Saturday, March 12, 2016

Animal Crackers - Chicks Chicks Chicks!

Howdy -

Lots of rain here this week. Well actually some rain here.. Lots of rain in the area and long drizzle days with a few short storms, that has added up to about 1.8 inches over the last few days. But man some areas around us have really had it. We are happy with what we have gotten cuz it is keeping it nice and green around here and Spring is going to be really gorgeous! The Spring wildflowers have already started showing up all over! Love this time of year. And really love it because the local feed stores get in lots of adorable BABY CHICKS!

Now when we arrived just 30 minutes after the chicks arrived they were already sold out of Frizzle Chickens that I was wanting. But they still had lots of cuties to choose from. We got Barnevelders and Wellsummers. Then as we were standing in line to pay, Hubby was pouting and said he sure wished we could have gotten some Bantams too. Now how can I say no to a pouting Hubby wanting more chickens? LOL so he ran back and picked out 4 little Bantams to add to our new group of family chicks.

Here is the entire group.

Sadly we lost one of the Wellsummers the first night. He just wasn't a strong one I guess. Everyone else seems to be doing good.

They are just too adorable. Hard to photograph... but adorable! I think this is a Barnevelder...

This is one of the Bantams. They are soooo tiny!


My favorite Bantam.. I have called this one "Tiny"

And I think a Wellsummer....

 The Barnevelder and Wellsummer chicks are very close in color especially under the red of the heat lamp. We will know for sure as they grow up and get their adult coloring who is who. All are beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful. Came home the other day and found such a peaceful image of the three stooges. ( big standard donkeys )

 I guess the night time thunder storms two nights in a row had them a bit sleepy and in need of a afternoon nap. We don't find all three taking it easy at the same time often. Someone is always off grazing or standing under a shade tree. But not this afternoon... Everyone was snoozing in the nice weather. Love these guys!!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! And don't forget to Spring Forward on those clocks tonight if you are here in the US. Man I hate loosing that hour of sleep!

HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

CUTE chickie babies. Happy to hear you got enough rain to keep it green and not too much like some around TX and the SE.

Ellie Maggie said...

Such adorable chicks! Love their fluffiness. We have another 2 weeks in UK until we lose an hour's sleep!! The standards look so sweet sleeping all together x