making sure that the alfalfa just under Mom was the best for him to taste.Gracie likes Luna to stick close and I don't think he can eat much closer than this.

Now climbing onto breakfast is just as great as eating it. Luna was leaning back here and getting ready to run across a large flake... until Mom grunted and he went back to her that is...

Uno eats close to his Mom as well. Heck his Momma Chloe is probably the lead girl in the pen at this time. She tells everyone how it will be. And when it comes to breakfast, once she stakes out her flake NO ONE but her kid is allowed to eat with her. So Uno gets filled up pretty fast as he isn't haven't to run all around grabbing a piece here and there like everyone else.

They are growing up so fast! Look at those little knots on his head!! Yep Horns are already coming in. Can't believe how much they have grown.

Got some photographs a little while back I wanted to show and not miss out. Love this view of Jazz.

This girl gives all new meaning to "Long Ears" She is such a sweet lady. And LOVES attention. And look at Miss Sonia in the background. Man that girl gets long shaggy hair... Sometimes she has a hard time loosing it all before it gets hot here and we have to shear her or brush it out to help cool her off. Hope this year she looses more on her own, less stressful that way then I just do a little clean up on her.

Funny view of Sonia here...

 Was trying to show her "bangs" ... makes her look like she has hardly no legs at all. She is one of the little ladies, but this shot really makes her look tiny! LOL

Hope you enjoyed again this week. Nice weather does make for nicer photographs. And shows off that beautiful blue sky and all our blessed green grass we have had this winter.

Have a wonderful weekend
HUGS and


PaperSunshine said...

Great pics! Blessings to you :)

Lori K

Carol Dee said...

Ahhh Sunshine. We have sun but it is COLD, I'm so ready for Spring. The little boys sure are growing up fast, can hardly believe the horns are starting in already!